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Studia Caroliensia

Papers in Linguistics and Folklore in Honor of Charles E. Gribble

edited by

Publication Year: 2006

Published by: Slavica Publishers

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Chuck Gribble

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pp. 1-4

As one looks back upon Chuck Gribble's long and remarkable career, the question arises: how did a nice boy from the American Midwest-and one with no Eastern European roots...

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Language and Dialect in Today's Bulgaria

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pp. 5-12

The difference between the concepts "language" and "dialect," especially when the adjective "Bulgarian" is applied to each, would seem to be not only obvious but also trivial. For nearly all Bulgarians...

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Transitivity and Antitransitivity

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pp. 13-26

Bowers (2002) presents a wide range of arguments that transitive sentences all contain a transitive junctional projection (TrP) between the lexical VP projection and the functional vP projection...

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The Folk Meter of Lermontov's Poem "Pesnja pro kupca Kalasnikova ... "

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pp. 27-40

Toward the end of the eighteenth century and during the first part of the nineteenth century, Russian literary poets often wrote poems in the style of folk songs and imitated the rhythms of folk...

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Macro-Level and Micro-Level Structural Analysis of Mixed Content Miscellanies

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pp. 41-56

The series of apocryphal "Stories about Abraham" (henceforth "Abraham") contains up to nine component texts, each of which may appear in up to three redactions (Miltenova...

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The Journal Folia Siavica and Charles E. Gribble as Its Angel

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pp. 57-66

Folia Slavica (1977-87) played an important role during lean years for American and international Slavistics. As inflation and exchange rates forced prices of European publications beyond...

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The Devil's in the Details: Details as Implicatures in Muscovite Trial Records

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pp. 67-90

One of the difficulties besetting pragmatic research on premodern languages is the fact that the available texts provide insufficient-often, indeed, meager- information about their situational...


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pp. 91-104

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Accentual Base Forms of Russian Nouns and Their Relation to Nominative and Genitive Endings

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pp. 105-116

Zaliznjak (1985: 17) subdivided Russian stress patterns into the types he designated as "trivial" and "non-trivial."1The trivial type has fixed stem stress, while non-trivial includes all the accentual...

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Adverb Interpolation in the Bulgarian Clitic Cluster

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pp. 117-134

The present paper is intended to honor Charles Gribble by offering a small contribution to our understanding of the syntax of modern spoken Bulgarian (Bg). While the clitics in this language are...

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On Two Sets of Deverbal Adjectives in Russian

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pp. 135-142

Russian has two sets of deverbal adjectives which show a striking complementarity. One has a verb root followed...

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New Syntax in Russian and Lithuanian: The Case of the Adverbial Participle

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pp. 143-170

It is a well-known observation that new syntax arises from old morphology. The loss of a particular inflectional paradigm in the history of a language does not necessarily entail the loss...

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Bulgarian Loanwords with Turkish Verbal Suffixes

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pp. 171-176

During its period of contact with Turkish, Bulgarian borrowed two derivative affixes from the nominal system, -diijal-i'ija and -lfikl-likl-lukl-lak, forming agentive nouns and abstract nouns, respectively. For these borrowings...

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On Connections Between Personal Pronouns and Verbal Endings in the Balkans

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pp. 177-188

In dialectal Macedonian and Bulgarian, a first person plural (lPL) verbal ending -ne is found for expected -me (e.g., sne 'we are', vidofne 'we saw', berene 'we carry', etc.). In Joseph 2004, it is suggested...

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The Apocryphal Series about Abraham

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pp. 189-228

The apocryphal interpretation of the canonical narrative about the eleventh patriarch "after the flood" in Genesis chapters 12- 25 reflects the complex connection between medieval...

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Insights into Slavic Folklore: The Musings of a Bicultural Slav

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pp. 229-236

The mystery's afoot with Holmes in hot pursuit; a solution will soon be at hand! Down deep this fantasy inspires many a researcher when embarking on a new project in quest of an elusive...


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pp. 237-236

Publications by Charles E. Gribble, Back Cover

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pp. 241-246

E-ISBN-13: 9780893578374
E-ISBN-10: 0893578371
Print-ISBN-13: 9780893573379
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Publication Year: 2006