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Shoshonean Peoples and the Overland Trail

Frontiers of the Utah Superintendency of Indian Affairs, 1849–1869

Richard Saunders

Publication Year: 2007


This compilation of  Dale Morgan’s  historical work on Indians in the Intermountain West focuses primarily on the Shoshone who lived near the Oregon and California trails. Three connected works by Morgan are included: First is his classic article on the history of the Utah Superintendency of Indian Affairs. This is followed by an important set of government reports and correspondence from the National Archives concerning the Eastern Shoshone and their leader Washakie. Morgan heavily annotated these for serial publication in the Annals of Wyoming. He also wrote a previously unpublished history of early relations among the Western Shoshone, emigrants, and the government along the California Trail. Morgan biographer Richard L. Saunders introduced, edited, and further annotated this collection. His introduction includes an intellectual biography of Morgan that focuses on the place of the anthologized pieces in Morgan’s corpus. Gregory E. Smoak, a leading historian of the Shoshone, contributed an ethnohistorical essay as additional context for Morgan’s work.

Published by: Utah State University Press


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Editorial Note and Acknowledgements

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THIS collective work crosses both temporal and cultural lines, consequently, it possesses more than a few quirks. First, readers will notice the obvious diff erences in spellings for tribal and personal names. Shoshoni was encountered by literate people as a fully mature but unwritten language; all contemporary and modern spelling conventions...

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THIS volume collects three works by Western American research historian Dale L. Morgan. In the broad fi eld of Americana, Morgan has acquired almost a cult following among the historically minded. Partly because he may be regarded as the last great amateur historian of the West, partly because his research was so thorough, partly because....

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Dale L. Morgan and the Study of Indian Affairs

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DALE L. Morgan (1914–1971) is chiefl y remembered for seminal studies on the American fur trade and central-route overland trail. Between 1943 and his death in 1971, Morgan produced some of the best-documented, most lucid, and readable narratives of...

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The Newe (the People) and the Utah Superintendency

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THE works of Dale Morgan collected in this volume not only document the history of the Utah Superintendency of Indian Aff airs, but two decades of transition in Shoshone life. By 1849, the Shoshones, or Newe (pronounced ney-wa), had already undergone immense social, political...

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The Administration of Indian Affairs in Utah, 1851–1858 (1948)

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AS virtually the fi rst step taken for the extension of government into the territory acquired in the Mexican cession, late in March, 1849, President Zachary Taylor directed that the Indian agencies for the Upper Missouri and Council Bluff s be transferred to Santa Fe and Salt Lake. On April 7, John Wilson of Missouri was notified...

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Indian Affairs on the California Trail, 1849–1860 (1949)

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pp. 85-126

THE record of emigration across Nevada has a persistent local violence which, in its day, gave the California newspapers a suffi ciency of reports of “Indian Outrages on the Plains,” and which, in our own time, has survived somewhat gaudily in tradition and the reminiscences and journals of the overland travelers. Between City of...

Washakie and the Shoshoni: A Selection of Documents from the Records of the Utah Superintendency of Indian Affairs,1850–1869 (originally in ten parts, 1953–1957)

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Appendix: Selected Notes

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E-ISBN-13: 9780874216677
Print-ISBN-13: 9780874216516

Publication Year: 2007