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In Another Time

Harold Schindler

Publication Year: 1998

An illustrated collection of historical articles originally published in the Salt Lake Tribune from 1993 to 1996, In
Another Time
provides both an entertaining introduction to Utah and a distinguished and popular historian's summary views of the state's peculiar history.

Another Time will entertain and inform newcomers seeking an introductory understanding of what has made Utah different, old hands wanting to know more about the rich complexity of the state's past, and anyone who enjoys well-told historical tales.

Published by: Utah State University Press

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In 1994 with the approach of the Utah Statehood Centennial (January 4, 1996), Salt Lake Tribune editor James E. Shelledy asked a number of staff members for feature story ideas, in anticipation of the celebration. His experience as editor and publisher of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News and executive ...


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1. The First Utahns: People of the Desert Culture First Inhabited the Great Basin11,000 B.P. to A.D. 1776

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pp. 3-6

... prehistory has to start somewhere. In Utah, it's likely that could be 11,000 B.P. (before the present). That, at least, is a verifiable date, according to evidence unearthed by archaeologist Jesse D.Jennings in his storied excavation of Danger Cave east of Wendover in the 1950s. ...

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2. Mountain Men: Opening the Gate to Western Expansion 1803-1840

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pp. 7-10

... Thomas Jefferson's curiosity about what lay beyond the Missouri River prompted him in 1803 to quietly order an expedition to explore the land west-land held by France. Twenty years had passed since the Revolutionary War, and the infant United States was feeling ...

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3. The Ways West: California-Oregon Dream Lures Scores to Utah and Beyond 1841-1846

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pp. 11-17

... Pass over the Continental Divide is not truly a mountain pass in the romantic sense; it is neither craggy nor treacherous as might be imagined. On the contrary, this gateway in the Wind River country of the Rockies is a gentle ...

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4. Ho! for the Great Salt Lake Mormons Give Up Livelihoods in a Rush for the Promised Land 1846-1847

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pp. 18-26

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, reacting to threats from Illinois citizens if it did not leave their state, began an exodus from Hancock County in February 1846-its ultimate destination neither Oregon nor California but the ...

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5. Great Salt Lake Valley, "The Place": First Few Years in "Deseret" Test Pioneers' Mettle 1847-1850

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pp. 27-34

... the main party of Mormon pioneers entered the Great Salt Lake Valley on July 22, 1847, two days ahead of their fever-stricken leader Brigham Young, they set about plowing, planting potatoes, and grazing their cattle and horses. Young, suffering from "mountain fever," ...

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... most history-minded folks can easily recall Fort Bridger, Fort Hall, and Fort Buenaventura (Miles Goodyear's place near Ogden), even Fort Uintah, southeast of Roosevelt. But Fort Davy Crockett? That's pushing it, some might say: Davy Crockett ...


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6. Pulling toward Zion: Young Calls Flock to Travel to Mountain Home by Handcart 1850-1856

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pp. 63-68

... Millard Fillmore's first appointees to the new Territory of Utah were, bluntly speaking, a disaster. Despite his support and sympathy for the Mormons, the nation's chief executive managed to select men remarkably unfit for important territorial positions; the situation did ...

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7. The Utah War: The Hold Mormons Had on Utah Is Broken 1857-1858

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pp. 69-77

... particular period could be considered critical in Utah's history, it likely would be 1857-58, when the U.S. Army marched on the Mormons and forever cracked their shell of isolationism. In the brief span of two years, Brigham Young would be deposed as governor of the territory, troops would be sent to protect his successor, ...

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8. Territory in Transition: Army Arrives to Stay, Governors and Pony Express Come and Go, 1858-1869

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pp. 78-85

... Utah Territory had absorbed the first shock waves created by the Utah Expedition. The shell of Mormon isolationism had cracked wide open, and the total control once enjoyed by Brigham Young now was trammeled by "Gentiles;' Having marched south to Utah Valley in 1858, the ...

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pp. 86-128

... to newspapers for what precious word there was about the world around them, and for a variety of reasons journalism had a different flavor to it. In many ways those old-timers were much more interesting, with their own style of writing, which ...


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9. Brigham Young and Hard Times Ahead: Pioneer Era Fades as Full Assault on Polygamy Begins1869-1877

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pp. 131-136

... moguls of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads puffed and postured in ceremonially hammering the final spike linking the transcontinental track at Promontory Summit north of Ogden, they also were knocking down the barrier known as the western frontier. Just as ...

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10. War on Polygamy Federal Vengeance Finally Wears Down Mormon Doctrine, 1877-1890

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pp. 137-144

... the decade of the 1880s, Utah became industrialized and the federal government attacked Mormon polygamy with a vengeance, jailing women as well as men in its relentless crusade to crush the practice. Electricity and telephones came to the territory, railroads continued to make Utah ...

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11. Statehood at Last: Amid Jubilation and Bunting, Utah Is Dubbed the Forty-Fifth State of the Union, 1890-1897

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pp. 145-151

... decade preceding the tum of the century, Utah and its citizens experienced an easing of the suffocating pressure applied by the federal government in its crusade to smash Mormon plural marriage. That relaxation was a consequence of the Wilford Woodruff Manifesto discouraging the ...

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12. A New Century: From Statehood to Host for the 2002 Winter Olympics

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pp. 152-157

... entry into the new century was greeted by a colossal roar. A cataclysmic explosion ripped through a coal mine at Scofield, Carbon County, killing two hundred workers in the most devastating mine disaster to that time in U.S. history. A dynamite blast that ignited dense coal dust throughout Wmter Qyarters No.4 was blamed for ...

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... Brigham Young, when it came to marriage he was as vulnerable as the next man. The story goes that some husbands are forever henpecked; others are assuredly lords of the manor; Brigham, it seems, was some of both. As an exponent of polygamy, the Mormon ...

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E-ISBN-13: 9780874213669
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Publication Year: 1998