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Winter Quarters

edited by Maurine Carr Ward

Publication Year: 1996

Mary Richard's journals and letters record a young woman's rare, but richly detailed view of life in the temporary Mormon pioneer communities in Iowa.

Published by: Utah State University Press

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The life experiences of frontier women inform a new history that over the past two decades has begun to appear. The search for documents to tell that story has led to the discovery of many splendid diaries, autobiographies, and letters, which, until recently, had remained stashed away in attics and closets, little valued and less consulted. Even now, those documents that are in...

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This book has been a labor of love, not only for me, but for the many people who helped bring it to fruition. First, and foremost, I wish to thank my husband, Gary A. Ward, and my sons, Lyle and Adam, who lived with this project for the past four years as it gradually engulfed the entire house. Next, I am deeply grateful for my daughter, Betsy, who helped me with some...

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The "native land" which diarist Mary Haskin Parker Richards laments in the above passage is the verdant Ribble River Valley in northern England's County Lancashire. Divided into counterpane squares of farms by ancient stone borders, the valley and its villages had been the ancestral home of...

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In the past few decades, scholars have come to realize that the western movement and frontier life were seen and experienced quite differently by women and men. The story of Mary Haskin Parker Richards, as told through her journals, memorandum, and letters, is of one Mormon woman's life from 1846 to 1848, with a partial account of her earlier years. Her writings...

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The Memorandum of Mary H Parker)1 I Was Born in Chaidgley. In the County of Lancashire. England. Sept 8. 1825 [1823]. My Father. then ocupide a Small. Farm. Near the Foot of Mount Longridge. In one of the most Beautyfull valeys. that my Eyes Ever Beheld. It lay Between 2 mountains. that Extend East and West. in a Stright Line...

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Tue May 19th In the AM was making a shirt for my Husband. and at one oclock in the PM. took my departure with my Father in laws famaly for the west parted with my Father at Hyrum Kimballs2 landing. had a pleasent sail acoross the Mississippy River. and arived at the Camp about one mile from the landing in the Ioway a little after 5 went to Bro Vancotts tent with...

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... and how I used to wait upon him.2 said he had always thought more of me than any girl that ever left Eng and if it should ever be in his power to raise to me to be a queen. or to gain me honer in this church. he intended to do it. I thanked him for that promise. & also for what he had already done. he he said he had tould Samuel. to marry me because he new me to be a...

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A Journal & Memorandom of Mary H Richards commencing Saturday November 28th 1846 In the PM went to Bra Smithes.2 expecting to get a letter fram my father. but was disapointed. called at Uncle Willards. and talked with him about 20 minutes. got a letter for mother and a paper for Sister Jane. called to see Aunt Rhoda & spent a few minutes with her and...

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Journal & Memorandon of Mary H Richards Commencing Thursday May 20th this Morning it rained and seemed very Gloomy and my feelings were about as Gloomey as the weather. My head Ached and I felt sick after breakfast I lay down a little while. then got up and cut out a night dress and presented it to Mother. I then learned that Bra [Joseph A.] Stratton was...

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A Journal. and Memorandom. of Mary H Richards. Commencing Nov 3rd 1847 at Uncles Willards to day the weather was very pleasant and my health much improved. I took a walk into the Gardin with Jane Hall and went into Uncle Levis. I spent the day very pleasently. though Uncle willard was most of it in Council...

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A Journal and Memorandom of Mary H Richards. commencing Ma&R March 31st 1848 today the weather was pleasent. was Ironing and fixing my Cloths and packing them away. was not very well. Saturday goo April first. weather windy...


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E-ISBN-13: 9780874213027
Print-ISBN-13: 9780874215526

Publication Year: 1996