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Gunning for Ho

Vietnam Stories

H. Lee Barnes

Publication Year: 2012

In this rich and varied collection of short stories (six stories & one novella), former Green Beret Lee Barnes deals with the war itself and with its aftermath, but his stories focus more on the human aspects of men in armed conflict and families at home than on the violent drama or political aspects of that war.

Published by: University of Nevada Press

Series: Western Literature Series

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Stories in Gunning for Ho first appeared, some in slightly different versions, in the following journals: "A Lovely Day in the A Shau Valley," Clackamas Literary Review 1 (1997); "Stonehands and the Tigress," Clackamas Literary Review 2, no. 1 (1998); "The Cat in the Cage," Flint Hills Review (1999); ...

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A Lovely Day in the A Shau Valley

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pp. 1-16

Marines at Marble Mountain claimed A Shau was filled with juju; MACV Intelligence said it was filled with a regiment of North Vietnamese. In either case, it was one bad place to go. The men of Delta Company, Fourth Battalion, knew a fierce battle had been waged there four years before and another two years after that. ...

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Stonehands and the Tigress

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pp. 17-32

Contending a monotonous mantle of vegetation—palms the width of a man's chest and trees the girth of mine shafts—Second Squad, Third Platoon marched single file up the bitter ascent. The climb had been most difficult the last hour. The combe was riddled with vine tangles and elephant grass, a habitat for spiders and mosquitoes and leeches, and for snakes ...

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The Cat in the Cage

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pp. 33-45

Inside the earthen walls and thatch roof the air was pleasant, if not cool. The drive up in Vietnam's tropical heat had been arduous, and Calvin Widerly was glad to be out of the sun at last. He smiled as he slowly seated himself on the woven mat. A tall, stoop-shouldered man of seventy-two, he found it uncomfortable no matter how he positioned himself. ...

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A Return

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pp. 46-56

Marvin Prosette stretches his arms high overhead and yells through the door screen, "Ma!" When no answer comes, he drops his arms to his side and shakes his head. He looks toward Mount Rainier, where the glacier is ringed with clouds. Signs that autumn is arriving are everywhere. The sky is a patchwork of vagrant clouds easing their way east. ...

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Plateau Lands

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pp. 57-75

Glenn sits up on the edge of the chaise, closes his book and rubs his eyes. He's not sure what awakened him. Perhaps the sudden drop in temperature; perhaps the thunder, or an elusive dream. He watches lightning march in columns from the west and breathes in the air, pungent but fresh. ...

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Tunnel Rat

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pp. 76-134

Young people were messy then—the war, the draft, plentiful drugs. Rowe and Betty were singularly so. They'd club-hop, starting at the Pussy Cat à Go-Go, the lounge at the Flamingo, then the International, up and down the Strip, dancing, drinking, and popping uppers, then back to the Pussy Cat and him off at daylight with no sleep to work for Grady. ...

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Gunning for Ho

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pp. 135-152

I know now I'd expected all along to hear from Bruce, but I'd hoped otherwise. When I left 'Nam, I tried to put it behind me. I never again wanted to see tall grass and vine tangles or low-hanging clouds. I needed open space with distant mountains, a place I understood. I yearned for a strong motorcycle and a long highway. ...

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With more than seven hundred novels and short story collections published about Americans fighting in the Vietnam War, a reader is tempted to ask, "What more could there be to say?" This book provides a resounding answer: "Lots." ...

E-ISBN-13: 9780874179019
Print-ISBN-13: 9780874173468

Page Count: 176
Publication Year: 2012

Series Title: Western Literature Series