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History and Hate

The Dimensions of Anti-Semitism

Edited by David Berger

Publication Year: 2010

The persistence of anti-Semitism is a phenomenon that challenges Jewish historians to make ethical judgments a part of historical analysis. This comprehensive collection meets that challenge as its authors provide fresh insight into the complexities of anti-Semitism. The eight essays included in this volume are by noted scholars, each an expert in a specific historical period--from the ancient world to the twentieth century.

Published by: Jewish Publication Society

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Anti-Semitism has been the subject of many fine works, ranging from multi-volume surveys. like Leon Poliakov's History of AntiSemitism, through book-length studies of entire periods. like Jacob Katz's From Prejudice to Destruction: Anti-Semitism 1700-1933, to a host of scholarly books and articles examining points of detail. Nevertheless, this volume presents the issues in a manner that ...

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Anti-Semitism: An Overview

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pp. 3-14

We shall never fully understand anti-Semitism. Deep-rooted, complex, endlessly persistent, constantly changing yet remaining the same, it is a phenomenon that stands at the intersection of history, sociology, economics, political science, religion, and psychology. ...

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Anti-Semitism in the Ancient World

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pp. 15-42

"Almost every note in the cacophony of medieval and modern anti-Semitism was sounded by the chorus of ancient writers."1 This observation is perfectly valid, but the phenomena that underlie it must be examined with meticulous care if we are to avoid hasty and exaggerated conclusions about the scope and intensity of classical anti-Semitism. ...

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"Anti-Semitism" in Antiquity: The Problem of Definition

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pp. 43-47

One of the most important objectives of the historian is the interpretation of past on its own terms, and not on the terms of the interpreter. Most historians, however, especially the historians of antiquity, would concede that this goal is often unattainable. ...

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Medieval Anti-Semitism

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pp. 49-65

It is tedious and usually unnecessary to begin papers with a definition of terms. In this case, however, preliminary delineation of topic is unavoidable. The term "anti-Semitism" means many things to many people. and useful understanding can be achieved only when aspects of this multi-faceted phenomenon are carefully...

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Robert Chazan's "Medieval Anti-Semitism": A Note on the Impact of Theology

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pp. 67-72

Robert Chazan has presented a succinct tripartite model to explain the etiology and character of medieval anti-Semitism. His thesis is "that[1] the particular constellations of a given majority society, [2] the living patterns of a specific Jewish minority. and [3] usually an inherited legacy of stereotypes combine [d] to create ever-changing manifestations...

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Anti-Semitism and the Muslim World

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pp. 73-93

The study of anti-Semitism in the Muslim world is more than a definitional and semantic exercise. It is a study in theology and politics and their unique amalgam in time and space. Jews and Muslims have coexisted continuously since the birth of Islam, sometimes symbiotically and at other times antagonistically. ...

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Comparative Perspectives on Modern Anti-Semitism in the West

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pp. 95-114

Historical accounts of the development of anti-Semitic ideas in the modem period make tedious reading regardless of their intellectual merit. The fault rests not so much with the authors--who include some distinguished scholars--as with the materials with which they must contend. ...

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American Anti-Semitism

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pp. 115-128

The fact that a volume on the history of anti-Semitism includes a brief American perspective is itself noteworthy. Earlier surveys of anti-Semitism, whether found in the American Jewish Year Book or in as scholarly a volume as Koppel Pinson's Essays on Antisemitism (1946), studiously avoided including any mention of America in the context of worldwide Judeophobia. ...


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E-ISBN-13: 9780827609891
Print-ISBN-13: 9780827606364

Publication Year: 2010