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In the Year 1096

The First Crusade and the Jews

Authored by Robert Chazan

Publication Year: 2010

In the Year 1096 presents a clear, highly readable chronicle of the events of 1096. Noted teacher and historian Robert Chazan brings readers to critical moments in Jewish history, illuminating the events themselves, their antecedents, and their far-reaching consequences. Equally important, his book assesses the significance of the events of 1096 within the larger framework of Jewish history, including both the scope of persecution and the record of Jewish resistance.

Published by: Jewish Publication Society


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On Sunday, the first day of the Hebrew month of Sivan, that is, the twenty-fifth of May 1096, the crusading army of Count Emicho camped outside the city of Mainz, nestled alongside the Rhine River. The gates of the walled city had been shut...

Part One - 1096

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I. Jews, Burghers. and Crusaders

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pp. 4-25

The First Crusade burst onto the European scene with stunning suddenness. Pope Urban II and his ecclesiastical advisors, who instigated the crusade, were astonished by the exhilarated and uncontrollable response evoked by the call to...

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II. Spring 1096

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pp. 27-49

The crusade-related anti:Jewish violence that exploded in the Rhineland in the spring of 1096 unfolded, with no real warning, over a period of three months. Little wonder then that the Jews of the Rhineland towns reacted in such...

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III. Christians: Assault, Assistance, Ambiguity

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pp. 51-72

The Rhineland Jews who suffered devastating attacks in 1096 and those who memorialized them might easily have divided the world into "us" and "them," into insiders and outsiders, into Christians and Jews. The Jewish victims...

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IV. Jews: Politicians, Conversion, Martyrdom

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pp. 73-103

Contemporary Jews and historians of the Jewish experience often have been dismayed by the depiction of Jews as a powerless minority acted upon by the majority, as flotsam and jetsam floating along in a historical current over which...

Part Two - 1096-1996

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V. 1096 in Jewish Historical Consciousness

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pp. 107-126

The events of 1096 have occupied a shifting place in Jewish historical consciousness over the last nine centuries. At times, Jews have been profoundly conscious of the crusade-related assaults and the remarkable Jewish responses, seeing...

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VI. 1096 in the History of Antisemitism

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pp. 127-147

Ongoing hatred of Jews and resultant anti-Jewish persecutions have dominated Jewish historical consciousness for centuries. In traditional Christian thinking, recurrent Jewish suffering has been widely noted as well. For the...

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VII. 1096 in the History of Jewish Resistance

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pp. 149-170

Hatred and violence necessitate response on the part of those subjected to them. We have seen a wide range of Jewish reactions to the Rhineland assaults of 1096, conditioned by the suddenness with which the anti-Jewish fury.

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A Guide to Further Reading

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pp. 171-177

This book resulted in large measure from my growing awareness of the impending nine hundredth anniversary of the events of 1096. Since I had already published an extensive scholarly study of these events in European Jewry and the...


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E-ISBN-13: 9780827609877
Print-ISBN-13: 9780827606326

Publication Year: 2010