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Faulty Predictions

Karin Lin-Greenberg

Publication Year: 2014

In Karin Lin-Greenberg’s Faulty Predictions, young characters try to find their way in the world and older characters confront regrets. In “Editorial Decisions,� members of the editorial board of a high school literary magazine are witnesses to an unspeakable act of violence. Two grandmothers, both immigrants from China, argue over the value of their treasures at a filming of Antiques Roadshow in “Prized Possessions.� In “A Good Brother,� asister forces her brother to accompany her to the Running of the Brides at Filene’s Basement. A city bus driver adopts a pig that has been brought onto the bus by rowdy college students in “Designated Driver.�

The stories in Faulty Predictions take place in locales as diverse as small-town Ohio, the mountains of western North Carolina, and the plains of Kansas. Lin-Greenberg provides insight into the human condition over a variedcross section of geography, age, and culture. Although the characters are often faced with obstacles and challenges, the stories also capture moments of optimism and hope.

Published by: University of Georgia Press

Series: Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction

Title Page, Copyright, Dedication

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Editorial Decisions

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pp. 1-8

We were fifteen, sixteen, seventeen. We met on Wednesday afternoons at 3 p.m. in the squishy orange chairs in the corner of the school library where the sun streamed in through large windows. We were an editorial board, and we liked this term very much—we thought of how good it would look on our college applications under the word...

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Late Night with Brad Mack

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pp. 9-29

From the front row of the studio audience, Spence watches the stage. His father, talk show host Brad Mack, springs up from behind his desk, flings his tie over his left shoulder, and says, “Punch me!” He points to his stomach.
“No way, man,” says Xander Marlow. He laughs, and the too-loud, too-confident laugh reminds Spence of the frat boys at his school who...

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Prized Possessions

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pp. 30-49

Lydia Wong grew impatient after waiting forty-five minutes for the screening of her daughter’s movie to begin. While she waited, she’d noticed how many things were wrong that evening: the screening was held in a cramped art gallery, the audience had to sit on uncomfortable metal folding chairs, the room reeked of cologne, and...

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Designated Driver

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pp. 50-55

You’re a bus driver now. And tonight is Halloween, which means drunk college students riding the bus to and from parties. Eventually someone will make a mess—vomit, vampire makeup smeared on a window, a can of soda sloshed on the floor—and it’s your job to clean it up, even though you’ve written numerous lengthy letters to...

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The Local Scrooge

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pp. 56-73

Usually the weeks between the end of Thanksgiving break and the start of winter break were a time of restless quiet on the campus of Willard College. Students were eager to finish the first semester and head home for a month off, and professors were busy grading final assignments and exams. But this year was different. A burst of energy...

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pp. 74-77

You may have seen my ex-boyfriend, Lenny, on TV a few weeks ago. He was the skinny guy, tall too, wearing clunky unlaced black boots and a denim jacket with a painted skull on the back that his kid brother decorated for him, and he was tearing through grocery stores late at night squeezing the loaves of bread until they were twisted and...

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Faulty Predictions

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pp. 78-99

Hazel Stump and I were not friends. I moved in with her for practical reasons. The summer people who came to the High Country to escape the humidity and mosquitos in Florida had driven up real estate prices too much for either of us to afford living on our own. I found my room in her house through the classifieds in the...

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A Good Brother

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pp. 100-117

On Friday afternoon, Carter lovingly buckled his golf clubs in the backseat of his Jetta and drove from Philadelphia to his parents’ house in Boston. He had little time to enjoy golf now that he was a medical resident, and he looked forward to his round the next morning. As he drove, he fantasized about his club coming in satisfying...

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Miller Duskman’s Mistakes

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pp. 118-141

Miller Duskman’s first mistake was shipping the fancy pizza oven from Italy to Morningstar, Ohio. His second was taking out a full-page ad in the Star Record to inform us that his pizza was made from a gourmet Neapolitan recipe. No one wanted his pizza with that burnt thin crust and the cheese made from buffalo milk. Why would...

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Half and Half Club

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pp. 142-172

It was Sparrow Sanderson who ruined Mrs. Cook’s first planned activity for the Half and Half Multicultural Club. Mrs. Cook wanted to ask the club members to bring in photographs of themselves and separate photographs of each of their parents. She would pin photos of the parents in random order above photos of the students on the...

Other Works in the Series

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pp. 173-175

E-ISBN-13: 9780820347813
E-ISBN-10: 0820347817

Page Count: 192
Publication Year: 2014

Series Title: Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction