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A Treasury of Virtues

Sayings, Sermons, and Teachings of Ali, with the One Hundred Proverbs, attributed to al-Jahiz

Al-Qadi al-Quda

Publication Year: 2013

A Treasury of Virtues is a collection by the Fatimid Shafi‘i judge al-Quda‘i (d. 454 H/1062 AD) of sayings, sermons, and teachings attributed to ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (d. 40 H/661 AD). ‘Ali was the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad, the first Shia Imam and the fourth Sunni Caliph. An acknowledged master of Arabic eloquence and a sage of Islamic wisdom, Ali was renowned for his words, which were collected, quoted, and studied over the centuries, and extensively anthologized, excerpted, and interpreted.

Of the many compilations of ‘Ali’s words, A Treasury of Virtues arguably possesses the broadest compass of genres, and the largest variety of themes. Included are aphorisms, proverbs, sermons, speeches, homilies, prayers, letters, dialogues and verse, all of which provide instruction on how to be a morally upstanding human being. The shorter compilation included here, One Hundred Proverbs, is attributed to the eminent writer al-Jahiz (d. 255 H/869 AD). This volume presents a new critical edition of the Arabic based on several original manuscripts, the first English translation of both these important collections, and an extended introduction.

Published by: NYU Press


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Half Title, About the Series

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pp. i-ii

Letter from the General Editor, Title Page, Copyright, Dedication

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Many people helped bring this project to fruition, and I take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge their kindness:
My father Syedi Khuzaima Qutbuddin, a venerable scholar, has tutored me on ʿAlī’s sermons on a regular basis since childhood, and throughout my work on this book, he and my mother Sakina Qutbuddin have been a rock of support....


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pp. xiii-xxiv

...uni1E0Cir?r ibn uni1E0Camrah, a companion of ?Al?, describing himone.superior?Al? ibn Ab? uni1E6C?lib (d. four.oldstyle0/six.oldstylesix.oldstyleone.oldstyle) was an acknowledged master of Arabic elo-quence and a renowned sage of Islamic wisdom. when ?Abd al-uni1E24am?d al-K?tib (d. one.oldstylethree.oldstyle2/seven.oldstylefive.oldstyle0)?who has been called the ?father of Arabic prose,? and who was a chancery of_f_icial for the intensely anti-?Alid Umayyads?was asked, ?what en-...

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A Note on the Text

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pp. xxv-xxxiii

I am aware of four extant manuscripts of the Dust?r: a thirteenth-century Sunni Egyptian manuscript in the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin; a second, nearly identical Turkish manuscript from the early twentieth century in a private col-lection in Baghdad which I could not locate; a third Zayd? Yemeni manuscript from the seventeenth century at Yale University?s Beinecke Library; and a fourth ...

Notes to the Introduction

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pp. xxxiv-2

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pp. 3-8

E014E0E1? E3C1E364E1E0 E3C1E050E043??? E00F E0E2E30AE269E26A?E182E180 E024 ?E01BE01C?E26BE266E260E182E180??? E00F E0E2???E268E266E260E182E180 E01EE301? E00F E0E2?? ? E205E022E0E4E0E2E107E104E100??? E00F E0E2???E268E266E260E182E180 E00FE014E0E1?E0D5E0A4E2E2E2E1 ? E013??????? E282 ? E00F E0E2?E266E260E1A2E1A0 E3C1?E0A2?E24B? ? ? E3C1?E0A5 ? ?E3C1E068? ???? E00F E0E2 ?E107 ?E06B ?E180 E013...

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Wise Sayings

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pp. 9-42

...? ? E00FE0E2?E068E26BE266E260E182E180 E00FE0E2E3C1E068?E180 ?E01BE01CE040??? ? ?E00F E0E2E068 E162E142 ?E1CAE1E0 E3C1E06D ? ? E3C1E003 E3C1E076 E077?E00FE0E2?E3C1E068 E3C9E3C1E0D0E0A2 E018 E3C1E076E061??E161E142??uniE021uniE023 uniE004??uniE005uniE015uniE070uniE0B2uniE02FuniE024 ? ? ? E00FE0E2?E068E26BE266E260E182E180 E00FE0E2E3C1E068?E180 ?E01BE01CE040??? ? ...

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Censure of this world and Exhortations to Reject worldliness

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pp. 43-66

...?Al? said: This world begins in weariness and ends in death. You are account-able for what is lawful in it and punishable for what is unlawful. The healthy are safe and the ailing remorseful. The wealthy are seduced and the poor grieve. It escapes those who try to catch it and comes willingly to those who ignore it. It blinds those who look at it with longing and instructs those who ...

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pp. 67-74

You have been created by God?s power and are ruled by his might. You will be placed in the grave and turn to dry bones. Every one of you will be May God have mercy on the man who, having sinned, confesses. Fear-ful of punishment in the hereaf_ter, he performs good deeds. Dreading it, he hastens to the straight path. Having been given a long life, he takes heed. ...

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Prescriptions and Proscriptions

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pp. 75-108

Adorn your final dwelling place and trade this world for the hereaf_ter.Be kind to one who associates with you; perhaps then he will be kind to you.How you wish to be treated should be the measure of how you treat others.Choose for others what you would choose for yourself, and dislike for them Strive for excellence, give generously, and speak kindly to people....

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(Omitted)Alī’s Questions with Answers, and (Omitted)Alī’s Answers to Questions

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pp. 109-138

O people! If one of you asks a question, let him be scrupulous in asking. If one of you is asked a question, let him be conscientious in answering. By God, calamitous events and momentous affairs have descended upon you because of the failure of many who are asked, and the submissive acceptance That he guided me to Islam, and allowed me to recognize its true val-...

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Sayings with Unusual words

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pp. 139-148

...?Al? used to teach his companions how to invoke blessings on the prophet, O God, unfolder of lands unfolded, creator of heavens raised high, com-Let your noblest blessings, your manifold graces, your merciful compas-sion, all be showered upon Muuni1E25ammad, your servant and messenger?who opened what was locked, came as a seal for what had come before, rightfully ...

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Unique Sayings and Pithy words

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pp. 149-176

Zayd ibn Aslam said: The commander of the faithful, ?Al? ibn Ab? uni1E6C?lib, de-The believer is strong in his religion, bold yet gentle. He believes with conviction, studies matters of religious practice, performs deeds with knowl-edge, and receives guidance with enthusiasm. He is kind yet firm, sensible yet gentle. His private parts do not rule him, and his belly does not shame ...

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Prayers and Supplications

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pp. 177-198

Ab? ?Abd All?h Muuni1E25ammad ibn Manuni1E63?r ibn Sh?k?n al-Tustar? reported to me, authoriz-ing me to transmit the report, saying: Muuni1E25ammad ibn al-uni1E24asan ibn Ghur?b reported to us, saying: Judge Auni1E25mad ibn Muuni1E25ammad recounted to us, saying: Judge M?s? ibn Isuni1E25?q recounted to us, saying: ?Abd All?h ibn Ab? Shaybah recounted to us, saying: Muuni1E25ammad ibn Fuuni1E0Dayl recounted to us, from ?Abd All?h al-Asad?, saying:...

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pp. 199-220

Nifuni1E6Dawayh, Ab? ?Abd All?h Ibr?h?m ibn Muuni1E25ammad ibn ?Arafah al-Azd? al-Nauni1E25w?, transmitted the following poetry by the commander of the faithful, he will make an example of the disbelievers for denying the truth.then remember uni1E6Caluni1E25ah whom we lef_t dead on the ground,?E013 ???? uni0664E014E0E1E3C1E068?E180 E3C1E003E3C1E04C ????E2A1?E180 E00F E0E2?E266E260...

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E3C1 E1C5E04E E014E0E1E1A2E1A0 ?E04FE04E ??????? ? ?E01BE01DE1C5uniE021uniE023 ? uniE00B?? uniE0F3?uniE091? ?uniE0BD ?? uniE004??uniE05A uniE0E1uniE0DDuniE0DE ?uniE081uniE0C0uniE077uniE0D4uniE02FuniE024 ? uniE00B? ?? ?uniE070uniE0B2uniE01E uniE065 uniE063 ? ?uniE05B?uniE072uniE0C0uniE077uniE0D4 ?uniE072uniE0C0uniE077uniE0D4uniE02FuniE024 ? uniE000? ?uniE07A ? ???? ? uniE000? ?? ?uniE077uniE0D4uniE075uniE06B uniE065 uniE063 uniE13EuniE000? ?uniE07A ...


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Glossary of Names and Terms

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pp. 239-250


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pp. 251-256

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Further Reading

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pp. 257-258

Cleary, Thomas. The Wisdom of the Prophet: Sayings of Muhammad. Selections from the Dakake, Maria Massi. The Charismatic Community: Shi?ite Identity in Early Islam. Albany, Jafri, S. H. M. The Origins and Early Development of Shi?a Islam. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000. First published by Longman Group and Librairie du Liban, one.oldstylenine.oldstyleseven.oldstylenine.oldstyle.Kohlberg, Etan. ??Ali b. Abi Taleb.? In Encyclopedia Iranica, ed. by Ehsan Yar-Shater. ...


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About the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute

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p. 270-270

The Library of Arabic Literature is supported by a grant from the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute, a major hub of intellectual and creative activity and advanced research. The Institute hosts academic conferences, workshops, lectures, film series, performances, and other public programs directed both to audiences within the UAE and to the worldwide academic and research community. It is a ...

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About the Typefaces

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The Arabic body text is set in DecoType Naskh, designed by Thomas Milo and Mirjam Somers, based on an analysis of five centuries of Ottoman manuscript practice. The exceptionally legible result is the first and only typeface in a style that fully implements the principles of script grammar (qaw??id al-kha??).The Arabic footnote text is set in DecoType Emiri, drawn by Mirjam Somers, ...

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About the Editor-Translator

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p. 272-272

Tahera Qutbuddin (Harvard University, Ph.D. one.oldstylenine.oldstylenine.oldstylenine.oldstyle) is Associate Professor of Arabic Literature at the University of Chicago. She has also taught at Yale University and the University of Utah. Af_ter school in India, she studied Arabic language and literature in Cairo (Ain Shams University, B.A. one.oldstylenine.oldstyleeight.oldstyleeight.oldstyle, Tamh?d? Magister one.oldstylenine.oldstylenine.oldstyle0). Her scholarship focuses on intersections of the literary, the ...

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