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Revisioning Red Riding Hood around the World

An Anthology of International Retellings

Sandra L. Beckett

Publication Year: 2013

Across various time periods, audiences, aesthetics, and cultural landscapes, Little Red Riding Hood is a universal icon, and her story is one of the world's most retold tales. In Revisioning Red Riding Hood Around the World: An Anthology of International Retellings, Sandra L. Beckett presents over fifty notable modern retellings, only two of which have appeared previously in English. The tales include works published in twenty-four countries and sixteen languages, in texts that span more than a century, but with the majority written in the last fifty years. They include retellings for children, adolescents, and adults, as well as crossover works intended for an audience of all ages. The tales in this volume progress from works that recast the story of Little Red Riding Hood from traditional perspectives through more playful versions to more unconventional approaches. Seven sections are arranged thematically: Cautionary Tales for Modern Riding Hoods, Contemporary Riding Hoods Come of Age, Playing with the Story of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Rehabilitating the Wolf, The Wolf's Story, The Wolf Within, and Running with the Wolves. Beckett provides an interpretative introduction to each text and insightful information on its author and/or illustrator. A variety of genres are represented, including fairy tale, short story, novella, novel, poetry, illustrated books, and picture books. More than 90 illustrations, both color plates and black-and-white images, reveal further narrative layers of meaning. The number and diversity of retellings in Revisioning Red Riding Hood demonstrate the tale's remarkable versatility and its exceptional status in the collective unconscious and in literary culture, even beyond the confines of the Western world. This unique anthology contributes to cross-cultural exchange and facilitates comparative study of the tale for readers interested in fairy-tale studies, cultural studies, and literary history.

Published by: Wayne State University Press

Title Page, About the Series, Copyright, Dedication

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pp. vii-xii

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pp. xiii-xiv

A project of this international scope would not have been possible without the assistance of countless international colleagues, publishers, authors, and illustrators. The collection of works from so many countries was a challenge in itself. The majority of the texts are no longer in print, and I was often dealing with languages that were completely foreign to me. The translation of...

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Introduction: A Global Fairy-Tale Icon

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pp. 1-12

Little Red Riding Hood is a universal icon whose story has been recast countless times by authors and illustrators around the world. Considered by many to be the most popular fairy tale of all time, “Little Red Riding Hood” has been revisioned and retold for readers of all ages in virtually every genre and mode imaginable. In the course of preparing two critical...

1. Cautionary Tales for Modern Riding Hoods

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Little Red Riding Hood (Caperucita Roja)

Gabriela Mistral

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pp. 14-17

The poet, educator, and diplomat Gabriela Mistral (1889–1957) was born Lucila Godoy Alcayaga in Chile and died in the United States. Known affectionately throughout Latin America simply as “Gabriela,” she was a famous poet in her time and led a cosmopolitan life, traveling extensively in Europe and the Americas. Yet most North Americans have never heard of Mistral, even...

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Little Riding Hood (Caperucita, 1908); Little Riding Hood (Caperucita, 1954)

Francisco Villaespesa

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pp. 18-20

The Spanish poet and novelist Francisco Villaespesa (1877–1936) enjoyed tremendous popularity during his lifetime. The prolific poet wrote more than fifty books of poetry. His home province of Almería in Andalucia marked his work throughout his life. It is there that he set his “Caperucita” poems. However, he traveled extensively in Latin America, and his poetry, like Gabriela...

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Little Red Cap (Roodkapje, 1982); Little Red Cap (Roodkapje, 1993)

Wim Hofman

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pp. 21-23

Wim Hofman (1941–) is a highly original Dutch author, illustrator, and artist whose work was influenced by the CoBrA movement. Best known for his children’s books, although he also publishes poetry for adults, he has won many awards for his writing as well as his drawings, including the 1991 Theo Thijssen Award for his oeuvre. His only book published in English is...

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Little Red Riding Hood (Akazukin-chan)

Kyoko Iwasaki

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pp. 24-29

Kyoko Iwasaki (1922–) is a Japanese author who has received numerous awards for her writing over her long career. Most notably she won the important Kodansha Children’s Literature Award for Shirasagi Monogatari (White Egret Story) in 1963. She is considered an important figure in the field of Japanese children’s literature. Her tragic version of “Little Red Riding Hood,” which...

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A Little Red Riding Hood (Un petit chaperon rouge)

Claude Clément, Isabelle Forestier

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pp. 30-38

In the true storytelling tradition, the Moroccan-born French author Claude Clément (1946–), who writes poems, short stories, novels, and songs, insists that she does not address a particular audience. The majority of her works are put out by children’s publishers, but many of her picturebooks and novels are read as often, if not more so, by adults. Children’s book publishing allowed...

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Pooh! How Did She Know? The Story of a Little Red Riding Hood Who Escaped from Her Abductors (Ches! Eotteohge alassji? Honjaseo gileul gadaga yugoebeomeul mulrichin bbalganmoja iyagi)

Mia Sim

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pp. 39-44

Mia Sim (1966–) is a Korean children’s author and illustrator who began publishing for children after winning a “special mention” in a competition for new talent in illustration in South Korea. She is both the author and illustrator of this picturebook retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood,” published for young children by Nurimbo in 2010. The lengthy, descriptive subtitle...

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Little Red Riding Hood (Czerwony Kapturek)

Joanna Olech, Grażka Lange

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pp. 45-51

Joanna Olech (1955–) is a Polish author, graphic artist, and illustrator of books for children and teenagers. Her numerous awards include winning the distinction of the Most Beautiful Book of the Year (2005) from the Polish Association of Book Publishers (PTWK) for the picturebook Czerwony Kapturek, a contemporary retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood” that was illustrated...

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The Story of Little Red Riding Hood Told to Children and Perhaps Not (A História do Capuchinho Vermelho contada a crianças e nem por isso)

Manuel António Pina

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pp. 52-59

The Portuguese poet, author, and journalist Manuel António Pina (1943–2012) received Portugal’s most prestigious literary award, the Prémio Camões, in 2011. Sadly, he passed away before this book went to press. In addition to poetry, plays, and fiction for adults, his extensive body of work includes approximately twenty children’s books. This retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood” has a particularly...

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The Tale of a Red Cap (Skazka o krasnoi shapochke)

Vladimir Mayakovsky

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pp. 60-62

Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893–1930) was a Russian and Soviet poet, playwright, painter, and actor. He is one of the foremost representatives of the Russian Futurist movement. The poet would eventually define his work as “Communist Futurism.” With his Futurist collaborators Mayakovsky produced propaganda posters for the Russian State Telegraph Agency. In the 1920s Mayakovsky...

2. Contemporary Riding Hoods Come of Age

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Red Hat and the Wolf (Rødhatten og Ulven)

Fam Ekman

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pp. 64-67

Fam Ekman (1946–) is one of Norway’s best-known picturebook artists. It is widely felt that her picturebooks are for adults rather than children, but only one of her books has actually been published specifically for adults. All her books have wide adult appeal and have often been described as allalderslitteratur (all-ages literature) since the term (referring to crossover literature) was...

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Red Red Red Riding Hood (Rood Rood Roodkapje)

Edward van de Vendel, Isabelle Vandenabeele

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pp. 68-71

The Dutch author Edward van de Vendel (1964–) gave up teaching in 2001 to devote himself full time to writing. His works, which have received many awards, include novels, poetry for both children and adults, picturebook texts, and song lyrics. In 2004 the picturebook Rood Rood Roodkapje (Red Red Red Riding Hood), which was published in 2003 by the publisher De Eenhoorn...

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The Little Girl Who Knew How to Fly (La petite fille qui savait voler)

Bruno de La Salle

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pp. 72-80

The author and storyteller Bruno de La Salle (1943–) is responsible for initiating a revival of the tale and oral literature in France. He is the director of CLiO, the Contemporary Conservatory of Oral Literature, which he founded to promote such works. In his eyes oral literature meets the cultural needs of our society, and is the poetic art of the future. For more than thirty...

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Little Red Riding Hood in Central Park (Caperucita en Central Park)

Carmen Martín Gaite

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pp. 81-90

The internationally acclaimed Spanish author Carmen Martín Gaite (1925– 2000) was the first woman to win Spain’s Premio Nacional de Literatura in 1978, for her adult novel El cuarto de atrás (translated in an English edition as The Back Room). Although most of her writing was published for adults, she resisted attempts to draw clear boundaries between children’s and adult fiction. Her...

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My Wolf (Mon Loup)

Anne Bertier

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pp. 91-94

The unique picturebooks by the French author-illustrator Anne Bertier (1956–) are intended for an audience of both adults and children. Her first picturebook project, Un amour de triangle (A Love Triangle), is a playful, poetic fantasy that tells a highly unusual love story about triangles, and is intended for readers of all ages. Although the book was originally conceived in color, Bertier ultimately...

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The Blinder Girl (Skylappjenta)

Iram Haq, Endre Skandfer

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pp. 95-102

Born in Norway of Pakistani parents, Iram Haq (1976–) is an actress, filmmaker, screenwriter, author, and recording artist. She made her debut as a director in 2009 with the short film Skylappjenta, which has been screened with the English title “Little Miss Eyeflap,” although the literal translation would be “The Blinder Girl.” Haq wrote, directed, and starred in the film, which is in...

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Little Blue Riding Hood (Caperucito Azul)

Hernán Rodríguez Castelo

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pp. 103-112

Hernán Rodríguez Castelo (1933–) is an Ecuadorian author and journalist who has published on cinema, art, linguistics, and literature. A prolific literary critic, he authored an important theoretical study of children’s literature, and has also written plays, essays, and children’s books. In Latin America the Ecuadorian author is considered a major figure in the field of children’s...

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Little Green Cap (Prassini Soufitsa)

Ioulita Iliopoulou

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pp. 113-127

The Greek author and poet Ioulita Iliopoulou (1965–) writes for both adults and children. She has written five poetry collections for adults, as well as essays and lyrics for songs. Music has a special place in her writing. She wrote the libretto for the opera The Fir Ship and the poetry for the lyric tragedy Jocasta, both by the well-known Greek composer George Couroupos. The...

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Little Gray Riding Hood (O Capuchinho Cinzento)

Matilde Rosa Araújo, André Letria

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pp. 128-134

Matilde Rosa Araújo (1921–2010) was an award-winning Portuguese author best known for her children’s books, although she also wrote poetry and short stories for adults. Along with her career as a teacher, she began publishing books for children in 1950. She produced more than two dozen books for children in a variety of genres, including poetry, novels, and short stories. Her...

3. Playing with the Story of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

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The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood (Le conte du Petit Chaperon Rouge)


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pp. 136-139

“Pef ” is the pen name Pierre Elie Ferrier (1939–)—journalist, author, and illustrator— uses for his children’s books. The prolific author, known for his wit and clever wordplay, has published more than a hundred illustrated books for children. In 1984 he received the Hans Christian Andersen Prize. Many of his books have been published by Éditions La Farandole (later Messidor/La Farandole), a...

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Little Red Cap Another Way (Crvenkapica na drugi način)

Zoran Pongrašić

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pp. 140-143

The Croatian author Zoran Pongrašić (1961–) agrees with a writer friend who once called him a “general practitioner” writer.2 He writes prose for all ages, as well as radio dramas, movie scenarios, and television series. While his novels for adults have a more serious tone, all of his work for children and teenagers is in a humorous vein. During the school year 2005–2006, the author began...

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Two Stories about Little Red Cap from The Snow King (Snježni kralj)

Damir Miloš, Radovan Devlić, Krešimir Skozret

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pp. 144-148

The short retelling by the acclaimed Croatian author Damir Miloš (1954–) is an embedded story from his picturebook Snježni kralj (The Snow King, 1986), illustrated by the prominent Croatian comics artists Radovan Devlić (1950–2000) and Krešimir Skozret (1951–). Miloš is an author and adventurer; he is often described as a writer who sails and a sailor who...

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Little Red Riding Hood (O Červené Karkulce)

Alois Mikulka

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pp. 149-152

A painter and sculptor by profession, Alois Mikulka (1933–), who lives in Brno, is one of the most original Czech fairy-tale authors/illustrators of the past fifty years. He creates short, highly imaginative, often nonsensical stories where the text is most prominent, as well as picturebooks dominated by the unique visual style that has characterized his work since his first...

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The Electric Little Red Cap (Das elektrische Rotkäppchen)


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pp. 153-158

Janosch, whose real name is Horst Eckert (1931–), is one of Germany’s most successful children’s author-illustrators. His award-winning children’s books are popular in many European countries, but he is virtually unknown in the English-speaking world. Janosch erzählt Grimm’s Märchen und zeichnet für Kinder von heute (Janosch Tells Grimms’ Fairy Tales and Draws for Today’s...

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Layla, the Wolf, and the Phone (Laylā wa-al-dhi’b wa-l-hātif)

Sana Tayara, Talar Kizirian

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pp. 159-161

Sanaa Omar Al-Tayara (1966–), who publishes under the name Sana Tayara, is a Lebanese teacher and author of children’s books. She has published several children’s books with the juvenile publisher Asala in Beirut, which also brought out the picturebook Laylā wa-al-dhi’b wa-l-hātif (Layla, the Wolf, and the Phone) in 2011. The small-format paperback was marketed for...

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Little Green Riding Hood (Le Petit Chaperon Vert)Grégoire Solotareff and Nadja

Grégoire Solotareff, Nadja

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pp. 162-167

Grégoire Solotareff (1953–), one of France’s most popular contemporary author-illustrators, was born in Egypt and practiced medicine for five years before creating his first picturebooks. Solotareff often illustrates his own picturebook texts, but he also frequently collaborates with his sister Nadja (1955–), who is an author and illustrator as well. Together they created a...

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Little Black Riding Hood (La Caputxeta Negra)

Carles Cano, Paco Giménez

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pp. 168-172

The Valencian children’s author Carles Cano (1957–) has returned time and again to the tale of “Little Red Riding Hood.” As a professional storyteller and lecturer on storytelling, he reminds us through his multiple retellings of “Little Red Riding Hood” that traditionally the folktale was never told twice in the same manner but was constantly renewed by storytellers for new...

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The Wolf and the Little Riding Hoods (El Lobo y las Caperucitas)

Carles Cano

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pp. 173-174

In the second retelling by Carles Cano, the author multiplies the colored Riding Hoods to create a humorous story not unlike those of Gianni Rodari and Bruno Munari. The tale appeared in Castilian in a school reading book titled El Puchero del Tesoro (The Treasure Pot), which was published for first grade children by the well-known children’s publisher Anaya in 2007. As...

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Little Red Riding Hood (The Tale of a Hunt) (Czerwony Kapturek [Bajka myśliwska])

Bohdan Butenko

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pp. 175-186

Bohdan Butenko (1931–) is a Polish author, illustrator, and comics artist who has been publishing children’s books since 1956. He also has many animated films and television programs to his credit. During his prolific career, Butenko has illustrated about 250 books, his own texts as well as those of other authors. He has created his own original style of book design, addressed...

Color Plates

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pp. 187-218

4. Rehabilitating the Wolf

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Little Crimson Riding Hood Had a Scare . . . and Then Nothing! (Caperucita Encarnada pasó un susto . . . y luego ¡nada!)


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pp. 220-225

The Spanish writer and journalist Antonio J. Robles Soler (1895–1983), better known as Antonio Robles or Antoniorrobles (the name he adopted when he began writing for children), started his career writing humorous magazine stories for adults. Strongly influenced by the avant-garde, his writing was experimental, innovative, and revolutionary. Along with other writers of the...

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Little Red Riding Hood (Le Petit Chaperon Rouge)

Jean Claverie

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pp. 226-229

Jean Claverie (1946–) is widely considered one of France’s most important contemporary author-illustrators. He began his career as an advertising illustrator, but started specializing in children’s books in 1977. Claverie has illustrated several of Charles Perrault’s tales, but he has also retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood in a humorous parody that transposes it to a modern...

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The Last Wolf and Little Riding Hood (El último lobo y Caperucita)

José Luis García Sánchez, Miguel Ángel Pacheco

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pp. 230-234

Concerns about the endangered wolf in Spain led José Luis García Sánchez (1941–) and Miguel Fernández-Pacheco (aka Miguel Ángel Pacheco, 1944–) to publish the picturebook El último lobo y Caperucita (The Last Wolf and Little Riding Hood) in 1975. At that time the two authors were collaborating extensively, writing eighty-five books for the publisher Altea during the...

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Waldtraut and the Wolf (Waldtraut und der Wolf)

Meike Stoebe, Susann Stoebe

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pp. 235-238

Meike Stoebe is a German children’s author whose tale Waldtraut und der Wolf (Waldtraut and the Wolf) was published simultaneously in German and French (as Pélagie et le loup) by the bilingual Swiss publisher Nord-Süd in 1996. The book is illustrated by Stoebe’s sister Susann Stoebe (now Stoebe- Thöne, 1964–), a German illustrator who also works as a painter, graphic...

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One Cake Too Many (Une galette de trop)

Gérard Moncomble

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pp. 239-254

Gérard Moncomble (1951–) is a French author, illustrator, and scriptwriter. Although he initially began writing for adults, he turned to writing for children when he began having his own. A very prolific author, he has published approximately 150 books over the past thirty years. His stories are wildly inventive and almost always extremely funny. In the 1990s Moncomble published three...

5. The Wolf’s Story

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The Mystery of the Disappearance of the Famous Confused Wolf (Ser ekhtifaa el zeeb el shahir bel mohtar)

Abdelwahab M. Elmessiri, Safaa Nabaa

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pp. 256-260

The Egyptian author and scholar Abdelwahab M. Elmessiri (1938–2008) is a household name in the Arab world. A former professor at Cairo’s Ain Shams University (he received a PhD in English and comparative literature from Rutgers University), he was considered one of the Arab world’s leading experts on Jewish and Israeli affairs. He was also an activist and served as...

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The Wolf (Le loup); Fourth Mission (Quatrième mission)

Pierre Gripari

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pp. 261-269

Pierre Gripari (1925–1990) is one of France’s best-loved children’s authors. His popularity there is not unlike that of Roald Dahl in Britain, although he is virtually unknown in the English-speaking world. Like Dahl, Gripari also wrote for adults; in fact, he published the vast majority of his works for that audience. Whether he wrote for adults or children, Gripari’s genre of choice...

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The Wolf (Le loup)

Pierre Gripari

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pp. 270-271

Five years after Patrouille du conte, Gripari published a collection of children’s poems, Marelles (Hopscotch, 1988), which includes two poems inspired by the tale of “Little Red Riding Hood.” As the title of the second poem indicates, the eponymous heroine of “Le Petit Chaperon malin” (Cunning Little Riding Hood) is a clever, modern Riding Hood who outwits the wolf by refusing...

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In the Mouth of the Wolf (In bocca al lupo)

Fabian Negrin

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pp. 272-277

Fabian Negrin (1963–) is an Argentine-born author-illustrator who studied graphics and engraving in Mexico City and now lives in Italy. It is therefore not surprising that the images and colors of his illustrations evoke a number of cultures and landscapes. Negrin began his career in Mexico as a graphic designer and illustrator for newspapers and magazines. In 1989 he moved to...

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The Wolf in Love (El lobo enamorado)

José Santos Chocano

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pp. 278-281

The Peruvian poet José Santos Chocano (1875–1934) is known as the “Poet of America” in tribute to the first line of his celebrated poem “Blasón” (Crest), from his perhaps most popular collection, Alma América (American Soul, 1906): “Yo soy el Cantor de América, autóctono y salvaje” (I am the poet of America, native and wild). Chocano led a very eventful and adventurous life, relocating...

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Free Version (Versión libre); Free Version 2 (Versión libre 2)

Raúl Rivero

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pp. 282-284

The Cuban poet and journalist Raúl Rivero (1945–) is a former political prisoner who now lives in Spain. A supporter of the Cuban revolution initially, he played an important role in state publications; he won national literary awards for his collections of verse, of the kind known as “civic poetry.” After a long disenchantment with the Cuban government, he signed the historic “Carta...

6. The Wolf Within

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Green Ribbon in the Hair (Fita verde no cabelo)

João Guimarães Rosa

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pp. 286-291

João Guimarães Rosa (1908–1967) was a Brazilian author, physician, and diplomat. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest Brazilian prose writers of the twentieth century. Yet his work is little known, largely due to the fact that translating his writings is a daunting task. His most celebrated work, Grande sertão: Veredas (1956), translated under the title...

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Little Yellow Hat (Chapeuzinho Amarelo)

Chico Buarque

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pp. 292-299

Francisco Buarque de Hollanda (1944–), popularly known as Chico Buarque, is a Brazilian poet, writer, and musician. He is best known as a composer, singer, and guitarist whose music often contains social and political commentary. In 1998 he was voted the best Brazilian musician of the twentieth century. Throughout the military dictatorship that followed the coup of...

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In the Belly of the Wolf (En el vientre del lobo)

Izumi Yamada

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pp. 300-304

Izumi Yamada (1973–) is a Japanese illustrator who also works as an assistant in a plastic arts workshop for the mentally disabled. She has created set designs for plays, and she produced a monologue titled Merinda joi-no Satsuiku Nisshi (Journal of the Massacre of Dr. Merinda). “En el vientre del lobo” (In the Belly of the Wolf) is one of the highly original Japanese retellings...

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Little Red Riding Hood from the Inside (I Kokkinoskoufitsa apo mesa)

Hara Yiannakopoulou, Vassilis Papatsarouchas

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pp. 305-308

Hara Yiannakopoulou (1972–) is a Greek author and translator. Since the late 1990s, she has published novels and picturebooks for young adults and children. Her picturebook I apenanti monaxia (The Opposite Loneliness, 2002), illustrated by Efi Lada, won the Greek Children’s Book Circle Award. Yiannakopoulou’s innovative retelling of the famous tale, “I Kokkinoskoufitsa...

7. Running with the Wolves

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Little Red Pants, Bluebeard, and Wee Notes (Petit Pantalon Rouge, Barbe-Bleue et Notules)

Pierrette Fleutiaux

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pp. 310-328

Pierrette Fleutiaux (1941–) is a French novelist and short story writer who lived in New York for several years. She won the prestigious 1985 Prix Goncourt de la Nouvelle for her short story collection Métamorphoses de la reine (Metamorphoses of the Queen, 1984) and the Prix Femina in 1990 for her novel Nous sommes éternels (We Are Eternal). Her retelling of Perrault’s “Little...

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Little Red Riding Hood’s Economically Disadvantaged Grandmother (La grand-mère économiquement défavorisée de la Petite Chaperonne Rouge)

Pierre Léon

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pp. 329-335

Pierre Léon (1926–) is a French-born author, linguist, and emeritus professor who began his career in France but has been living in Canada for many years. He has written several important books on French linguistics. In 1996 he published a volume of retellings of traditional tales bearing the perversely long title Le mariage politiquement correct du petit Chaperon rouge et autres histoires...

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Layla and Me (Laylā wa-anā)

Huda al-Naimi

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pp. 336-341

Huda al-Naimi (1969–) is a respected Qatari writer and academic who obtained a master’s degree in nuclear physics and a doctorate in medical biophysics from Cairo University. She began to write while she was living in Cairo and published her first short-story collection, al-Mukḥula (The Kohl Flask) there in 1997. She later published two more short-story...

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The Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood (Ulven og Rødhette)

Annie Riis

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pp. 342-346

Annie Riis (1927–) is a Norwegian writer, poet, and translator. Since the beginning of her career, she has been writing for adults, adolescents, and children. She debuted as a writer at the age of forty-eight with the poetry collection Satura in 1975. She has since published several poetry collections, as well as novels and children’s books. Beginning in the 1970s, she contributed...

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Mina, I Love You (Mina, je t’aime)

Patricia Joiret, Xavier Bruyère

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pp. 347-351

Patricia Joiret is a French children’s author. She offers an ambiguous and disturbing reversal of the classic Riding Hood tale in the picturebook Mina, je t’aime (Mina, I Love You), published for young readers in 1991. The picturebook is illustrated by the Belgian illustrator Xavier Bruyère (1965–), whose predilection for opaque techniques (pastels, gouache, and alkyds) lends...

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My Red Riding Hood (Mon Chaperon Rouge)

Anne Ikhlef, Alain Gauthier

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pp. 352-364

Anne Ikhlef is a French writer, journalist, scriptwriter, and filmmaker. She has long had an interest in folk and fairy tales. In 1985 she retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood in a short film titled La vraie histoire du Chaperon Rouge (The True Story of Red Riding Hood), which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival. Her approach was to return to the tale’s medieval sources, researching...


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