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Latina/o Sexualities

Probing Powers, Passions, Practices, and Policies

Edited and with an Introduction by Marysol Asencio

Publication Year: 2010

Situated at the juncture of Latina/o studies and sexualities studies, the contributors to Latina/o Sexualities synthesize and critique the literature and carve a separate space where issues of Latina/o sexualities can be explored given the limitations of prevalent research models. This work compels the current wave in sexuality studies to be more inclusive of ethnic minorities and sets an agenda that policy makers and researchers will find invaluable.

Published by: Rutgers University Press

Title Page, Copyright

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pp. vii-viii

In April 2005 the editor of this volume hosted a conference entitled “Latina/o Sexualities: Breaking Silences, Creating Changes” at the University of Connecticut through the Institute for Puerto Rican and Latino Studies. ...


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pp. ix-xi

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Introduction: Mapping Latina/o Sexualities Research and Scholarship

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pp. 1-12

When you think of Latina/o sexuality, what images pop into your head? Perhaps you think of Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Salma Hayek, Shakira, or Antonio Banderas. Or maybe you just envision large booties, swiveling hips, and sweltering heat? ...

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1. A History of Latina/o Sexualities

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pp. 13-37

A history of Latina and Latino sexualities in the United States is not easy to write. The Oxford English Dictionary notes that the word “Latino” comes from the Spanish latinoamericano, which means Latin American. Most of those who now call themselves Latinas or Latinos...

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2. Making Sex Matter: Histories of Latina/o Sexualities, 1898 to 1965

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pp. 38-47

For a sobering view of the state of the field of the history of Latina/o sexualities, one need only type a handful of relevant keywords into any major academic database. “Latino” and “sexuality,” for instance, returns a total of two citations from America: History and Life, which includes more than two thousand journals, as well as book reviews and dissertations. ...

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3. Latina/o Childhood Sexuality

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pp. 48-61

Latina/os are the fastest-growing and the largest ethnic minority group in the United States. Latina/os, with a median age of twenty-seven years in 2005, were much younger than the population as a whole at thirty-six years. ...

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4. Latina/o Parent-Adolescent Communication about Sexuality: An Interdisciplinary Literature Review

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pp. 62-74

Parents play a key role in the sexual socialization of adolescents, the transmission of sexual beliefs, values, and norms. Research in this area is important, given that patterns of socialization may determine adolescent sexual decision making. ...

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5. Sexual Health of Latina/o Populations in the United States

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pp. 75-89

This chapter presents a critical examination of the literature related to Latina/o sexual health in the United States in order to inform researchers and public policymakers about the sexual health needs of Latina/os. ...

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6. Latina/o Sex Policy

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pp. 90-102

It is difficult to identify social policies that do not directly or indirectly have an impact on our sexual lives. Sexuality, in its social, physical, and cultural meanings has relevance in some way for all Latinas and Latinos. ...

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7. Heterosexuality Exposed: Some Feminist Sociological Reflections on Heterosexual Sex and Romance in U.S. Latina/o Communities

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pp. 103-116

“Why aren’t you in a relationship? Haven’t you found the right man?” I have been asked these questions countless times by some of my relatives, some close friends on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, and a few self-identified progressive women and men colleagues...

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8. Representations of Latina/o Sexuality in Popular Culture

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pp. 117-136

This chapter provides an overview of the ways in which various loci of popular culture constitute and stage representations of Latina/o sexuality in the U.S. context. Research on such representations proves significant knowledge to the construction of public policy because...

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9. Cultural Production of Knowledge on Latina/o Sexualities

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pp. 137-149

The artificial separation that existed between queer studies and racial/ethnic studies has been bridged in recent years by work from artists, critics, historians, sociologists, and other cultural producers. ...

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10. Where There’s Querer: Knowledge Production and the Praxis of HIV Prevention

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pp. 150-172

In this chapter, we share the ways we synthesize community mobilization, creative production, and cultural studies in service of HIV prevention. Our work is grounded in a reverence for querer, the supple Spanish verb that simultaneously evokes multiple concepts. ...

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11. Religion/Spirituality, U.S.Latina/o Communities, and Sexuality Scholarship: A Thread of Current Works

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pp. 173-187

“In U.S., Hispanics Bring Catholicism to Its Feet,” proclaimed the May 7, 2007, Washington Post.1 Catholic churches are providing space and a different kind of religious experience to charismatic-influenced Catholicism, as practiced by U.S. Latina/os. ...

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12. Latina/o Sexualities in Motion: Latina/o Sexualities Research Agenda Project

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pp. 188-206

This chapter examines the existing literature on the relationship between Latina/o sexualities and migration. Drawing on literature in the social and behavioral sciences (and related disciplines), I examine studies that explicitly focus on Latino migration to the United States and sexuality. ...

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13. Latinas, Sex Work, and Trafficking in the United States

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pp. 207-216

Even though the popular media in the United States often depict Latinas as sex workers, there is little research on the experiences of Latinas working in the sex trade. Only a few small-scale studies examine Latinas engaged in “street” prostitution. ...

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14. Latina Lesbianas, BiMujeres, and Trans Identities Charting Courses in the Social Sciences

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pp. 217-229

This essay reviews the research on Latina lesbians, an understudied population in the social sciences. Migdalia Reyes explains, “Historically, most research and treatment has focused on men, with some recent attention to African American and Latino men. ...

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15. Latina/o Transpopulations

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pp. 230-242

This essay attempts to review the existing literature on the subject of Latina/o transpopulations to describe trends in both the dynamics of these populations and published work on them, as well as to identify knowledge gaps and directions for future research. ...

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16. Boundaries and Bisexuality: Reframing the Discourse on Latina/o Bisexualities

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pp. 243-252

Sonia and I talked all the time in our breaks. She was one of the cashiers. It was 24-hour taqueria restaurant. . . . One day I was pissed off at my sister [where Jorge was living] and Sonya invited me to a house party. I got there and there was really no party. ...

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17. Revisiting Activos and Pasivos: Toward New Cartographies of Latino/Latin American Male Same-Sex Desire

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pp. 253-273

The publication of this volume provides an overdue opportunity to rethink social science debates about Latino same-sex male sexualities. Given the expertise of members of the advisory board for the Latina/o Sexualities project, we undertook this discussion in the form of a roundtable conversation. ...

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18. Retiring Behavioral Risk, Disease, and Deficit Models: Sexual Health Frameworks for Latino Gay Men and Other Men Who Enjoy Sex with Men

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pp. 274-278

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has had an inordinate and constraining influence on contemporary ideas about gay Latino male sexual health. For example, sexual health is often and simply understood as the personal capacity to achieve abstinence before marriage, monogamy, the absence of sexually transmitted diseases...

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Epilogue: Rethinking the Maps Where “Latina/o” and “Sexuality” Meet

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pp. 279-286

I am usually surprised and curious about the bits of information maps miss or get wrong. There is the odd intersection or street name that Mapquest, AAA maps, and even Google Earth do not account for—a wrinkle in the positivist empiricism of maps that I delight in, even though it can make arriving at one’s...


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E-ISBN-13: 9780813548227
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Page Count: 390
Illustrations: 14 photographs, 2 tables
Publication Year: 2010