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Mind, Matter, and Nature

James D. Madden

Publication Year: 2013

Written for students, Mind, Matter, and Nature presumes no prior philosophical training on the part of the reader. The book nevertheless holds the arguments discussed to rigorous standards and is conversant with recent literature, thus making it useful as well to more advanced students and professionals interested in a resource on Thomistic hylomorphism in the philosophy of mind.

Published by: The Catholic University of America Press


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Title Page, Copyright, Dedication

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Preface: Another Opinionated Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind

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...helpful, leaving little room for improvement, and you will find the Philosophy of Mind. Introductory texts in the philosophy of mind tend to take materialism, or at least some broad version of naturalism, as a default position. Even in those cases in which nonmaterialist philosophies are considered, this treatment rarely ...

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1. Naturalism and the Philosophy of Mind

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This book is both an introduction to the philosophy of mind and a critical reflection on the consequences of naturalism for our un-derstanding of human nature. It is in fact quite difficult to separate recent philosophical discussions of the mind and the various versions of naturalism currently popular in the Western academy. ...

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2. The Case for Dualism

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In the last chapter we defined naturalism as the doctrine claiming that everything can in principle be explained physically, and we concluded that materialism is the most straightforward appli-cation of naturalism to the philosophy of mind. The materialist claims that if there are such things as psychological substances, ...

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3. The Case against Dualism: The Problem of Mind-Body Interaction

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pp. 58-87

In our last chapter we considered several valid (if their premises are true, then their conclusion likewise must be true) arguments even if these arguments do not rise to the standard of complete philosophical demonstration, it is not unreasonable for a dualist sidered objections to some of the premises of the dualists’ argu-...

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4. Materialism

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...strategy for defeating dualism. In the first phase, the materialist argues that dualism is false (or at least beyond reasonable belief). In the second phase, the materialist either argues that there are no such things as psychological states or constructs an account thoughts as nonphysical entities. We found that the first phase ...

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5. Problems for Materialism

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In our last chapter we considered several philosophical approaches to psychological states that are at least consistent with materialism. cal behaviorism, but as we found those to be rather problematic, we will leave them aside in this chapter. On the other hand, we considered that various versions of the identity theory and func-...

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6. Emergentism and Naturalism

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pp. 169-216

In the last two chapters, we considered the prospect of construct-ing a materialist version of naturalism, with particular regard to attempt either to eliminate psychological states (sensations and thoughts) entirely or identify them with straightforwardly physical entities, usually as features of the central nervous system. The ...

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7. Before the Philosophy of Mind—The Philosophy of Nature

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...cannot account for the reality of the qualitative aspect of our sensations, the intentional aspect of our thoughts, or the fact that we are intellectual and moral agents. The prospect of a naturalist, traction, but it is difficult to square with the broader metaphysi-there are strong arguments purporting to show that the universal ...

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8. Aristotelian-Hylomorphic Philosophy of Mind

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...ber that in chapter 2 I presented mechanism as the view that the full account of physical objects is given by the physical properties Thus, according to the mechanist, the activities of any material terms of the physical properties of the atoms (fundamental phys-problem of change requires us to posit substantial forms and final ...


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Production Notes

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Publication Year: 2013

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