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Sacrifice As Gift

Michon M. Matthiesen

Publication Year: 2012

Sacrifice as Gift is a timely presentation of a forgotten vision of eucharistic sacrifice, one that reconfigures the current philosophical and theological divide between sacrifice and gift.

Published by: The Catholic University of America Press


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Title Page, Copyright, Dedication

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Scholarship that seeks publication aims at making a serious contribution to the field of research addressed by that work. This book is no different. I desire not only to retrieve the thought of a forgotten voice in the Catholic theological tradition, but also to address what I take to be a diminished understanding of eucharistic sacrifice in much contemporary liturgical theology. ...


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This study reconsiders the question of sacrifice for contemporary eucharistic theology through the thought of Maurice de la Taille, S.J. (1872–1933), whose masterwork, Mysterium Fidei, has been largely forgotten. To be sure, the topic of sacrifice is not without controversy. ...

Part 1. De Sacrificio

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1. The Nature of Sacrifice

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A first indication that Mysterium Fidei offers a decidedly different approach to eucharistic theology, different from that of the eucharistic treatises that populated the theological field from the early medieval period up to the manuals of de la Taille’s own time, is his decision to treat “sacrifice” before “sacrament,” ...

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2. Christ’s Sacrifice

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Having explicated the key components of de la Taille’s definition of sacrifice, we can begin to trace these formative lines in the whole of his eucharistic theology. Much of the controversy surrounding the publication of Mysterium Fidei, controversy that perpetrated its later dismissal, stems from a failure to see accurately the shaping nuances of sacrifice ...

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3. The Ecclesial Sacrifice

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We have thus far detailed how de la Taille’s theory of sacrifice shapes his doctrine about the unicity of the supper-cross sacrifice and how it founds the concept of a celestial victim—eternally accepted and sanctified and held by God. In forging a response to the contentious question of how the Mass is “true and proper sacrifice,” ...

Part 2. De Gratia

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4. Eucharistic Union and Divinization

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In the first three chapters on eucharistic sacrifice, I have elucidated de la Taille’s theory of sacrifice, highlighting his nuanced use of the dynamic aspects of gift: oblation and devotio. I have intended to diffuse a crude view of his thought and to reveal that his theology of sacrifice is solidly rooted both in scripture ...

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5. The Grace of the Redeemer

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How does the preceding discussion of the grace of union to Christ in the Eucharist fit into a broader theory of grace? In book 3 of Mysterium Fidei, de la Taille plunges into the depths of eucharistic grace, providing a treatment of sin and the salvific power of grace. ...

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6. “Created Actuation by Uncreated Act”

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The previous two chapters have focused on de la Taille’s theology of grace as it was articulated in Mysterium Fidei, particularly in book 3— “De sacramento.” We observed, first, his exposition of the threefold signification of the Eucharist, which immediately alerted us to de la Taille’s propensity to think of grace in terms of deifying union ...

Part 3. De Contemplatione et De Baptismo

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7. The Nature of Contemplation

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The preceding three chapters on grace have acted as a kind of yeast upon the detailed exposition of sacrifice that began this study, for I have intended to make manifest how the dynamic of eucharistic sacrifice is subsumed in the life of grace. De la Taille’s thought on grace also reveals why oblation and the movement of desire are central to his theory of sacrifice-as-gift. ...

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8. Contemplation and the Eucharist

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This chapter develops more fully de la Taille’s theology of contemplation, going beyond basic questions of the nature and role of contemplation in the spiritual life to more specific issues concerning contemplative experience and theory. We shall witness de la Taille’s serious engagement with the contemporary discussions over mystical theology, ...

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9. Baptismal Mortification and the Eucharist

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In this final chapter, the threads of this study converge under the topos of baptism, the sacrament that, for de la Taille, decisively orients the Christian to the ritual offering of sacrifice and to the reception of the eucharistic gifts of divine life and union. ...

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De la Taille’s early-twentieth-century work on eucharistic theology provides a new (and not new), forward-looking (and ancient) vision of sacrifice. Mysterium Fidei accomplishes this largely through a retrieval of biblical and patristic sources. But de la Taille also casts a discerning eye toward the best history-of-religions research ...


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