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Canon Law, Religion, and Politics

"Liber Amicorum" Robert Somerville

Uta-Renate Blumenthal

Publication Year: 2012

Canon Law, Religion, and Politics extends and honors the work of the distinguished historian Robert Somerville, a preeminent expert on medieval church councils, law, and papal history.

Published by: The Catholic University of America Press

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Robert Somerville, Professor of History at Columbia University and Ada Byron Bampton Tremaine Professor of Religion at Columbia, has taught there since 1969, except for 1975–1976, when he was at the University of Pennsylvania. He came to New York from Yale University, after a year there as Teaching Fellow and Research Associate ...

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The essays published in this volume in honor of Robert Somerville reflect the admiration, gratitude, and friendship of his former students and of scholars some of whom have known him since his days as a graduate student in the manuscript room of the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana. ...


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pp. xvii-xx

Part One. Canon Law

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1. Were There Two Arsenal Collections? Arsenal 713 and the Ivonian Panormia

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pp. 3-14

The so-called Arsenal Collection played an important role in providing canons to at least three late eleventh- and early twelfth-century collections: the Decretum and the Panormia attributed to Ivo, bishop of Chartres (d. 1115), and the Collectio Caesaraugustana. ...

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2. The Collectio Canonum Caesaraugustana and Roman Legal Sources

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pp. 15-27

In the light of the formidable, well-known difficulties in dealing with the oldest version of the Caesaraugustana, even a small step forward might assist further research.1 This paper, therefore, will venture to examine the collection’s interest in Roman law, law that had been invigorated a good generation earlier by the rediscovery of Justinian’s Digest.2 ...

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3. Law, Penance, and the ‘Gregorian’ Reform: The Case of Padua, Biblioteca del seminario vescovile MS 529

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pp. 28-40

The Liber decretorum of Bishop Burchard of Worms was one of the most important canon law collections in the eleventh and early twelfth centuries until the compilations associated with Ivo of Chartres came into widespread use. ...

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4. New Wine in Old Skins? Remarks on the Collectio Burdegalensis

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pp. 41-55

The biblical saying that no man should put ‘new wine in old wineskins’, for these would otherwise burst (Mt. 9:17; Mk. 2:22; Lk. 5:37), can epitomize the following reflections on the Collectio Burdegalensis.1 Scholars recognized from the first that this collection from southwestern France actually combines two collections that do not entirely fit each other: ...

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5. A New Manuscript of the Collectio Sinemuriensis (New York, Columbia University, Western MS 82)

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pp. 56-74

An early twelfth-century manuscript, whose precise origin remains unknown, was sold at the Hotel Drouot in Paris, on Wednesday, January 28, 2004. Although the volume includes no miniatures but only a few decorated initials, the bidding reached the high sum of €46,500. ...

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6. The Influence of the Eastern Patristic Fatherson the Canonical Collections of South Italy in the Eleventh and Early Twelfth Centuries

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pp. 75-106

In the spring of 1967, while I was working at the Vatican Library on my doctoral thesis as a Harvard Sheldon Traveling Fellow, I received a message from Robert Somerville, then a graduate student preparing his doctoral thesis at Yale. Professor Stephan Kuttner had asked him to contact me, ...

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7. Differentia est: A Twelfth-Century Summula on Anathema and Excommunication

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pp. 107-117

Professor Somerville has analyzed some of the most challenging sources of medieval canon law. His studies of the canons of Claremont and papal decretals to Scotland are but two examples of this willingness to confront vast, complicated textual traditions. ...

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8. The Power of an Absent Pope: Privileges, Forgery, and Papal Authority in Aquitaine, 877–1050

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pp. 118-135

In 930, Frotier II entered his fourth decade as bishop of Poitiers. Possibly in a bid to close his long episcopate in a fitting manner, or possibly— as some scholars have argued—in an attempt to settle a dispute with the local comital house, Frotier set out over the next few years to reconstruct the monastery of Saint-Cyprien, ...

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9. The Origin of Civil Procedure: Treatises in Durham during the Twelfth Century

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pp. 136-144

The twelfth century was a period of revival of jurisprudence in Italy for the two fields of Roman law and Canon law, later labeled as Jus commune. Mainly fostered by contemporary canonists, this revival soon spread to other parts of Europe outside Italy, so to southern and northern France, to some parts of Germany as for example Cologne, and also to England. ...

Part Two. Religion

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10. The Surviving Manuscripts of the Eucharistic Treatises of Heriger of Lobbes

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pp. 147-162

Thus did Sigebert of Gembloux include Abbot Heriger of Lobbes among the great scholars of the late tenth century. Heriger’s reputation was fully merited by his important contributions in such varied fields as history, hagiography, mathematics, chronology, and hymnology. ...

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11. The De corpore et sanguine Domini of Ernulf of Canterbury

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pp. 163-182

Robert Somerville’s magisterial series of studies on the church councils of the eleventh and twelfth centuries has led him to touch on almost every one of the great issues of the time. Of these, few generated more passionate debate than the Eucharistic controversy provoked by the teachings of Berengar of Tours.1 ...

Part Three. Politics

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12. Imagining Libertas: Keeping the Bishop at Bay in the Twelfth-Century Chronicle of Petershausen

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pp. 185-198

On 27 August 1134, ‘with great joy and exaltation, with hymns and praises’, the monks of Petershausen, accompanied by Bishop Ulrich II (1127–38) of Constance, monks from seven other monasteries, and a great crowd of clerics and lay people, carried the relics of their community’s founder, Bishop Gebhard II (979–95), into the newly restored monastery church.1 ...

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13. The Deposition and Excommunication of Emperors and Kings: A Collection of Historical Examples from the Investiture Conflict

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pp. 199-214

January of the year 1076 began and ended dramatically. On New Year’s Day, the envoys of King Henry IV returning from Rome handed over to the ruler in Goslar a missive from Gregory VII, in which the pope demanded from Henry strict obedience towards the church in all things.1 ...

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14. Another Canonist Heard From: Gervase of Tilbury’s Kaiserspiegel for Otto IV

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pp. 215-227

Between 1211 and 1214, Gervase of Tilbury, the widely travelled English polymath, jurist, collector of mirabilia, and marshal of the imperial aula at Arles, found himself in a three-sided dilemma. One side was Innocent III, a pope whom Gervase perhaps knew, but in any case greatly admired and respected. ...

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15. Charter Evidence for Pope Urban II’s Preaching of the First Crusade

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pp. 228-232

Most of the scholars who have studied Urban II’s call to the crusade at the council of Clermont in November 1095 and his subsequent preaching of the crusade have relied on the narrative accounts, which were written by the anonymous author of the Gesta francorum et aliorum Hierosolymitanorum, Peter Tudebode, Raymond of Aguilers, ...

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16. Roman Law at the Papal Curia in the Early Twelfth Century

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pp. 233-252

More than thirty years ago, Robert Somerville wrote an essay that dealt with one of the many puzzles facing scholars when they confront Gratian’s Decretum.1 He pointed out that although Gratian included many canons from the Second Lateran Council in the last version of his Decretum, he did not include canon nine, Prava autem consuetudo. ...

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17. Thoughts on Diocesan Statutes: England and France, 1200–1500

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pp. 253-271

As is well known, local councils and synods proliferated in the thirteenth century. They generated, among other things, a large body of conciliar canons and synodal statutes, some of which have been given modern editions.1 The recent general history of medieval canon law in the classical period, however, does not deal with them.2 ...

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18. The Medieval Battle of the Faculties: Theologians v. Canonists

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pp. 272-283

Universities recognizably similar to their modern descendants (complete with scheduled lectures that began and ended at the sound of bells and statutes that governed the mode of their presentation, as well as deans, committees, examinations, and academic degrees) first began to appear in western Europe during the decades immediately following 1200. ...

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19. Canon Law and the Spirituality of Cloistered English Nuns

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pp. 284-296

In 1459, worn down by a long property dispute which had depleted the community’s resources, Abbess Joan Keteryche of Denny wrote a letter to her relative and patron, John Paston. It was an importunate letter that ended with this reminder: ...

Bibliography of Robert Somerville’s Publications

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pp. 297-302

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Associate Professor, University of Puget Sound, Department of Religion. She is the author of the book Shaping Church Law around the Year 1000: The Decretum of Burchard of Worms (Aldershot 2009) and ten articles, some of them very extensive, ...

Index of Manuscripts

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