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Commentary on the Gospel of John

Chapters 1-5

Thomas Aquinas

Publication Year: 2012

Published by: The Catholic University of America Press

Series: Thomas Aquinas in Translation


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Our first thanks go to Dr. David McGonagle of the Catholic University of America Press for recognizing, as early as 2001, the need to bring St. Thomas Aquinas’s Commentary on John back into print. His consistent support for this project has been the sine qua non. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Matthew Levering corresponded regularly...

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From this note, scholars have gathered that the Super Ioannem is Reginald’s reportatio, or course notes, on Aquinas’s lectures on the Gospel of John. Jean-Pierre Torrell estimates that Aquinas delivered these lectures before students at the University of Paris between 1270 and...

Abbreviations for Patristic and Medieval Sources

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Commentary on the Gospel of John: Chapters 1–5

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Prologue to the Gospel of John

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1. These are the words of a contemplative, and if we regard them as spoken by John the Evangelist they apply quite well to showing the nature of this Gospel. For as Augustine1 says in his work, On the Agreement of the Evangelists: “The other Evangelists instruct us in their Gospels...

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Prologue of Saint Jerome

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pp. 7-11

12. In this Prologue, Jerome intends to explain two things, namely, the author of the Gospel, and to show that it was fitting for him to write this Gospel....

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Chapter 1

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23. John the Evangelist, as already indicated, makes it his principal object to show the divinity of the Incarnate Word. Accordingly, his Gospel is divided into two parts. In the first he states the divinity of Christ; in the second he shows it by the things Christ did in the flesh...

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Chapter 2

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335. Above, the Evangelist showed the dignity of the incarnate Word and gave various evidence for it. Now he begins to relate the effects and actions by which the divinity of the incarnate Word was made known to the world. First, he tells the things Christ did, while living in...

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Chapter 3

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423. Above, the Evangelist showed Christ’s power in relation to changes affecting nature; here he shows it in relation to our reformation by grace, which is his principal subject. Reformation by grace comes about through spiritual generation and by the conferring of...

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Chapter 4

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549. Having set forth the teaching of Christ on spiritual regeneration, and that Christ had given this grace of spiritual regeneration to the Jews, he now shows how Christ gave this grace to the Gentiles. Now the salutary grace of Christ had been dispensed in two ways to...

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Chapter 5

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pp. 254-308

699. Above, our Lord dealt with spiritual rebirth; here he deals with the benefits God gives to those who are spiritually reborn. Now we see that parents give three things to those who are physically born from them: life, nourishment, and instruction or discipline. And those who...


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E-ISBN-13: 9780813217734
Print-ISBN-13: 9780813217239

Page Count: 351
Publication Year: 2012

Series Title: Thomas Aquinas in Translation