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Gregory of Nazianzus

Publication Year: 2010

Published by: The Catholic University of America Press

Series: The Fathers of the Church: A New Translation


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The sermons translated here represent those omitted from the Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church.1 Since Orations 4 and 5, Against Julian, are easily accessible in the translation of C. W. King,2 they have not been included...

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In ardent sense of purpose unfetters my tongue, and because of the law of the Spirit I turn my back on the law of men, and to peace I offer my words, which up to now I have granted to no one.2 Some time ago, when its members were in revolt against us and the great and venerable...

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Spirit and chrism upon me again; and again I make my way bowed down and in mourning.2 You are, perhaps, surprised. Isaiah himself, before seeing the glory of God and the high and exalted throne with the Seraphim around it, does not speak this way nor is he affected...

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Nothing is mightier than old age and nothing more venerable than friendship. It is by these that I, a prisoner in Christ,2 have been led to you, bound not in chains of iron but by the indissoluble bonds of the Spirit. Up to now I thought of myself as a strong and indomitable person...

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There is nothing in this world so precious as a faithful friend and no scales can measure his excellence. A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter, a fortified palace. A faithful friend is a living treasure.2 A faithful friend is than gold and...

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Accept what i have to say, my brethren, although in its brevity my sermon falls far short of what the occasion demands. Yet the Lord knows how to balance mercy with fairness.2 He accepts both Paul’s planting because it is Paul’s, but also Apollos’s watering;3 he accepts as well...

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My brothers and fellow paupers—for we are all poor and needy where divine grace is concerned, even though, measured by our paltry standards one man may seem to have more than another—give ear to my sermon on loving the poor. Do so not grudgingly but generously, that...

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The Maccabees: the festival today is indeed in their honor, though not many recognize them because their martyrdom antedates Christ.2 Yet they deserve universal recognition for their unswerving devotion to the ways of their fathers. Consider what they, whose martyrdom preceded...

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I am pained in my bowels, my bowels, and the sensitive powers of my heart are in great commotion.2 So says Jeremiah, the most compassionate of the prophets, in one of his heartfelt protests against Israel’s disobedience and estrangement...

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pp. 95-106

What is this tyranny to which we are continually subjected in the name of love? What wisdom or knowledge do I possess that makes me an object of contention every feast day? For my part I can find none even after exhaustive self-examination and analysis. I do, however,...

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When I am confronted with the longwindedness so prevalent today among the instant experts and ordained theologians, who think that they have only to wish it and they are wise, I yearn for the supreme wisdom and, like Jeremiah, I seek out a wayfarers’ lodging place2 and feel the...

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pp. 117-130

Beloved peace, sweet both in fact and in name, the gift that I and my people have exchanged with one another—I do not know whether it is in every case a sincere profession and worthy of the Spirit and not just the sort of conventional public gesture that God refuses to countenance...

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pp. 131-141

Zeal is fervent, the Spirit is gentle, love is something kind, or rather, the very essence of kindness, and hope something long-suffering. Zeal lights a fire, the Spirit soothes, hope abides, and love binds together the good that is within us and does not permit it to dissolve, even...

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pp. 142-156

We nearly forgot Cyprian!2 What an opportunity we missed! And you, his greatest admirers, who hold a festival in his honor every year, allowed it to pass: Cyprian, whom we should make a special effort to remember even if we are inclined to forget everything else. It is especially...

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pp. 157-174

I shall praise the philosopher, even though I am not feeling well, because it is the philosophic thing to do. The praise, moreover, will be highly deserved since he is truly a lover of wisdom while I am but her devoted servant. I therefore have in fact good reason to offer...

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I missed you, my children, and was missed by you to an equal degree. I have every confidence that this is so; if you require further assurance, indeed I protest, brethren, by my pride in you which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord.2 This oath that I use was made by the Holy Spirit, who impelled...

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Our festival is well attended and you have gathered here in eager anticipation. And so a splendid opportunity presents itself for me to ply my trade. Allow me then without any further ado to offer you a sampling of my wares. It is a moderate one and cannot meet the anticipation...

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pp. 216-219

What words can express all that the eyes can see? What sermon do justice to the blessings before us? Look! There lies before our eyes an incredible sight, the object, so often, of our prayers. Our yearning has been answered, and to spare. Once again, in this place, we honor the....

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pp. 220-229

I am mystified. What in the world have my sermons done to you? How can you have been so taken with the sound of my voice, the voice of a stranger and one that is perhaps weak and devoid of all charm, that you give me the impression of being drawn to us like iron to...

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pp. 230-238

The high value we place on ceremonies of dedication, or rather on the opportunity of honoring new departures through them, is the product of a long and venerable tradition;2 and in doing so not just once but often, on all anniversary occasions, so that our blessings do not...


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E-ISBN-13: 9780813212074
Print-ISBN-13: 9780813201078

Page Count: 275
Publication Year: 2010

Series Title: The Fathers of the Church: A New Translation

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