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Homilies on Jeremiah and 1 Kings 28


Publication Year: 2010

Published by: The Catholic University of America Press

Series: The Fathers of the Church: A New Translation

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Origen of Alexandria (A.D. ca.185–ca.253) is universally recognized as one of the greatest theologians and religious thinkers of the Christian Church. His work was voluminous and, in the opinion of both his contemporaries and those who followed, unique and profound. Unfortunately, there...

Homilies on Jeremiah

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Homily 1 : Jeremiah 1.1–10

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pp. 3-22

God is ready to do good but hesitant to punish those who deserve punishment. In fact, though he can inflict punishment on those whom he has sentenced without saying anything, without prior warning, he never does. For when he sentences, he says so, and the speaking is a way...

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Homily 2 : Jeremiah 2.21–22

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pp. 23-27

God did not make death and he does not delight in the destruction of living things; for he created all things that they might exist and the creatures of the world are wholesome and there is no destructive poison in them and the dominion of Hades is not on earth.1 Passing over, then, a little passage, I will ask: From where, then, did...

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Homily 3 : Jeremiah 2.31

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pp. 28-29

The lord says in the beginning of the reading that he had neither become a desert nor a land made dry to Israel. Who then, faced with this reading, would not scrutinize it to seek the purpose of what was written? Suppose that God had not become a desert to Israel, had...

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Homily 4 : Jeremiah 3.6–11

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pp. 30-39

He wants us then to know in these words, just as it is written in Kings,3 that the people were divided in those times into the kingdom of ten tribes under Jeroboam and the kingdom of two tribes under Roboam. And those under Jeroboam were called Israel, and those under Roboam Judah. And the division...

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Homily 5 : Jeremiah 3.22–4.8

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pp. 40-61

It is written clearly in the Acts of the Apostles that the Apostles first came into the synagogues of the Jews,1 announcing to them, as descendents of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob,2 what had been written concerning the coming of Jesus Christ.3 But when these did not receive what was said...

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Homily 6 : Jeremiah 5.3–5

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pp. 62-67

Lord, he says, your eyes are toward faith.1 As the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,2 for from unrighteous things he turns them, so the eyes of the Lord are toward faith, for he turns them away from unbelief. Thus it has been well stated, by one who understands, what he says in the prayer...

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Homily 7 : Jeremiah 5.18–19

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pp. 68-73

God, who judges little by little those punished, gives a chance of repentance,1 and, by not punishing all at once for the sinning, holds off for the sinner the consummation2 of the punishment. Because of this, by judging3 little by little he punishes, and the example of this4 is in Leviticus. For in the curses...

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Homily 8 : Jeremiah 10.12–14

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pp. 74-84

The prophet, when he reports three so-called virtues of God—his strength and his wisdom and his prudence—assigns1 to each of them a certain work of their own: to his strength earth, and to his wisdom the inhabited world, and to his prudence heaven.2 For hear the text which...

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Homily 9 : Jeremiah 11.1–10

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pp. 85-93

According to the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ as historically told, his dwelling was in a body and a kind of universal event which illuminated the whole world, when the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.1 For he was the true light which enlightens every man...

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Homily 10 : Jeremiah 11.18–12.9

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pp. 94-102

If the oracles of god are in Law and Prophets, in Gospels and Apostles, it will be necessary that the one who is instructed in the oracles of God assign God as teacher. For, the one who teaches men knowledge is God, as is written also in the Psalms,1 and the Savior testifies also...

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Homily 11 : Jeremiah 12.11–13.11

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pp. 103-109

Who is the one who says: On account of me all of the earth was obliterated in destruction?1 Christ says this, since before his coming many sins had occurred in the people, but not of such a nature that they were altogether forsaken and delivered for a long time into captivity. But...

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Homily 12 : Jeremiah 13.12–17

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pp. 110-129

What the prophet is appointed to say for God ought to be worthy of God,3 but it appears that it is not worthy of God when we rely on the letter,4 for someone might say when hearing the letter: These texts are foolish. But the unspiritual man will say this, for...

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Homily 13 : Jeremiah 15.5–7

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pp. 130-134

We want to understand the words said to Jerusalem with much foreboding, expressed thus: “Who will spare you, Jerusalem? Or who will feel sad for you? Or who will return to plead for your peace? You have turned away from me,” says the Lord, “you will go back. And I will stretch out my hand on you and destroy you...

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Homily 14 : Jeremiah 15.10–19

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pp. 135-156

Healers of bodies, since they are around the sick and always give themselves freely to the cure of the sick in accordance with the purpose of the healing arts, view what is terrible1 and touch what is loathsome, and2 they reap their own pains by others’ misfortunes3 and their life is always...

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Homily 15 : Jeremiah 15.10 and 17.5

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pp. 157-165

There are those who bless the Prophets and1 who in blessing them pray to have a lot with the Prophets, gathering2 from the prophetic words the remarkable qualities of their prophecy. By seeking, they could then persuade themselves—if they live under the same conditions, if...

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Homily 16 : Jeremiah 16.16–17.1

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pp. 166-179

It is recorded in the gospel according to Matthew that our Savior came beside the sea of Galilee and saw Simon and Andrew, his brother, casting a net into the sea, for they were fishermen. Then the word states that the Savior, when he saw them, said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Immediately...

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Homily 17 : Jeremiah 17.11–16

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pp. 180-187

We have come to the famous question to see what is the partridge, about which the Scripture now tells: The partridge cried out; she has gathered what she did not lay, making her riches not with judgment. In the midst of her days, they will leave her behind; at her end she will be a fool.1 Out of...

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Homily 18 : Jeremiah 18.1–16

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pp. 188-206

Next in what was read there are two visions of Jeremiah. Of these the former contains what concerns the clay vessel in the hand of the potter which is capable of reconstruction after crushing, for it is possible to remold it. But the other vision contains what concerns the...

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Homily 19 : Jeremiah 20.1–7

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pp. 207-220

Of the sense of the scripture, that which comes up in the eye when it comprehends the clarity of the sacred Scriptures.2 These things are said to me in the prologue, which arouses and raises up both myself and those who listen to what was offered in the passages read, in order that we...

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Homily 20 : Jeremiah 20.7–12

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pp. 221-244

Everything recorded about God, even if it may be immediately unsuitable, must be understood worthy of a good God. For who will not say that what is brought up regarding God, that he has anger, that he uses wrath, that he regrets, and that he even now sleeps, does not seem unsuitable?2 But...

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Homily 27 : Jeremiah 27.23–29

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pp. 245-259

How, he says, was the hammer of the whole earth broken and crushed? How was Babylon brought to destruction?1 One needs to inquire here who is the hammer of all the earth or in what way its brokenness is prophesied, since it was broken before it was crushed, so that after bringing together...

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Homily 28 : Jeremiah 28.6–9

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pp. 260-273

Just as our body bases itself in some place of the earth, in the same way also the soul according to its condition, is in a comparable place of the earth. What I am saying will become more clear in this way. Our body is in Egypt or in Babylon or in Palestine or in Syria or...

Fragments on Jeremiah

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Fragments from the Philocalia

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pp. 277-279

And as all of the gifts of God are far greater than the mortal being, so too the Word—who is precise about the wisdom of all these things since he is with the God1 who arranges to write them, if the Father of the Word wishes—may arise in the soul which is utterly purifed...

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Fragments from the Catena

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pp. 280-316

For the righteous is not in youth,1 since being perfected in a short time he fulfilled long years.2 For regarding one who is not in blamable ways the text says, Do not say,”I am too young,”3 as was Roboam, who forsook the counsel of the elders and followed the ways of the younger men;4 for that reason he also has not...

Homily on 1 Kings 28

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Homily on 1 Kings 28

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pp. 319-333

What was read is lengthy, and since there is need to give a summary, here are1 the sections. The order of events of what concerns Nabal the Carmelite was read first,2 then the history which concerns David hiding with the Ziphites and being at variance with them...


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Page Count: 380
Publication Year: 2010

Series Title: The Fathers of the Church: A New Translation

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