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Tractates on the Gospel of John 28–54 (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 88)

Saint Augustine

Publication Year: 2010

Published by: The Catholic University of America Press

Series: The Fathers of the Church: A New Translation

Title Page, Copyright

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Tractate 28

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pp. 3-13

Therefore, when he hid as a man, he must not be thought to have lost his power, but to have offered an example to weakness. For when he wished it, he was arrested; when he wished it, he was put to death. But since there would be his members, that is, his faithful, who would not have that...

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Tractate 29

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pp. 14-21

Afterwards, therefore, the Lord "went up" to the festival day, "when the feast was half over, and taught. And the Jews wondered, saying, 'How does this man know letters since he has not learned?'" He who was hiding taught and spoke openly, and he was not seized. For that act, his hiding, was for...

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Tractate 30

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pp. 22-29

And so let us listen to the Gospel just as if to the Lord if he were present; and let us not say, "Oh, those happy men who were able to see him!" For there were many among them who saw him and killed him; but there are many among us who have not seen him, and yet have believed. And the fact is...

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Tractate 31

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pp. 30-40

In today's reading what was accounted timidity appeared as power, for he was speaking openly on the festival day so that the crowds wondered and said what we heard when the reading was read: "Is not this the one whom they were seeking to kill? And behold, he speaks openly and they...

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Tractate 32

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pp. 41-50

There is, therefore, an inner thirst and an inner belly because there is an inner man. And that inner man is indeed invisible; the outer man, however, is visible; but the inner man is better than the outer man. And what is not seen, this is loved more; for it is agreed upon that the inner man is loved more...

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Tractate 33

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pp. 51-59

Those who had been sent to lay hold on him returned, free of crime and filled with admiration. For they also bore witness of his divine teaching, when they by whom they had been sent asked, "Why have you not brought him?" They answered that they had never heard a man speaking in such a...

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Tractate 34

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pp. 60-70

I think that what the Lord said, "I am the Light of the world," is clear to those who have eyes with which they may become partakers of this Light. But they who do not have eyes except in the flesh alone wonder at what was said by the Lord Jesus Christ: "I am the Light of the world." And perhaps...

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Tractate 35

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pp. 71-80

Therefore, when our Lord Jesus Christ had said these [words], the Jews replied, "You give testimony about yourself. Your testimony is not true." Before our Lord Jesus Christ came, he kindled many prophetic lamps before him and sent them. From among these, there was also John the Baptist, to...

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Tractate 36

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pp. 81-94

Therefore, whatever you have heard about the Lord Jesus Christ expressed in terms of lowliness, think of the economy of the Incarnation, what he was made for us, not what he was in order to make us. But whatever you hear or read expressed about him in the Gospel that is sublime and excellent...

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Tractate 37

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pp. 95-104

You who were present yesterday heard, and we discussed, as well as we could, from what the Lord said: "You judge according to the flesh; I do not judge anyone. But even if I do judge, my judgment is true, because I am not alone, but I and he who sent me, the Father. In your law it has been...

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Tractate 38

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pp. 105-115

But now he spoke to the Jews about his passion itself, which had been put not in a necessity for him but in his power, saying, "I go." Death for Christ the Lord was a departure to that place from which he had come and from which he had not withdrawn. He said, "I go, and you will seek me," not out...

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Tractate 39

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pp. 116-123

If the Lord said that he was the beginning, it can be asked whether the Father is also the beginning. For if the Son who has the Father is the beginning, how much more easily ought God the Father to be understood to be the beginning, who does indeed have the Son to whom he is the Father but...

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Tractate 40

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pp. 124-134

We have spoken to you about the preceding reading, making known how the Father is understood as true, the Son as truth. But when the Lord Jesus had said, "He who sent me is true," the Jews did not understand what he said to them about his Father. And he said to them what you have just...

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Tractate 41

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pp. 135-149

Now those to whom the Lord Jesus Christ was speaking were Jews, a great part of them indeed his enemies, but also a certain part of them had already become, and were soon to be, his friends; for he saw there certain ones, as we have already said, I who were going to believe after his passion. Looking...

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Tractate 42

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pp. 150-162

Surely you heard the Lord saying, "I know that you are the children of Abraham." Hear what he says afterwards: "I speak that which I have seen with my Father; and you do the things which you have seen with your father." He had already said, "I know that you are the children of Abraham." But what...

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Tractate 43

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pp. 163-174

And nothing does a man so seek as power. He has the Lord Christ, a great power; but first let him imitate his patience that he may come to power. Who of us would listen patiently if it were said to someone, "You have a devil"? And this was said to him who not only saved men, but also gave...

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Tractate 44

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pp. 175-186

If, then, we should think about what that which was done signifies, this blind man is the human race, for this blindness happened through sin in the first man from whom we all have taken the origin not only of death, but also of wickedness. For if the blindness is lack of faith and the enlightenment...

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Tractate 45

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pp. 187-202

Often, therefore, such men seek also to persuade men to live well and yet not to be Christians. They wish to climb over through another part, to seize and to kill, not, like the shepherd, to defend and save. Thus, there have been certain philosophers, discussing many fine points about virtues and vices...

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Tractate 46

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pp. 203-211

For we ought to search out, to distinguish, to know all the personages which he has posited. For the Lord has already opened up two things which were to some extent closed, once he had proposed them. Now we know that he himself is the gate; we know that he himself is the shepherd. It was made...

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Tractate 47

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pp. 212-227

You already know, in the name of the Lord, who the Good Shepherd is and how good shepherds are his members and therefore the Shepherd is one. You know who is the hired hand who must be put up with, who are the wolf, the thieves and the robbers who must be watched out for; who are the...

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Tractate 48

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pp. 228-237

They were seeking to hear from the Lord, I am the Christ, and perhaps they understood about Christ as regards the man. The prophets preached Christ. But not even the heretics understand the divinity of Christ preached both in the prophets and in the Gospel itself; how much less the Jews...

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Tractate 49

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pp. 238-259

For although the Lord Jesus performed many miracles, not all were written, as the same holy John the Evangelist himself attests that the Lord Christ both said and did many things which were not written; but those things were chosen for writing which seemed to meet the need of the salvation of...

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Tractate 50

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pp. 260-270

For why would the Lord instruct them to kill a sheep on this very feast day except that it was he about whom it was prophesied: "As a sheep led to the slaughter." The doorposts of the Jews were marked with the blood of a slaughtered animal; our foreheads are marked with the blood of Christ...

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Tractate 51

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pp. 271-279

For thus says the Gospel which you just heard as it was being read, "Now, on the next day the great crowd that had come for the feast day, when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem, took palm branches and went out to meet him. And they kept shouting, 'Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes...

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Tractate 52

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pp. 280-289

I hear him saying earlier, "The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified; if the grain of wheat dies, it produces much fruit." I hear, "The man who hates his life in this world keeps it to life eternal." And not only I am allowed to wonder, but I am directed to imitate. Then in the following...

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Tractate 53

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pp. 290-300

Then the Evangelist continued with the words from which today's brief passage was read, and he said, "Now, although he had done so many signs in their presence, they did not believe in him, so that the words of the prophet Isaiah in which he said, 'Lord, who has believed what has reached our...

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Tractate 54

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pp. 301-308

In a certain place he had already said, "my doctrine is not my own but his who sent me." There we understood that he had said that his doctrine was the Word of the Father, which he himself is, and that he had signified this by saying, "My doctrine is not my own but his who sent me," because he...


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E-ISBN-13: 9780813211886
Print-ISBN-13: 9780813200880

Page Count: 336
Publication Year: 2010

Series Title: The Fathers of the Church: A New Translation