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Homilies on Genesis 18–45 (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 82)

Saint John Chrysostom

Publication Year: 2010

Published by: The Catholic University of America Press

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Homily 18

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pp. 3-20

Did [148] you see yesterday the loving kindness of the Judge? Did you see the examination conducted in a spirit of great goodness? Did you see the difference in the kinds of punishment—how the one who caused their downfall by means of deceit was punished, on the one hand, and how, on the other hand, ...

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Homily 19

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pp. 21-34

Incurable [158] wounds respond neither to the harshest of remedies nor to those with benign properties.2 Just so with the soul: once it falls into bondage and surrenders itself to any sin whatever, it has no interest in recognizing what is for its own good. Even if someone makes a fuss about it over and over again, it is all to no avail; ...

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Homily 20

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pp. 35-49

Home [166] now, let us once more today take up the thread of the reading and apply to you the teaching from this passage, and let us deliver the customary discourse to you from the book of blessed Moses—or, rather, from the sayings of the Spirit which the divine grace has taught us through the mouth of Moses.2 ...

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Homily 21

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pp. 50-67

Wonderful [175] and beyond telling, dearly beloved, is the treasure in the words read just now. I realize that for their part many people take one look at a list of names, pay attention only to the surface of the text, and judge that the words contain nothing more than simply a list of names. ...

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Homily 22

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pp. 68-86

The [185] leftovers of yesterday's meal I would like to put before you today—but don't get upset, dearly beloved, at the mention of leftovers: while in the case of material viands after a day or two they frequently lose their freshness and are useless as nourishment; in the case of a spiritual meal there is no cause for anything like that. ...

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Homily 23

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pp. 87-103

Do [196] you see in what has been said already the extent of God's loving kindness and the surpassing degree of his longsuffering? Do you see the extremity of the wickedness of the human beings of that time? Have you learnt in the midst of this kind of populace how much virtue the good man had ...

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Homily 24

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pp. 104-123

The [206] benefit that came to us from the good man Noe's genealogy yesterday was not by chance: we recognized the unusual style of a genealogy, and we saw the good man's praise sung not for the celebrity of his forebears but for the virtue of his own behavior, because of which he also received such a wonderful testimony from Sacred Scripture. ...

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Homily 25

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pp. 124-143

I want [218] once more to touch on the theme I broached to you, brethren, yesterday and set before you again the story of the good man Noe. You see, the good man's wealth of virtue was immense, and it is our duty to study it in detail as far as we possibly can and to draw great benefit from it for you. ...

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Homily 26

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pp. 144-161

Great [229] and indescribable beyond all telling is the loving kindness of God revealed in the verses read just now, along with the extraordinary degree of his goodness, which he manifests not only in regard to this rational being-namely, the human being-but also in regard to the species of irrational beings. ...

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Homily 27

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pp. 162-182

Did you notice [239] yesterday the loving Lord's goodness, how he brought the good man out of the ark, freeing him from life there and releasing him from that strange and distressing prison, and bestowed on him the reward for his endurance in the words, " 'Increase and multiply.' ''2 ...

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Homily 28

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pp. 183-197

Yesterday [252] I brought to your attention the commendation accorded Noe by the Lord after he had built an altar following his disembarkation from the ark, and was offering sacrifices of thanksgiving and had demonstrated his gratitude. But we were unable to proceed further and deal completely ...

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Homily 29

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pp. 198-219

By now [260] we have reached the final stage of our presentation dealing with the just man. Hence, I beseech you, summon up your attention and heed my words precisely. From today's reading, you see, it is possible to reap benefits that are not small or accidental: what happened to people of former ages proves ...

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Homily 30

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pp. 220-236

Lo [273] at long last we have reached the end of the holy season of Lent, we have completed the voyage of fasting and now, thanks to God's grace, we have put into port. Don't become careless on that account, however; instead, let that be an occasion for our giving evidence of so much the greater enthusiasm and vigilance. ...

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Homily 31

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pp. 237-253

Thank [282] you very much both for receiving kindly [283] my words about prayer yesterday and for assembling with such enthusiasm for listening. This it is, you see, that renders us, too, more eager and prompts us to spread before you in more generous measure this spiritual banquet. ...

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Homily 32

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pp. 254-275

Great [292] and beyond all telling, dearly beloved, is the treasure in the words read just now, and deserving of heightened attention and a mind active and alert so that we may pass over nothing of the riches hidden in these brief phrases. You see, the reason that the loving God did not allow all the contents of the Scriptures ...

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Homily 33

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pp. 276-288

Seeing [305] your gathering here today with such enthusiasm and your interest in listening to me, I want to discharge the debt lowe your good selves. I am aware that you for your part have possibly forgotten everything on account of the lapse of many days in the meantime ...

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Homily 34

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pp. 289-303

Yesterday [312] dearly beloved, you learnt of the patriarch's extraordinary humility, you saw the remarkable degree [313] of his restraint. It was no slight thing for the old man, who had performed so many good deeds and enjoyed so much favor from the Lord of all, to display towards the younger man, his nephew, ...

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Homily 35

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pp. 304-323

The reading [321] of the Holy Scriptures, dearly beloved, is a great blessing. This it is that arouses the soul to an appreciation of wisdom, this directs the mind to heaven, this brings the man to a thankful attitude, this prevents our getting excited over any earthly reality, this brings our thinking to rest in the world beyond ...

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Homily 36

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pp. 324-339

The [332] virtue of the just resembles a treasure that contains great wealth beyond all telling. Just as any person who managed to take from that treasure even a slight part would gain for himself considerable prosperity, exactly the same you will find happening also in the case of the patriarch. ...

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Homily 37

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pp. 340-354

Wonderful is [341] the power of Sacred Scripture, and immense the wealth of ideas concealed in its expressions. Hence it behooves us to attend precisely and give ourselves to close study so as to reap the lavish benefits it offers. You see, the reason Christ himself gave this command, "Search the Scriptures,"2 was that, ...

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Homily 38

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pp. 355-373

Today's [350] reading as well bids our tongue follow the theme of the patriarch. Don't be surprised if after giving an exposition of this story on so many days we haven't yet been able to bring it to a close. You see, there is great richness in the just man's virtue, and the extent of his good deeds taxes every human tongue. ...

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Homily 39

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pp. 374-388

Do you see [360] dearly beloved, how there is nothing idle in the contents of Sacred Scripture? Did you notice yesterday how in drawing to your attention the story of Hagar and her return home we gained considerable advantage from the exercise? We came to know, you recall, the patriarch's great restraint, ...

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Homily 40

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pp. 389-399

Home [368] now, let us spread before you the leftovers from yesterday's table and let us desire the goal of today's sermon—or, rather, the blessing and promise that the God of all made to the patriarch. But when you hear "table leftovers," don't form an impression of anything material; ...

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Homily 41

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pp. 400-417

Today [374] I shrink back in distaste from unfolding the teaching. I mean, I have in mind the fact that day in day out we are dinning in the message, exhorting you, laying before you this spiritual meal, while many of those who attend here and share in this spiritual teaching and awesome [375] repast waste their time ...

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Homily 42

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pp. 418-435

From [385] what was read yesterday, dearly beloved, we learnt the extraordinary degree of the just man's hospitality. Today, too, let us move to what follows and come to discover the patriarch's love and compassion. You see, this good man possessed each of the virtues to an extraordinary degree: ...

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Homily 43

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pp. 436-454

As a flowery [395] meadow displays in itself different flowers of many hues, so Sacred Scripture displays to us the virtues of good people, not so that we may enjoy only for a short time their fragrance as with the flowers, but for us to gain from them a benefit that is lasting. ...

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Homily 44

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pp. 455-468

Yesterday's [405] theme of the Samaritan woman I gave us adequate [406] instruction in the Lord's ineffable longsuffering and surpassing concern for her, as well as her gratitude.2 You saw how she came to draw material water but in fact drew from divine streams coming from an invisible spring, and thus went off home, ...

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Homily 45

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pp. 469-483

I am pleased [413) to see you hurrying to listen and receiving our instruction with great relish. For this reason I for my part make it my concern to set before you this meager table, the little I have to offer, with greater enthusiasm each day. [414) Your keen appetite disguises the meager quality of the meal and makes the scraps appear lavish. ...

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