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Iberian Fathers, Volume 1 (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 62)

Martin of Braga

Publication Year: 2010

Published by: The Catholic University of America Press

Title Page, Copyright Page

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Martin of Braga

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pp. 3-16

The Sueves in northwestern Spain had long been politically independent of the Visigoths, but Catholicism in their territory was mostly dominated by the Priscillianist heresy. It is reported that a king received Christian baptism in 448, but...

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Saying of the Egyptian Fathers

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pp. 17-34

Abbot John used to say to the brothers: "The fathers eating only bread and salt became strong in the work of God, while they constrained themselves. Let us also confine ourselves to this same bread and salt. For he who serves God must...

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Driving Away Vanity

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pp. 35-41

There are many kinds of vices by which human frailty is attacked and by whose wounds almost all men are hurt. Just as these vices, moreover, are committed by everyone, so are they recognized by everyone. To mention only a few of...

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pp. 43-49

How great a prophet and king David was when chosen among the people of God, and with what great endowment of mercy and generosity he was blessed, I believe that you, my dearest friend, have become acquainted through the testimony...

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Exhortation to Humility

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pp. 51-57

Whoever you are that excel in dignity of some office through the will of God and rank above other men in the useful service of provident governance, I ask you to accept worthily this little exhortation of mine without looking in...

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pp. 59-69

While we were recently together and enjoying a mutual exchange of conversation, you urged me with love and affection to arrange a brief discussion of the passion of anger and of its mutual effects. I was delighted to comply immediately, and...

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Reforming the Rustics

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pp. 71-85

I have received your kind letter, in which you write me that I should send you something on the origin of idols and their sins, or, if I like, a few selections from the abundant material available, in order to chastise the rustics who are still...

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Rules for an Honest Life

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pp. 87-97

I am not unaware, most clement king, that the burning thirst of your mind is insatiably eager for the cups of wisdom, and that you ardently require those liquids which fill the streams of moral wisdom, and that for this reason you often...

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Triple Immersion

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pp. 99-102

The much hoped-for letter from your apostolic dignity has overwhelmed me doubly with the gift of holy inspiration; first, that you look upon my abject, insignificant, and humble self with your usual episcopal favor; then, that you combine this...

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pp. 103-109

Many have tried to unravel the mystery of Easter and at the same time to make it understandable by a calculation of the month, the moon, and the day; but either because it is impossible to know or because it is difficult to put into words...

Paschasius of Dumium

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pp. 113-115

Few men in the Middle Ages succeeded as well as Paschasius of Dumium in leaving but a single mention of their name to posterity, yet at the same time one that gives a wholly favorable impression of their character and scholarly interests. This...

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Questions and Answers of the Greek Fathers

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pp. 117-171

When you asked me, most holy father, to translate into the Latin language the Lives of the Greek Fathers, which are carefully and eloquently composed, like many other works of the Greeks, I should have refused this unaccustomed task, if I had...

Leander of Seville

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pp. 175-182

St. Leander of Seville, brother of the more famous Isidore, was the eldest of four children of one Severianus, all born in Cartagena, all having attained high church connections. The father held a position of importance in either the civil or...

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The Training of Nuns and the Contempt of the World

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pp. 183-228

As I was reflecting, dearest sister Florentina, to what heaps of wealth I might make you heir and by what sort of inheritance I might enrich you, many images of false blessings came to mind. Rejecting these ideas from my thought as one drives...

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Sermon on the Triumph of the Church for the Conversion of the Goths

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pp. 229-235

The novelty of the present occasion makes this festivity more solemn than all previous festivities, for not only is the conversion of so many peoples a new experience, but also the joy of the Church is newer than usual. For the Church celebrates...


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pp. 237-254

E-ISBN-13: 9780813211626
Print-ISBN-13: 9780813200620

Page Count: 262
Publication Year: 2010