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The Works of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, Volume 1 (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 61)

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

Publication Year: 2010

Published by: The Catholic University of America Press

Series: The Fathers of the Church: A New Translation

Title Page, Copyright Page

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pp. iii-iv


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General Foreword

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pp. vii-viii

Father Leo P. McCauley is responsible for the translation, with notes, of the Lenten (pre-baptismal) Lectures 1-12. Father A. A. Stephenson is responsible for the General Introduction and the Procatechesis. Except where otherwise noted, the text ...

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General Introduction

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pp. 1-65

St. Cyril delivered his pre-baptismal catechetical lectures in the Lent of (probably) 349 A.D.l The audience consisted principally of the higher class of catechumens, i.e., those who, having decided to "take the plunge," had, before Lent, given ...

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The Introductory Lecture (Procatechesis)

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pp. 67-85

Already, my dear candidates for Enlightenment,1 scents of paradise are wafted towards you; already you are culling mystic blossoms for the weaving of heavenly garlands;2 already the fragrance of the Holy Spirit ...

Lenten Lectures

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p. 87-87

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Foreword to the Catecheses

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pp. 89-90

The first three discourses of Cyril develop the topic, "and in one baptism for the remission of sins," though the first Catechesis, like the Procatechesis, is largely introductory in character. There is great diversity in the manuscripts ...

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pp. 91-95

Disciples of the New Testament, sharers in the mysteries of Christ-as yet by calling only, but presently by grace as well-"make for yourse~ves a new heart and a new spirit,"2 that you may become a subject of joy for the citizens of heaven. For if ...

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pp. 96-107

Sin is a terrible thing, and the most grievous disease of the soul is iniquity, which corrodes the fibre of the soul and makes it liable to eternal fire. It is an evil freely chosen, the product of the will. For that we sin of our own free will, the Prophet clearly ...

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pp. 108-118

"Rejoice, 0 ye heavens, and let the earth be glad,"2 in honor of those who are to be sprinkled with hyssop, and cleansed by the spiritual hyssop and by the power of Him who, in His Passion, was offered drink on a stalk of hyssop. Let the heavenly ...

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pp. 119-138

Vice mimics virtue and cockle works to pass for wheat, which it resembles, though a discriminating palate is not thereby deceived. So the devil "disguises himself as an angel of light,"2 not to mount up again where he was before (with a heart as inflexible

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pp. 139-147

How great a dignity the Lord confers upon you in transferring you from the rank of catechumens to that of the faithful Paul the Apostle indicates when he says: "God is faithful, by him you have been called into fellowship with his Son, Jesus ...

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pp. 148-169

"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."2 For, with the thought of God, let the thought of Father be joined, that Father and Son may be perfectly and indivisibly glorified. For the Father does not have one glory and the Son ...

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pp. 170-179

On the Unity of God we spoke at sufficient length yesterday; I mean sufficient, not according to the dignity of the subject (for that is quite impossible for human nature), but as far as it has been granted to our weakness. I detailed the deviations in ...

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pp. 180-184

By belief "in One God," we cut off all polytheistic error, arming ourselves against the Greeks and all opposition on the part of heretics. By adding "in One God, Father," we combat the Jews who deny the Only-begotten Son of God. For, as I said ...

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pp. 185-194

It is impossible to see God with the eyes of the flesh, for what is incorporeal cannot fall under bodily sight. The Only-begotten Son of God bears witness to this when He says: "No one has at any time seen God."2 One might gather from a passage ...

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pp. 195-210

Those who have been taught to believe in One God Father Almighty ought to believe also in His Only-begotten Son. For he that denies the Son has not the Father.2 "I am the door,"3 Jesus says; "no one comes to the Father, but through ...

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pp. 211-226

In yesterday's discourse we gave adequate expression, as far as we could, to the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Yet we must not simply believe in Jesus Christ nor accept Him as one of many who are improperly called Christs. Though there were figurative ...

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pp. 227-249

Children of purity and disciples of chastity, let us celebrate the praises of the Virgin-born God with lips all pure. Being counted worthy to partake of the flesh of the spiritual Lamb, let us take the head with the feet,2 understanding the head ...


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E-ISBN-13: 9780813211619
Print-ISBN-13: 9780813214313

Page Count: 291
Publication Year: 2010

Series Title: The Fathers of the Church: A New Translation