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Confessions (The Fathers of the Church, Volume 21)

Saint Augustine

Publication Year: 2010

Published by: The Catholic University of America Press

Title Page, Copyright

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pp. ix-xvii

THROUGHOUT THE CONFESSIONS it is evident that St. Augustine is addressing his words directly to God. As he himself says...


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pp. 1-2

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1. Augustine's Boyhood

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pp. 3-32

THOU ART GREAT, O Lord, and greatly to be praised.'1 'Thy power is great and of Thy wisdom there is no number.'...

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2. A Year of Idleness

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pp. 33-48

I WANT TO RECALL to mind my foul deeds of the past and the carnal corruptions of my soul-not because I love them, but in order that...

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3. Life in Carthage

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pp. 49-72

TO CARTHAGE I CAME, and a hissing cauldron1 of shameful loves seethed around me on all sides. I was not in love, yet I loved to love...

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4. Nine Years a Manichaean

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pp. 73-100

DURING THIS SAME PERIOO of nine years, from my nineteenth to my twenty-eighth year, we were led astray and we led...

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5. Teaching in Rome and Milan

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pp. 101-128

ACCEPT THE SACRIFICE of my Confession as the offering of my tongue, which Thou hast formed and stimulated to confess unto...

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6. Moral and Religious Indecision

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pp. 129-160

WHERE WERT THOU, 'O My Hope from youth,'1and whither hadst Thou retired afar Off?2 Hadst Thou not made me...

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7. Through Philosophy to Christ

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pp. 161-194

MY EVIL AND WICKED adolescence was now dead and I was passing into manhood .The more mature I grew in age, the more ugly...

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8. Struggles of Conversion

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pp. 195-226

MY GOD, may I recall and confess Thy mercies to me, I in the act of giving thanks to Thee. Let my bones be bathed with Thy love and let them say:...

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9. Augustine's Baptism; Monica's Death

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pp. 227-262

O LORD, 'I AM THY SERVANT: I am Thy servant and the son of Thy handmaid. Thou hast broken my bonds; to Thee will I offer...

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10. Searching for God in Memory

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pp. 263-326

SHALL KNOW THEE,' O Knower of mine, 'I shall know Thee even as I have been known.' Virtue of my soul, go deep into...

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11. God and the Beginning of Time

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pp. 327-366

SINCE ETERNITY is Thine, O Lord, dost Thou not know what I am saying to Thee, or dost Thou see what is going on in time, in relation...

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12. The Author of Heaven and Earth

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pp. 367-406

IN THIS POOR LIFE of mine, my heart, struck by the words of Thy Holy Scripture, is puzzling over many things, Lord. So, oftentimes,...

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13. The First Seven Days

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pp. 407-458

I INVOKE THEE my God, my Mercy,who hast made me-Thou didst not forget even when Thou wert forgotten...


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pp. 459-481

E-ISBN-13: 9780813211213
Print-ISBN-13: 9780813215617

Page Count: 514
Publication Year: 2010