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The Future of China-Russia Relations

James Bellacqua

Publication Year: 2010

Relations between China and Russia have evolved dramatically since their first diplomatic contact, particularly during the twentieth century. During the past decade China and Russia have made efforts to strengthen bilateral ties and improve cooperation on a number of diplomatic fronts. The People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation maintain exceptionally close and friendly relations, strong geopolitical and regional cooperation, and significant levels of trade. In The Future of China-Russia Relations, scholars from around the world explore the current state of the relationship between the two powers and assess the prospects for future cooperation and possible tensions in the new century. The contributors examine Russian and Chinese perspectives on a wide range of issues, including security, political relationships, economic interactions, and defense ties. This collection explores the energy courtship between the two nations and analyzes their interests and policies regarding Central Asia, the Korean Peninsula, and Taiwan.

Published by: The University Press of Kentucky

Series: Asia in the New Millennium

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Introduction: Contemporary Sino-Russian Relations Thirteen Years of a “Strategic Partnership”

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pp. 1-10

In April 1996, Russian president Boris Yeltsin and his Chinese counterpart, Jiang Zemin, signed documentation formally establishing a “strategic partnership” between the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The formation of this partnership was the product of what Gilbert...

Part One: The Making of a Strategic Partnership

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pp. 11

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The Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership: How Close? Where To?

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pp. 13-32

The Sino-Soviet dispute reached its full intensity in 1966–1976, and we have observed a sustained upward trend in relations between Beijing and Moscow in the three decades since. Snapshots of ties in 1976–1978, 1986–1988, 1996– 1998, and 2006–2008 show continuous improvement even if momentum was...

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Russian Perspectives on China Strategic Ambivalence

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pp. 33-55

The Russian perspective on China is shaped by a complex amalgamation of geopolitical, economic, historical, and cultural factors that add up to a profound ambivalence toward their rapidly growing neighbor. Despite this ambivalence, Russian policy toward China for the past two decades under...

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Why a “Strategic Partnership”?: The View from China

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pp. 56-80

Chinese leaders claim that their country pursues a global foreign policy that does not favor any particular country. Indeed, China has established various types of partnerships with many countries, including the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, South Korea, Indonesia, Algeria, and Argentina...

Part Two: Economic Relations and the Energy Factor

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pp. 81

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Economic Integration of China and Russia in the Post-Soviet Era

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pp. 83-145

Although both the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation have been extensively examined by economists since the advent of the transition from central planning, research on the economic relations between the two countries is relatively scarce. Much of the recent economic literature that...

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Sino-Russian Energy Relations: An Uncertain Courtship

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pp. 146-176

The China-Russia energy relationship has not reached the level of development their geographical proximity and economic complementariness implies. In terms of forging an energy partnership, China and Russia appear to be a perfect match. China, the world’s second largest oil consumer and third largest oil importer and a small but growing consumer and importer of natural...

Part Three: The Bilateral Defense Relationship

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pp. 177

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Russo-Chinese Defense Relations: The View from Moscow

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pp. 179-202

When the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 put Russia and China on different vectors to post–Cold War development—one democratic, one communist— the two countries might have drifted farther apart as they found their place in a globalized world. However, common concerns such as economic...

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Sino-Russian Defense Ties: The View from Beijing

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pp. 203-230

The end of the Cold War has witnessed perhaps one of the most significant transformations in interstate relations. In the course of almost two decades, and especially since Russian president Boris Yeltsin’s visit to China in December 1992, Beijing and Moscow have formed a strategic and cooperative...

Part Four: China, Russia, and Regional Issues: Central Asia, Japan, and the Two Koreas

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pp. 231

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Russia and China in Central Asia

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pp. 233-265

Conceptualizing Russian and Chinese relations with Central Asia is a difficult task. The leaderships of these two major powers approach foreign policy in largely realist terms, seeking to maximize their power, jealously guarding their national sovereignty, and engaging in balancing against a superior adversary...

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Overshadowed by China: The Russia-China Strategic Partnership in the Asia-Pacific Region

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pp. 266-290

Russian president Boris Yeltsin’s second visit to Beijing, in April 1996, was indicative of a shift of foreign policy away from complete identification with the West toward a more balanced position. Yeltsin had supported a pro-Western policy since the collapse of the Soviet Union but had become disenchanted...

Part Five: China, Russia, and Regional Issues: Taiwan

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pp. 291

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China, Russia, and the Taiwan Issue: The View from Moscow

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pp. 293-311

The development and steady upgrading of Russian-Chinese ties during the presidencies of Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin meant that Russia had to devise a framework for its interactions with Taiwan that was acceptable to China. At the same time, the nature of Russia’s relationship with the People’s...

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The Taiwan Issue and the Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership: The View from Beijing

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pp. 312-332

The purpose of this chapter is to determine what the government of the People’s Republic of China expects from Russia, vis-à-vis Taiwan, and to what extent Moscow’s current policy and behavior meet those expectations. Regrettably, the Chinese leadership has not yet published a white paper on...


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E-ISBN-13: 9780813129396
Print-ISBN-13: 9780813125633

Page Count: 372
Publication Year: 2010

Series Title: Asia in the New Millennium