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The Sports Franchise Game

Cities in Pursuit of Sports Franchises, Events, Stadiums, and Arenas

By Kenneth L. Shropshire

Publication Year: 2013

Power, prestige, and millions of dollars—these are the stakes in the sports franchise game. In this book, sports attorney Kenneth Shropshire describes the franchise warfare that pits city against city in the fierce bidding competition to capture major league teams. Rigorous research, fascinating interviews with major players, stories behind the headlines, and an insider's perspective converge in this rare view of the business side of professional sports. Shropshire portrays a complex web of motivations, negotiations, and public relations, and discusses examples from Philadelphia, the Bay Area, and Washington D.C.

Published by: University of Pennsylvania Press


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The movement of teams in professional sports is often referred to as the"sports franchise game." To mayors of major cities across the country,the efforts to keep or obtain a professional sports franchise is no game.The District of Columbia at various times has been involved in two major sports-related struggles-to keep the Redskins playing within the...


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Chicago and Philadelphia are now the only two cities in the United States that can boast about having a full complement of professional sports franchises-football, baseball, basketball, and hockey-playing within their city limits. Other major cities have lost one or more of their franchises to the suburbs or to other cities. Until fairly recently, the owner...

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1 The Sports Franchise Game

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In Bang the Drum Slowly, a novel about baseball and life, the main characters are professional baseball players who pass time off the field with a card game they call Tegwar, "the exciting game without any rules."2 The veteran players invite an unsuspecting "cluck" to join the game, and then they take his money in every hand, as the mercurial rules develop....

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2 Impact Studies and Other Quantitative Analyses: Inconclusive Conclusions

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It is politically expedient to commission an economic impact study in support of a position concerning the acquisition or retention of a franchise or the construction of a new stadium or arena. Presented in a strategic manner, the economic impact evidence can be quite persuasive. This chapter summarizes the conclusions and some of the analyses...

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3 The Philadelphia v. Camden Story

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In many ways Philadelphia is representative of the fiscal disasters that may strike any major American city. The City of Brotherly Love has come close to financial ruin. Last-minute loarls, bonds, and impassioned pleas to Wall Street have made Philadelphia the focus of much of the municipal planning world since the late 1980s. In the 1990s, the city has been...

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4 Shifts in the Bay Area, Part 1: San Francisco

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Perhaps the most publicized and longest-running relocation saga took place in the San Francisco Bay Area. Curiously, setting aside the former Oakland Raiders for a moment, San Francisco was one of the three cities that were involved in the first "modern-day" relocations. These are referred to as the modern-day relocations because they were the first moves made not simply for financial survival but for greater financial...

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5 Shifts in the Bay Area, Part 2: Oakland

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Al Davis, the managing general partner of the Los Angeles Raiders, has long been referred to by many members of the media and by fans as a maverick owner. Some say his image is projected through the Raiders team, which has long accepted the castoffs of other teams, sports the color black, and has a logo featuring a rugged caricature with a skull...

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6 The Field-of-Dreams Approach: Baltimore and Indianapolis

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There are two events in the history of Baltimore that are significant to this discussion of the sports franchise game. The first is the departure of the Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis in 1984, and the second is the construction of Oriole Park at Camden Yards for the 1992 Major League Baseball season....

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7 Washington, D.C.: Longing for the Senators

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Washington, D.C., was among the group of cities-along with St. Petersburg, Orlando, and Buffalo-that were passed over when Major League Baseball expansion franchises were granted to Miami and Denver in 1991. When these cities lost their bids for expansion teams, several announced publicly that they were resorting to what the...

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8 Putting the Pursuit into Perspective: The Value of Sports

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It is vividly clear that sports franchises and major sporting events will continue to be aggressively pursued by cities, and franchise owners and event organizers will continue to play one city off against the others. Cities must be willing to evaluate, in a more public way, whether the huge expenditures needed to be perceived as "big-league" are worthwhile....


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Publication Year: 2013