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Green Plans, Revised Ed

Blueprint for a Sustainable Earth

Huey D. Johnson

Publication Year: 2008

“Green plans” are the most effective strategies yet developed for moving from industrial environmental deterioration to postindustrial sustainability. In this definitive overview of green plans today, Huey D. Johnson provides a detailed and accessible examination of their theory, implementation, and performance across the globe, highlighting the challenges and successes of green plans in the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany, the rest of the European Community, and Singapore. Green plans will serve future generations as models of creative collaboration between government and business. This revised and updated edition features new information on green plans globally and a new afterword by the author.

Published by: University of Nebraska Press

Series: Our Sustainable Future

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p. viii-viii

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pp. ix-x

In writing this third edition I've been blessed with the assistance of Bonnie Durrance. She is a skilled editor, writer, and photographer. And she is a caring environmental thinker who is making a difference in the world. Her ideas and suggestions were instrumental in the preparation of this book. ...

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pp. xi-xiv

It has been twelve years since the first edition of this book. In it I described Green Planning as a concept of great importance and a promising step toward solving environmental problems. Since then, the environmental programs of most nations have not kept pace with the growth of those problems, which are now capped ...

Part I. Defining the Problem and Its Solution

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1. A Commitment to Change

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pp. 3-26

Despite the perilous state of our planetary environment, from climate change to the energy crisis, comprehensive environmental planning—Green Planning—as practiced in certain forward-looking countries is today bringing efficiency, cost reduction, and overall effectiveness to a wide variety of organizations ...

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2. Sustainability: A Modern Odyssey

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pp. 27-48

Experts who are paid to define ideas are always searching for the exact phrase or word that reaches into the essence of a product or an idea, so that everyone hearing it knows exactly what is meant, with all the nuances and associations. The fact that everybody gets it creates a culture of shared understanding around that term—...

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3. Health Plus Environment Equals Security

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pp. 49-62

One of the major factors drawing together communities, societies, and nations is, and has been throughout history, a common need for security. Thus, we could think of security as the basis of politics and a definer of history. Traditionally, security has been thought of mostly in military terms. Lately, we've begun to recognize that ...

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4. A Green Plan Predecessor: California's Investing for Prosperity Program

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pp. 63-76

The need for a comprehensive, integrated form of resource management became clear to me during my experiences in government. There I saw firsthand the sorts of problems that can arise when we attempt to manage the environment in the traditional way, dealing with single-purpose issues one at a time. This was particularly obvious when confronted ...

Part II. Assessing Green Plans in Action

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5. The Netherlands

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pp. 70-128

In Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, known for its collection of paintings by the Dutch masters, there is one painting that looms above all the rest. It is by Rembrandt, and it forever changed the world's ideas about art. It is titled The Night Watch, and it looks as though it were painted in three dimensions. When you look at it, the hand appears to be reaching out to you. ...

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6. New Zealand

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pp. 129-154

It is fitting that a historically progressive nation such as New Zealand, which was the first country to give women the right to vote, has launched an effective Green Plan. In 1991, following nearly a decade of economic restructuring along the lines of Reaganomic-Thatcherism, New Zealand enacted a model of environmental policy, a Green Plan, called the ...

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7. Toward a Sustainable Singapore

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pp. 155-162

Singapore, a city-state characterized in the last few decades by rapid industrial growth and essentially no natural resources, may seem like an unlikely candidate for Green Planning.1 Yet it may have been precisely the limitations of its small, highly developed land area, aided by its highly centralized government in which all the departments work in concert, that prompted ...

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8. European Union Environmental Policy

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pp. 163-178

Since my last edition, a major change in the world has been the advance of the European Union. The EU represents a remarkable success story, and part of that story is that its environmental policy is steadily progressing. This was accomplished by its move to an integrated, target-oriented, progressive environmental management plan. ...

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Afterword to the Third Edition

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pp. 179-182

Having observed the progress in the Green Plan countries for nearly twenty years, and having reported my findings in three editions of this book, it is clear to me that the approach works. I believe history will look back and see the success of the European Union and the Green Plan countries as an important transition point in this era of worldwide change. ...


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E-ISBN-13: 9780803252325
E-ISBN-10: 0803252323

Page Count: 305
Illustrations: 1 photograph, 3 figures, index
Publication Year: 2008

Series Title: Our Sustainable Future