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Small Friends and other stories and poems

Small Friends and other stories and poems

Jane Morris

Publication Year: 2014

The short stories and poems in this collection were written by students at King George VI School and centre for physically disabled children in Zimbabwe's second city, Bulawayo. HIV and AIDS have had a devastating effect on all the communities of Zimbabwe, and those with disabilities have not been exempt from the effects of the virus, as is reflected in many of the pieces in this collection. The book clearly demonstrates both the talent of the students and their concern about the issues facing their community and wider society. Some of the stories and poems tell the stories of their lives, some come straight from their imagination, and some simply speak of their dreams for a better future. - See more at: http://www.africanbookscollective.com/books/small-friends-and-other-stories-and-poems#sthash.2n8TNYET.dpuf

Published by: African Books Collective

Title Page, Copyright Page

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D. Bruce Wharton

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pp. i-ii

It is a pleasure for me to introduce this collection of short stories and poems, Small Friends, written by students at King George VI School and Centre for Children with Physical Disabilities (KGVI) in Zimbabwe’s second city, Bulawayo. As the U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, it is my responsibility to...

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King George VI

Abigail Ncube

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pp. 1-

Among the many schools in Zimbabwe, King George VI, opened in 1957, is special. It is a school and centre that helps physically disabled and deaf scholars realise their full potential. King George VI has helped children with disability achieve way...

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Small Friends

Marvelous Mbulo

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pp. 2-3

Summer time, life is hectic, mother, father, boys and girls, all busy. Hoeing, weeding, ploughing and sowing. Natural sounds of different tones addressing the mood of the season. As a young boy, left on a patch yet to be cultivated, questions raced through my mind. I accused God but at the same...

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Unfulfilled Wishes

Oleander Payarira

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pp. 4-

If only I could find a magic lamp or a shooting star to grant my wishes. If only I could say I love you just one more time. I loved my dear mother but I took her presence for granted. I never appreciated my packed lunch, the pencil I got to replace a lost one or the...

But I am Still Alive

Preferment Rupondo

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pp. 5-

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Gone Fishing

Miyethani Sithole

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pp. 6-7

One afternoon it was too hot and sunny for comfort. To keep cool I wore my navy blue shorts and white T-shirt, and my Dad wore a blue T-shirt with brown shorts. Dad told me that he wanted to go to the river to catch some fish for our dinner. ‘It could be fun,’ he said, grinning...

Children of Africa

Precious Sibanda

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pp. 8-

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Tiny but Deadly

Alex Nyathi

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pp. 9-10

As I was watching World of Wildlife, my favourite programme on TV, my mind started racing. I marvelled at the variety of creation: huge, tiny, beautiful, on fours or twos or wings, the elephant, giraffe, hippo, vulture, spider and so many more. Such different shapes, sizes, colours and...

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A Clever Boy

Mduduzi Mlotshwa

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pp. 11-

Once upon a time there was a poor boy who lived with his parents and his aunt. The boy’s name was Sam. Sam didn’t like to work, and didn’t do much around the house to help his family. His aunt enjoyed working and always tried to encourage Sam to help her. One day Sam’s aunt said, ‘Sam, please...


Vimbai Mucheriwa

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pp. 12-

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Courage My Love

Gary Vundhla

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pp. 13-17

I now believe that everything comes to an end. I wept day and night wondering what the next day would bring forth and how I would defend myself from the beast, but my answer was always the tears that streamed down my cheeks. Naturally Courage did not remember anything that happened that...

I Will Never Cry

Alice Senda

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pp. 18-

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Where is My Mother?

Anesu Zhira

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pp. 19-20

In 1998 I lived in Chibi with my grandmother. They say I was a clever boy but that I cried a lot because I was lonely. One day, when I was four years old, I went to Victoria Falls with my mother and sister to join my father. When I saw the bus that was going to take us there I was frightened because...

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Journey to the Desert

Thandazani Khoza

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pp. 21-22

Life in the Garden of Eden was good. Animals, plants, trees and God communicated well and with understanding. Plants fed animals and animals fertilized the soil. As I sat down, an orphan who has just finished writing Grade 7 exams, I wished that those old days would come back into being. If you are...

Life Ain’t Treating Me So Well

Chipo Mazodze

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pp. 23-

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Her Own Two Feet

Sarah Mareni

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pp. 24-25

John was born in the village of Kangaru. He was the only one of his colour in the whole area as he had a mixed heritage, with a black father and a white mother. His mother died when he was very young and he lived with his father in Kangaru until he was sixteen. His father then went to work in South...

Be Thankful For What You Have

Vimbai Mucheriwa

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pp. 26-

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How to Love

Primrose Ndlovu

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pp. 27-29

‘Doctor, you might have made a mistake, please go and check again,’ pleads Miss Jiyane with tears streaming down her cheeks. How could this happen was the question on her mind. All the men she had slept with looked healthy and none of them had shown signs of being HIV positive. She rested on the...

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What Next?

Elisha Gumbo

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pp. 30-31

There once was a boy of fifteen. Born in March 1998 at Kadoma General Hospital, he lived with his parents and young brother. Growing up he was able bodied. He started to go to school in 2003 and from the zero grade he progressed to the 7th grade...

I am what I am

Michelle Mabaleka

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pp. 32-

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A Journey to Botswana

Paidashe Yolanda Tekede

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pp. 33-34

One morning I was busy cleaning the house when my mum surprised me when she told me that my father, who was working in Botswana, wanted to see us. My mum’s news came as a shock because he had never asked us to visit him there before. I went to bathe so fast as I so looked forward to...

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How Life Can Be

Vimbai Mucheriwa

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pp. 35-36

Sometimes people have the unkindness of ravens; I’m talking about stabbing a person in the back, kicking a person when he’s down for no reason at all. That is what happened to my father. My father worked for a company for thirty years, putting all his effort, his heart and his utmost concentration into...

Neglected but Happy

Thandazani Khoza

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pp. 37-38

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What Words Cannot Describe

Abigail Ncube

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pp. 39-40

Have you ever been in pain? I mean physical pain, pain you cannot describe. Maybe talk to mothers about labour pains. I am yet to meet a mother who can clearly describe labour pain. I gathered this information as we were doing our guidance and counselling lessons. On this particular day, three of my teachers were talking about...

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The Wise Boy

Tsitsi Marenga

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pp. 41-42

Once upon a time there was a boy named Ruzvimbo. He knew nothing but village life. He had a family; among other family members Ruzvimbo had three brothers, Rangarai, the eldest, followed by Samson, then Tinoda the last-born. They lived in Buera village. The other village boys did not get on...


Oleander Payarira

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pp. 43-

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The Way Life Is

Ocean Maidza

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pp. 45-46

Life is a journey, a process where one comes across good and tough times. In the beginning I knew nothing about how it felt to be an orphan. Now I can tell you that it feels like being lost in the middle of nowhere, left in the middle of the ocean..

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Cries of a Caregiver

Tanatswa Gwetsai

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pp. 47-

School days are the best. Our teacher asked us to design a timetable to follow now that we had finished our Grade seven exams. An argument arose. The majority wanted us to start at 10 am but my friend Abigail and I wanted to start at 8. My friend is a boarder and she would be alone at the hostel if...

The Bad Boy

Calvin Mwinde

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pp. 48-49

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Mary and Thandiwe’s Story


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pp. 50-51

My name is Mary and with me is my little sister Thandiwe. I think I am 17 years old and Thandiwe 13. I am not sure about our ages because we have lived alone for a long time. I am HIV positive and pregnant. I don’t know if Thandiwe has the virus because she hasn’t been tested yet...

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Gaudencia Rutize

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pp. 52-53

I want to tell you a story. When I was young I could hear everything people were saying. I went to school with my friend as I was learning with other pupils who could hear. At that time my mother was working in Gweru and, one day, she came to collect me from the village as she had heard I was not...

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Taking Nature for Granted

Arthur Dzowa

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pp. 54-

God gave us freedom to choose. Choose who to talk to, who to love, what to do and what not to do, but did He promise that He would be responsible for the outcome? Go to a party and get drunk, fight with friends, take drugs, don’t take school seriously – who will be responsible for the outcome? Is it...

Disabled but Happy

Sakhile Ndlovu

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pp. 55-

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A Bully Boy

Lloyd Nhapata

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pp. 56-

Once upon a time, in Zimbabwe, in the capital city of Harare, lived a great big boy named Tatenda. The young man bullied his two younger sisters and his brother. He often took their lunch and ate it. Tatenda also forced his sisters and brother to carry him and his bag to school. One would carry his...


Gary Vundhla

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pp. 57-

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Nature Talks

Natasha Masumba

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pp. 58-59

As I walked through the forest, I kicked stones, grasses and small creatures that crawled on the ground. I looked at the different levels of the veld. What a wonder: thorny bushes, rough barks, pointed leaves, round leaves, purple flowers, red flowers, pink flowers, flowers of all colours; all beautiful and of...


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pp. 60-62

Back cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9780797494534
Print-ISBN-13: 9780797494527

Page Count: 72
Publication Year: 2014


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