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Traditions and Transitions in Israel Studies

Books on Israel, Volume VI

Naomi B. Sokoloff, Neil Caplan, Laura Zittrain Eisenberg, Mohammed Abu-Nimer

Publication Year: 1988

Introduces the cutting edge issues and current scholarship in the interdisciplinary field of Israel Studies. 'This sixth volume in the Books on Israel series is an interdisciplinary compilation that encompasses contributions from both the social sciences and the humanities, and reflects the exciting integration of approaches that are on the cutting edge of Israel Studies. The contributors go beyond the review of recent books on Israel to offer original examinations of the state of scholarship about Israel within the various disciplines of anthropology, economics, history, literature, political science, and sociology. Recent trends in contemporary Israeli society, politics, economics, and culture are also explored.

Published by: State University of New York Press

Series: SUNY series in Israeli Studies


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pp. vii-x

The relatively young field of “Israel Studies” continues to thrive.The essays gathered in this volume showcase sixty-five recent books (more than half of them published in languages other than English) on a wide range of topics relating to Israel. In the tradition of the preceding five volumes in the Books on Israel series, this collection is interdisciplinary in nature, encompassing contributions from social science and the humanities. Each chapter goes beyond...

Part 1: History and Memory

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1. Reassessing Israel’s Road to Sinai/Suez, 1956: A “Trialogue”

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pp. 3-42

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, one of Israel’s most popular academic controversies involved the “new historians” and their treatment of the 1948 war. Advancing the historiographical debate to new ground and to a new generation of historians...

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2. The Holocaust and Its Fifty-Year-Old Commemoration: Have We Reached the Limit?

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pp. 43-64

Recent Holocaust Studies have become increasingly reflexive and retrospective. Historical, psychological, and literary approaches now focus less on the events of the Holocaust and more on the ways in which the Holocaust has been commemorated...

Part 2: Israeli Society: The Jewish Community

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3. Controlling Territory: Spatial Dimensions of Social and Political Change in Israel

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pp. 67-88

This essay examines the roles of territory, space, and place within Israeli society as reflected by several important new studies. These works herald a new appreciation for spatial elements, both territorial and symbolic, which have always been crucial...

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4. “A Nation that Dwelleth Alone”: Judaism as an Integrating and Divisive Factor in Israeli Society

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pp. 89-112

Assessing recent surveys of Jewish identity and religious practice in Israel, this essay shows how Judaism acts as a force that both unites and divides Jews in the Jewish State. The author notes a broad spectrum of religious observance in which...

Part 3: Israeli Society: The Arab Community

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5. Palestinians in Israel: Social and Educational Conditions in the 1990s

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pp. 115-134

This essay considers several new books that shed light on the social and educational conditions of the Arab citizens of Israel, a topic about which there has been only scarce research until now. The author uses an analysis and comparison of these recent...

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6. Research on Welfare and Well-being in Israel: A Palestinian Perspective

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pp. 135-156

This review essay focuses on the issues of social welfare and well-being for the Arab minority in Israel, a topic that has attracted minimal research during the first fifty years of Israeli statehood, despite its pressing importance. The books under...

Part 4: Whither Post-Zionism?

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7. Does Post-Zionism Have a Future?

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pp. 159-180

This essay explores post-Zionism as a cultural, political, and ideological movement. The texts reviewed are examples of recent contributions to the growing literature on this phenomenon. Paying special attention to historiography, politics, the visual arts...

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8. The Open Society and Its Enemies: Changing Public Discourse in Israel

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pp. 181-202

Contemporary scholarship about Israel is fully cognizant of the deep fragmentation within the Israeli body politic. Increasingly, political discourse and the public agenda recognize, and are shaped by, ethnic, national, and economic divisions within...

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9. Literature as a Response to Paradox: On Reading A. B. Yehoshua’s A Journey to the End of the Millennium

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pp. 203-218

This essay offers personal reflections on A. B. Yehoshua’s A Journey to the End of the Millennium, along with an assessment of the critical and interpretive attention that novel has attracted. The author discusses Yehoshua’s fictional...

Part 5: Peace Process

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10. Anthologizing the Peace Process

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pp. 221-238

This essay considers the state of scholarship about the Arab-Israeli and specifically Palestinian-Israeli conflicts as revealed in three recent anthologies whose many contributors examine both conflicts from many angles. The author concludes that many...

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11. Power-Relations, Recognition, and Dialogue: The Dynamics of Israeli-Palestinian Peace

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pp. 239-262

This essay, which was written in 1999 (more than a year before the outbreak of the “al-Aqsa Intifada”), addresses the inability of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process as begun in Oslo to genuinely diminish mutual hatreds, fears, and distrust between...

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12. Economics as a Security Tool in an Era of “Peace” in the Middle East

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pp. 263-282

This essay explores the economic implications of the Arab-Israeli political peace process and the implications for each state’s complex security considerations. A review of recent literature in Arabic indicates that reactions to proposals for...

Part 6: Israel Studies Around the World

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13. Changing Italian Perspectives on Israel

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pp. 285-302

This analysis of Italian scholarship illustrates shifts in Italian attitudes toward Israel and the Arab- Israel conflict from a hollow enthusiasm for the birth of Israel, through a long period of Communist- and Catholic-inspired condemnation and distortions directed against...

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14. Israel Turns Fifty: New Books Published in Germany

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pp. 303-320

Many Israel-focused publications appeared in Germany, in German, on the occasion of Israel’s fiftieth anniversary in 1998. Along with translations of Hebrew and English books, young German scholars and journalists produced several original contributions to the field of Israel...

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15. Israel in Chinese Scholarship

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pp. 321-340

This essay examines recent Chinese scholarship on Israel as it both reflects and shapes Chinese perceptions of Jews, Judaism, and the State of Israel. As a field of its own, Israel Studies is a new subject in Chinese academic circles. Much of the early Chinese...

Notes on the Contributors and the Editors

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pp. 341-342

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Page Count: 352
Illustrations: 1 b/w photograph, 1 table
Publication Year: 1988

Series Title: SUNY series in Israeli Studies