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From Academics to Zombies

Edited by Robert Smith?

Publication Year: 2011

Think you know a thing or two about zombies? Think again. If you’re going to keep your wits – and your brains – about you during a zombie attack, you need expert advice. Braaaiiinnnsss!: From Academics to Zombies gathers together an irreverent group of scholars and writers to take a serious look at how zombies threaten almost every aspect of our lives. Spawned from the viral publication "When Zombies Attack!: Mathematical Modelling of an Outbreak of Zombie Infection," this multidisciplinary book draws on a variety of fields including biology, history, law, gender studies, archaeology, library science and landscape architecture. Part homage to zombie films and fiction, part cultural study, this collection humorously explores our deep-seated fear of the undead. Engaging and accessible, Braaaiiinnnnssss! will amuse academics and zombie fans alike.

Published by: University of Ottawa Press

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pp. i-vi

When it started, it was so small nobody noticed. At first. But then reports began to surface in different places, few of them believed at the time. Quickly, far more quickly than anyone thought possible, the news began to spread. First locally, then globally. In a matter of days, the story was everywhere: a...

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Fitting the Theory to the Facts

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pp. 1-7

It’s been repeated in so many summaries, analyses and discussions that it almost feels like a litany; anytime you read about the film Night of the Living Dead you’ll read this: “No explanation is ever given for the zombie uprising.” The more complete...

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What Feminism Has to Say about World War Z

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pp. 9-19

I’m woefully impractical. With World War Z coming, I have done little to strategize about provisions, am ill prepared when it comes to barricades and couldn’t handle a gun to save my life, quite literally. Ever the feminist, though, I am indignant over...

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The Zombie Threat to Democracy

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pp. 21-30

For those committed to the defence of liberty in its democratic forms, it is crucial to have a clear picture of democracy’s enemies so that, when the conflict arises, we are prepared for victory. It is our job as political scientists to supply this picture...

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Classification and Causation of Zombification, and Guidelines for Risk Reduction and Management

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pp. 31-53

This chapter provides a system of classification of zombie infection, with a discussion of modes of causation, along with updated recommendations for prevention and control of zombie infections associated with both the reanimated dead and the infected...

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Zombie Instructors: A Career Made Flesh

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pp. 55-59

Have you ever wanted to teach a class where your students couldn’t talk back? Ever wanted a room full of trainees who didn’t spend their entire time text messaging, surfing the internet or loudly gossiping about you? Haven’t you spent your...

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Aim for the Head! The Zombie as an Intellectual Monster

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pp. 61-70

It’s one of those scenes that all zombie movie fans know well; in fact, they’re usually way ahead of the characters on the screen when the big moment finally arrives. The zombies are shambling—or sprinting, let’s be inclusive—toward our heroes...

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Cultural Narratives of Blood

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pp. 71-85

Blood is liquid life. It is the most intimate liquid and a powerful medicine all of us can give and hope to receive. The idea of blood reaches deep into our consciousness. If you look at the history of blood, it is really the history of self-discovery of the human race...

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Maintaining Academic Library Services During the Zombie Apocalypse

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pp. 87-97

Why Do We Need Academic Libraries When We Have Google? Although public, academic and special libraries have played important roles in managing information during wars and pandemics, we contend that reliance on academic libraries in particular...

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Zombies on Broadway

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pp. 99-111

The entire history of humanity is littered with the results of the two instinctive reactions any individual takes to any change in his or her situation: fight or flight. Survival by violence or survival by discretion as the better part of valour. By the beginning of the twenty-first century, Western civilization as a whole...

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Reclaiming Public Spaces through Performance of the Zombie Walk

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pp. 113-131

With the stench of rotting flesh, the guttural, animalistic groans and the haunting noise of their dragging limbs, zombies have managed to remain a frightful mythical monster in popular culture. Zombies are bodies without emotions, acting on primal...

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A Preliminary Report on the First Excavation Season

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pp. 133-145

The global catastrophe of the 11 January 2012 zombie assault is one that we still do not fully understand, nor have we even remotely recovered from it, even in the most well-funded reclamation areas. Although studies have been done by researchers in fields as diverse as chemistry...

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Strategic Intelligence Analysis of a Zombie Attack

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pp. 147-173

It happened on a Sunday morning on a clear, mild day. News Talk Radio received and broadcast a report from a listener in Ruralville, an outlying, semi-rural suburb in the southeast of Capital City. The quality of the mobile telephone call was not...

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Evolution of the Modern Zombie

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pp. 175-194

In an earlier paper on the subject of mathematical modelling of infectious disease (Munz et al. 2009), the authors warned that “only quick, aggressive attacks can stave off the doomsday scenario” and that “only ever-increasing attacks, with increasing force, will result in eradication [of zombies], assuming...

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Dawn of the Shopping Dead

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pp. 195-207

In 1978, George A. Romero released the second of his cult classic zombie films, Dawn of the Dead. Set in an out-of-town mall, the movie critiqued a shopping culture that had become central to American life. Romero parodied those who were magnetically...

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And the Dead Shall Walk, But How?

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pp. 209-223

The key term in the title is walk; zombies cannot run! (Brooks 2003, 13). Therefore, to better equip the reader for a zombie attack, we will dissect (not literally) the walking behaviour of a zombie from a biomechanical viewpoint. During a zombie attack...

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Becoming Zombie Grrrls On and Off Screen

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pp. 225-247

In the past decade, there has been a notable resurgence in the zombie film, a sub-genre of horror. Indeed, the zombie has successfully infiltrated all areas of popular culture, resulting in the proliferation of cultural products for our consumptive pleasures....

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American History Z

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pp. 249-262

To date, there have been only a few “undead-denier” historians who have tried to write the zombie out of American history. However, from the “Bite Felt Round the World,” to “Ghoulapalooza: The Real Thriller Tour,” to Mr. Nibbles, the first...

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Zombies, Disability and Law

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pp. 263-283

Zombies are the least palatable variety of the undead.1 Although zombies and vampires are undeniably bound by the fact that they are both the living dead and share similar urgent, non-negotiable, gastronomic standards of various incarnations...

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The Zombie Paradigm

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pp. 285-309

The events of February 2012 conjure up a multitude of confused images. It is almost too early to contain the memories of the events in manageable stories that we can tell and retell so that we can command some mastery over the chaos. The...

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Diary of a Landscape Architect

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pp. 311-324

I’m sitting at my desk, and there’s ripped-up trace paper everywhere, ink and graphite smeared on everything, stale coffee tipped over next to me. My eyes are burning. I feel exhausted and sick, I’ve been here all night, and I’m utterly apathetic. The...


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E-ISBN-13: 9780776619613
E-ISBN-10: 0776619616
Print-ISBN-13: 9780776607702
Print-ISBN-10: 0776607707

Page Count: 376
Illustrations: 17 b&w illustrations
Publication Year: 2011