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The Quebec Anthology


Matt Cohen and Wayne Grady

Publication Year: 1996

The Quebec Anthology: 1830-1990 provides a complete overview of the Quebec short story from its beginnings to the 1990s and offers a unique opportunity for English readers to discover the essence of this fascinating literature. In addition, a detailed biography of each author and an assessment of each story's place in the larger canvas of Quebec literature are included.

Published by: University of Ottawa Press

Series: Canadian Short Story Library


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pp. vii-xii

Although Quebecois literature flourished during the first half of the nineteenth century, its principal genre was the conte, an oral not a written form—which presents a distinct problem for the anthologist. French Canada did not really have a written literature until the publication of Frangois-Xavier Garneau's Histoire du Canada, the first volumes of which began appearing in 1845 ...

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"The Legend of Rose Latulipe" 1837

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pp. 1-7

Born in Quebec in 1814, Philippe-Ignace-Francois was the second of Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspe's thirteen children; he was named after his ancestor, the seigneur Philippe-Ignace Aubert de Gaspe, Chevalier of the Royal and Military Order of Saint-Louis. Unlike his illustrious ...

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"The Three Devils, or, All's Well That Ends Well" 1867

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pp. 8-21

Paul-Jules-Joseph Stevens was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1830, and emigrated to Canada in 1854 to become a school teacher in Berthier-en-Haut, now called Berthierville. He married Marie Valier in 1855 and the next year began publishing in such popular journals of the day as Le Pays, La ...

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"The Roussis' Fire" 1872

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pp. 22-37

Faucher de Saint-Maurice was born in Quebec City on April 18, 1844, and baptized Narcisse-Henri-Edouard Faucher. He attended the Petit Seminaire and the college Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, becoming a clerk in the law firm of Henri Taschereau and Ulric-Joseph Tessier in ...

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"Yellow-Wolf, Malecite Chieftain of Old" 1893

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pp. 38-52

Shortly after, the de Gaspe family moved to Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, a village on the St. Lawrence with which Philippe-Joseph was to be associated for the rest of his life. He studied law and in 1816 was named sheriff of Quebec, but in 1822 he began to get hopelessly into debt and was relieved of his office. The following ...

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"La Gothe and Her Husband" 1895

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pp. 53-63

Robertine Barry was born on Isle-Verte on February 28, 1863, and studied in Trois-Pistoles and Quebec City. A pioneering woman journalist, her work was championed by her contemporaries, including Louis Frechette. Under the pseudonym Frangoise, she published Fleurs champetres (Rural ...

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"How I Learned to Speak English" 1900

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pp. 64-68

Born in Pointe-Levis on November 16, 1839, Louis Frechette attended the Petit Seminaire, the College Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere, and the Seminaire de Nicolet before becoming a clerk in the law firm of Francois-Xavier Lemieux in 1860. For the next three years he studied law ...

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"Hay Fever" 1917

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pp. 69-88

Sylva Clapin was born in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, on July 15, 1853, and studied at the Seminaire de Saint-Hyacinthe until 1873, when he joined the United States Navy and served aboard the Kansas. He returned to Saint-Hyacinthe to become the village librarian, to run a bookshop and a ...

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"The Ferryman" 1920

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pp. 89-98

Jean-Aubert Loranger, a descendant of Philippe-Aubert de Gaspe, was born in Montreal in 1896. Orphaned at the age of four, he was raised by foster parents and, at the age of 22, became one of the founding members of the literary group that published the avant-garde art and poetry journal Le ...

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"The Italian Teacher" 1927

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pp. 99-110

Harry Bernard was born in London, England, in 1898, but moved to Canada in early childhood. He studied at the Seminaire de Saint-Hyacinthe and at the Universite de Montreal, where he received his Ph.D. in literature in 1948. By then he had already published eight of his ten books, ...

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"The Mass of Florent L

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pp. 111-121

Eugene Sears (who wrote under the pseudonyme Louis Dantin) was born in the village of Beauharnois in 1865. He attended the College de Montreal and later the Seminaire de Montreal, and studied to become a priest at the Congregation des Peres du Tres-Saint-Sacrement in 1883. ...

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"Foreign Souls" 1934

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pp. 122-138

Born in Sarzeau, Brittany, in 1879, Marie le Franc studied to become a teacher in Vannes, France, and taught in le Morbihan before moving to Montreal in 1906. She taught French language and literature, first at Westmount College and then at McGill University, and over the course of her ...

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"Mrs. Filly" 1942

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pp. 139-151

Albert Laberge was born on February 18, 1871, in Beauharnois, the son of a farming family. He was educated in Beauharnois and, later, at the Jesuit College du Gesu (Sainte-Marie) in Montreal. In 1891, he suffered a crisis of faith, however, and the following year was expelled for ...

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"Mother Soubert's Pig" 1944

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pp. 152-160

Born in Quebec City on November 28, 1915, of Montagnais descent, Yves Theriault studied at the Ecole Notre-Damede- Grace in Montreal, but at the age of seventeen decided to travel throughout the entire province of Quebec rather than pursue his studies. Subsequently, he worked as a trapper, ...

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"Fleur-de-Mai" 1945

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pp. 161-171

Alain Grandbois was born in Saint-Casimir de Portneuf on May 25, 1900, and was educated at the College de Montreal and the Seminaire de Quebec, and later at Saint Dunstan University in Charlottetown. He took a law degree at Universite Laval in 1921. An inheritance allowed him to ...

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"Happiness" 1946

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pp. 172-182

Philippe Panneton, who wrote under the pseudonym Ringuet, was born in Trois-Rivieres on April 30, 1895, to a family that had first settled in the region in 1640. At the age of eighteen, he went to Montreal to work as a reporter, then one year later enrolled at the Universite de Montreal ...

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"The Torrent" 1947

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pp. 183-218

Anne Hebert was born August 1, 1916, in Sainte-Catherinede- Fossambault, the daughter of literary critic Maurice Hebert and the first cousin of the great Quebecois poet Hector Saint-Denys-Garneau. A childhood illness prevented her from attending school, and she was educated at ...

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"Last Rites" 1960

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pp. 219-230

Gerard Bessette was born on February 25, 1920, in Sainte- Anne-de-Sabrevois, Quebec. He attended the Universite de Montreal, receiving his master's degree in 1946 on the poems of Emile Nelligan, and a doctorate in 1950 on poetic imagery in Quebecois poetry. From 1946 to 1948 he taught ...

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"A Case of Sorcery" 1963

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pp. 231-239

Born in Saint-Modeste, near Riviere-du-Loup on the lower St. Lawrence, on August 15, 1925, Adrien Therio was five when his family moved thirty miles inland, to the Chemin- Tache that appears in many of his short stories (including "A Case of Sorcery"). He began his studies at the Seminaire ...

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"The Chronicles of l'Anse Saint-Roch" 1968

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pp. 240-254

Jacques Perron was born in Louiseville, near Trois-Rivieres, on January 20, 1921, and attended first the Seminaire de Trois-Rivieres and then Universite Laval, from which he graduated with a degree in medicine in 1945. After a year with the Royal Army Medical Corps, he opened a practice in ...

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"Back on April Eleventh" 1969

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pp. 255-267

Hubert Aquin was born in Montreal on October 24, 1929. He attended the Universite de Montreal, where he studied philosophy, and then the Institut d'Etudes politiques in Paris, from 1948 to 1951, before returning to Montreal to work for Radio-Canada and the National Film Board. In the ...

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"The Goldfish" 1970

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pp. 268-283

Roch Carrier was born in Sainte-Justine-de-Dorchester on May 13, 1937, and studied at the College Saint-Louis in Edmunston, New Brunswick, a city where he also worked as a journalist from 1958 to 1960. He attended the universities of Montreal, Paris, and the Sorbonne, where he received his ...

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"A Blue Rose Perfume" 1974

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pp. 284-297

Born in Montreal in 1927, Andre Langevin worked as literary editor of Le Devoir>/em> before becoming a broadcaster for Radio-Canada, and has written numerous radio and filmscripts as well as novels and short stories. His first novel,

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"Part II of Children of My Heart" 1979

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pp. 298-325

Gabrielle Roy was born on Rue Deschambault, in St. Boniface, Manitoba, on March 22, 1909. Her father was a colonization agent for the federal government, responsible for bringing immigrants from the east and Europe into Saskatchewan (her short story "Ely! Ely! Ely!" describes this ...

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"The Good Old Days" 1981

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pp. 326-339

Andre Major was born in Montreal on April 22, 1942, and left school at the age of eighteen to pursue a career in journalism and literature. He wrote for the weekly Petit journal, became a frequent contributor to Liberte, and in 1963, with Hubert Aquin and others, he began publishing the magazine ...

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"The Secret Voice" 1982

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pp. 340-345

Gaetan Brulotte was born in Lauzon on April 8, 1945, and studied at the Universite de Paris under Roland Barthes, receiving his Ph.D. in modern literature in 1978. He has since taught in several universities, including Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Laval, California, and New Mexico. He ...

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"Beach Blues" 1983

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pp. 346-373

Monique Prouk was born in Quebec City in 1952. She has written numerous radio and television plays, as well as film scripts and stage plays. In 1983, she published her first book of short stories, Sans coeur etsans reproche, the tide story of which has been translated by Sheila Fischman as "Feint of ...

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"Pomme Douly and the Instant of Eternity" 1988

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pp. 374-381

Suzanne Jacob was born near Abitibi and enrolled at the College Notre-Dame-de-l'assomption de Nicolet in 1965, where she was introduced to the worlds of theatre and music. She taught French as a second language from 1967 to 1972; during this period, she began writing songs and stories, some ...

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"To Console Myself. I Imagine That the Bombs Have Fallen" 1989

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pp. 382-384

Anne Dandurand was born in Montreal on November 19, 1953—"the same day television came to Montreal," as she says—the twin sister of the writer Claire De. She worked as a union organizer for La Federation des travailleurs du Quebec as well as for the Committee on the Status of ...

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"In My Condition" 1989

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pp. 385-389

Gilles Pellerin, teacher and short-story writer, was born in Shawinigan in 1954 and now lives in Quebec City, where he recently founded the publishing house L'Instant meme. In 1988 his story "Le Songe" won first prize in a short-story contest sponsored by L'Office franco-quebecois, and that ...

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"The Love of Lies" 1989

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pp. 390-394

Claude-Emmanuelle Yance was born in Quebec City. She moved to the French island of Nouvelle-Caledonie, where she lived for nine years, and then spent two years in Paris before returning to Quebec. Although she acknowledges the influences of the South Pacific as well as of Paris in her linguistic ...

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"Tragedy Houses My Wound" 1990

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pp. 395-408

Andre Carpentier was born in Montreal on October 29, 1947. He graduated from the Universite du Quebec a Montreal in 1973 with a masters degree in literature, and is a short-story writer and novelist. He helped edit the visual arts magazine L'Ecran in 1974, and the next year became the

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"Consuming Love" 1990

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pp. 409-412

Claire De was born in Montreal on November 19, 1953, the twin sister of Anne Dandurand. She divided her time between Montreal and Paris for many years, and now lives permanently in Paris. Her first book, co-authored with her sister, was La Louve-garou (1982), ...

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"Portraits of Elsa" 1990

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pp. 413-424

Marie Jose Theriault was born in Montreal on March 21, 1945, the daughter of Yves Theriault. She attended the College Marie de France until 1961; after leaving school she worked as a salesperson, an interpreter, a proofreader, and, from 1964 to 1973, a professional dancer. In 1973 she ...

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