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The Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXIst Century - La distinction canadienne au tournant du XXIe siècle

Edited by / Sous la direction de Chad Gaffield and Karen L. Gould

Publication Year: 2003

In this collection of essays some of Canada's foremost writers and thinkers, including John Ralston Saul and Margaret Atwood, call for equilibrium among economics, culture, and technological change. While promoting the dynamism and change possible in Canadian society, they also call for a re-examination of Canada's past in order to chart its future.

Published by: University of Ottawa Press

Series: International Canadian Studies Series

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p. viii-viii

Cet ouvrage est le resultat d'une collaboration importante entre l'Institut d'etudes canadiennes, de l'Universite d'Ottawa et le Conseil international des etudes canadiennes (CIEC), un organisme qui represente vingt associations nationales et plurinationales d'etudes canadiennes de partout dans le monde. La conference sur

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p. ix-ix

This volume is the result of an important collaboration between the Institute of Canadian Studies at the University of Ottawa and the International Council for Canadian Studies, an organization that represents twenty national and multi-national associations of Canadian Studies around the world. Held at the University of Ottawa, the May Century" attracted the participation of leading Canadian and interna- ...

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p. x-x

Plusieurs personnes et organismes ont encourage les directeurs de ce livre. Celui-ci est le resultat d'une conference internationale fructueuse qui a ete organisee par le Conseil international des etudes canadiennes et l'Institut d'etudes canadiennes a l'Universite d'Ottawadu 18 au 20 mai 2000. Le programme de la conference est le fruit du ...

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p. xi-xi

The editors of this book have been supported and encouraged by many organizations and people. This book is the result of a successful international conference, organized by the International Council for Canadian Studies and the Institute of Canadian Studies at the University of Ottawa, that took place 18-20 May 2000. The confer-...


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Perspectives sur la distinction canadienne au tournant du XXIe si

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p. 2-2

Quels sont les origines, le statut actuel et les perspectives de la distinction canadienne au tournant du vingt et unieme siecle? C'est cette question complexe qui a preoccupe les conferenciers de renommee internationale et les delegues de douzaines de pays reunis lors d'une conference de trois jours du 18 au 20 mai 2000. Cet evenement ...

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Perspectives on the Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXI[sup(st)] Century

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pp. 3-10

What are the origins, current status, and prospects for the distinctiveness of Canada into the twenty-first century? This infinitely complex question was at the heart of a three-day conference that brought together internationally-acclaimed speakers and delegates from dozens of countries from May 18 to 20,2000. Organized as a mil-...

Locus in Quo

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The Inclusive Shape of Complexity

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pp. 13-28

AT THIS TIME, ALL OF US - JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD, especially in democracies or countries where the free market prevails - are victims of what could be called the Tristan and Isolde syndrome. What is the Tristan and Isolde syndrome? It is what has been taught in schools of economics for about 25 years. It says that if ...

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pp. 29-48

CEUX ET CELLES QUI SE VOIENT CONFIER LE MANDAT DE PENSER LE Canada au tournant du vingt et unieme siecle ont une tendance, normale je crois, a mettre l'accent sur ces problemes et questions qui sont au cceur des preoccupations immediates des gens et de l'actualite.

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Survival Then and Now

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pp. 47-56

I WAS IN ENGLAND RECENTLY GIVING SOME LECTURES, AND I WAS asked, "Do you identify as a woman or as a Canadian?" This is a new sort of question because it contains the phrase "identify as," which not so long ago would have been incomprehensible. ...


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Toward a Baroque Governance in Twenty-first Century Canada

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pp. 59-88

CANADA MUST MEET THE TEST OF LIVING WITH THREE FUNDAMENTAL challenges of twenty-first century society: complexity, new forms of collaboration, and citizen engagement. The new information and communication technologies, and the greater connectedness they have generated, constitute only one of the families of forces - albeit an impor-...

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Evolving State — Civil Society Relationships: The Beginning of a New Era?

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pp. 89-118

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE VOLUNTARY SECTOR AND THE STATE is undergoing fundamental change in Canada, as elsewhere. This is a result of a transformation in both the nature of governance and the character of the voluntary sector. Financial exigencies and neo-liberal preferences for a smaller state have propelled radical restructuring ...

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Malentendus multiculturels : France,

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pp. 119-134

LA CHOSE EST SUFFISAMMENT RARE POUR ETRE SOULIGNEE : UN Frangais qui a une opinion favorable du multiculturalisme, et pas n'importe quel Frangais, le premier ministre Lionel Jospin, lors d'un evisite officielle a Ottawa, en decembre 1998 - pensant peut-etre flatter ses notes - vanta les merites du multiculturalisme canadien. Ce...

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Aboriginal Peoples in the Twenty-first Century: A Plea for Realism

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pp. 135-164

I DO NOT EXPECT THE ARGUMENTS IN THIS PAPER, ESPECIALLY THOSE IN the last half, to convince all who read or heard this presentation. In fact, if I fail to convince you, I may have succeeded in the much more important task of contributing to a discussion. The Aboriginal policy field has too many converts and too few discussions in which we lis-...


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Canadian Business: "No, I'm from Canada"

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pp. 167-172

THOUGH IT WAS TEMPTING - AND PROBABLY WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE entertaining - to do a parody of the recent very popular beer commercial, this essay will address Canadian distinctiveness in business. Having said that, however, there are a few business images to reflect upon: ...

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"I am Canadian!:" From Beer Commercials to Medicare: In Search of Identity

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pp. 173-182

WHEN PREPARING FOR THIS PRESENTATION, I MENTIONED THIS conference to Michael Marzolini, president of Pollara Inc., the biggest Canadian polling company, who immediately retorted that "Canada had a culture of envy while the Americans had a culture of greed." This took me aback, I admit. Although not the terms of my ...

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The Multicultural Wheel: The Texture of Canadian Society and Literature in the Twenty-first Century

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pp. 183-196

MULTICULTURAL QUESTIONS HAVE PERVADED ART, LITERATURE, and sociopolitical and economic studies for several decades now. The questions reflect the wide spectrum of concerns central to any discussion of multiculturalism. They critically examine problematic areas like canonization of specific cultures, affirmation of a ...


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Packaging Canada/Packaging Places: Tourism, Culture, and Identity in the Twenty-first Century

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pp. 199-214

THE LANDSCAPE - WHICH INCLUDES THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT AND its material and social practices, as well as their symbolic representation (Zukin 1991:16) - may be read as a text (McBride 1999). Based on the premise that "landscapes are communicative devices that encode and transmit information" (Duncan 1990:4), researchers exam- ...

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Canadian Distinctiveness and Cultural Policy As We Enter the Twenty-first Century

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pp. 215-224

IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, CANADA CAME TO OCCUPY A SIGNIFICANT place in the world. Our reputation continues to grow: in terms of our technology, our government policy, and, I will argue, our culture. The forces of continentalization continue to increase, yet Canadian culture remains - and, I believe, will remain - distinct and distinctive, the ...

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Pour une convention multilat

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pp. 225-230


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Identity and Otherness in Canadian Foreign Policy

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pp. 231-250

IN ANALYSES OF CANADA FOR OVER FIVE DECADES, CERTAIN ISSUES ARE recognized as mandatory for any work or research carried out in Canada or abroad. Canadian foreign policy is one of the political topics considered to have become a mandatory issue, competing in importance with the analysis of Canadian federalism. An analogous situation ...


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The Canadian Military in the Security Environment of the Twenty-first Century

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pp. 253-266

AT THE TURN OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, people predicted an era of peace and prosperity for the coming one hundred years. Nevertheless we found ourselves engaged in vast, blood-letting conflicts that no one could have imagined at that time. It is difficult to guess what the future holds, but we can be certain that the faces of war ...

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The Role of Canada in the International Context of the Twenty-first Century

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pp. 267-272

IT IS MOST FITTING THAT THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL FOR CANADIAN Studies and the University of Ottawa's Institute of Canadian Studies be the convenors of this conference. They bring strong historical and visionary perspectives to the discussion. I shall begin by identifying some of the aspects of our international ...

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A Communications, Technology, and Societal Memory: A Distinct Canadian Archival Voice in the Global Village

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pp. 273-290

TO HAVE AN ARCHIVAL TOPIC SOLICITED AS PART OF AN INTERNATIONAL symposium on the nature of Canadian distinctiveness in the twenty-first century is a pleasant surprise. Archives are important to Canadian Studies in two ways: in the familiar sense as the primary source documents that underpin research about Canada in many dis-...

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Canada One Hundred Years from Now: A Federation of Nations?

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pp. 291-312

IN THE FIELD OF HUMAN AFFAIRS, PREDICTING MAY WELL BE THE occupation of fools. Yet, the social sciences are obligated to take that risk, a risk I shall stretch to extremes by addressing my remarks not only to those engaged in the discourse today, but also to those who will be engaged a hundred years from now. Conscious of the danger...

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Metaphors and Maps: Imagining Canada into the Twenty-first Century

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pp. 313-322

IN THEIR INTRODUCTION TO PAINTING THE MAPLE - A 1998 COLLECTION of essays that, as the metaphor in the title suggests, investigates some of the ways that race and gender influence our perceptions of Canada - Strong-Boag, Grace, Eisenberg, and Anderson (1998), warn that Canada is disintegrating. In illustration, they point to the free ...


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pp. 323-335


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pp. 325-335

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Page Count: 230
Publication Year: 2003

Series Title: International Canadian Studies Series