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The Tokyo Rose Case

Treason on Trial

By Yasuhide Kawashima

Publication Year: 2013

Iva Ikuku Toguri (1916-2006) was an American citizen, born on the 4th of July. Her parents, first-generation Japanese Americans, embraced their new nation and raised Iva to think, talk, and act like a patriotic American. But, despite her allegiance to the United States, she was forced to spend most of her adult life denying that she was a traitor or that she was World War II's infamous Tokyo Rose.

Published by: University Press of Kansas

Title Page, Copyright

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Editors' Preface

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pp. ix-11

Stories of palpable injustice, particularly when the victim is sympathetic, have the power to both move our emotions and rouse our indignation. The trials of Iva Ikuko Toguri d?Aquino in Japan, as an American citi-zen trapped during World War II, and in the United States, after she re-turned, fit this description. A woman of valor mistreated by both of the ...

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Preface and Acknowledgments

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pp. xi-xiv

Iva Ikuko Toguri d?Aquino, American-born but infamously identified in history books as the traitorous ?Tokyo Rose,? found herself living in To-kyo during World War II, arguably the worst period of the city?s history. I had a similar experience, living through both the war and early postwar period, first in Nagasaki and then in Tokyo. When the atomic bomb was ...

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Introduction: Guilty!

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Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. . . .The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, ...

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1. Born on the Fourth of July

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pp. 7-11

Our family home was located in a typical American community. I went to the neighborhood grammar school and attended church in the neighborhood. I took part in normal activities at school and at church. . . . There was some Japanese spoken in our family until we started to attend public school; thereafter English dominated.We followed both American and Japanese customs at home. We had both ...

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2. “Aunt Shizu Is Sick”

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She could still see them in her mind?s eye as they had been that summer morning ? the receding figure of her mother, the cause of the trip. Fumi Toguri had been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. Her mother?s figure had held Iva?s gaze until the details had became blurred, and Iva could see only the small figure with raised arm flanked by her brother, Fred, her father, and her two sisters, ...

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3. A Dozen Roses

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pp. 19-37

Under normal circumstances I should be called a ?bad girl? but there were so many complicated cobwebs during the war years. I was one who had to find a way to survive this war. I was one with a United States citizenship in a foreign country and was one who was under close surveillance by the civilian and military police and although being cornered managed to come out alive. I was in a similar position as the ...

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4. The American Paparazzi

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pp. 38-52

Two American correspondents have offered $2,000 for your exclusive story as Tokyo Rose, and they will be waiting for you with the money at the Imperial Hotel in the morning.On August 30, 1945, a day before the advance party of General Mac- Arthur arrived in Japan, Clark Lee of International News Service and Harry Brundidge, associate editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine, both part of ...

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5. The Attorney General’s Abrupt Decision

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pp. 53-73

You are directed to arrest, and deliver forthwith to the Sugamo Prison Ikuko (Iva) Toguri D?Aquino, age 32 years, residing at 396 Ikejiri-machi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Upon complaint and sufficient information made to me by the Department of Justice . . . the person described . . . is suspected of having committed treasonable conduct against the United States Government during World War II....

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6. Assembling Witnesses and the Jury Selection

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pp. 74-83

Special Prosecutor Thomas DeWolfe was an observer at an earlier treason trial for Tomoya Kawakita in Los Angeles. The three jurors who held out longest against conviction were reported to be minority persons: a Black American, nullapanese american citinullns leanullenullNational Committee for Iva Toguri, Iva ?Every son of a bitch who ever set foot at Radio Tokyo,? Wayne Collins ...

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7. The Prosecution’s Case

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pp. 84-104

In the late 1940s, the United States was in the midst of the Cold War. Events like the Communist takeover of China and the Russian testing of atomic bombs alarmed the American people and led to a heightened concern for keeping the country safe from communism, un-American activities...

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8. The Defense Rebuttal

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pp. 105-125

If I got on the witness stand and told only the truth, then the truth would win, I thought. My family was very worried when I took the witness stand. But I wasn?t all that worried. I did not feel the least bit as though I had betrayed America. If I had felt that way, I wouldn?t have stood up in court. I would have run away to Lisbon. I had the chance to do so....

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9. The Verdict and the Sentence

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pp. 126-138

This is an important case. The trial has been long and expensive to both the prosecution and the defense. If you should fail to agree on a verdict, the case is left open and undecided. Like all cases it must be disposed of some time. . . . Any further jury must be selected in the same manner and from the same source as you have been chosen; so, there appears no reason to believe that the case would ever be ...

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10. Appeals, Threat of Deportation, and Pardon

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pp. 139-159

Great cases, like hard cases, make bad law. For great cases are called great, not by reason of their real importance in shaping the law of the future, but because of some accident of immediate overwhelming interest which appeals to the feelings and distorts the judgment. These immediate interests exercise a kind of hydraulic pressure which makes what previously was clear seem doubtful and ...

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Conclusion: Prosecutorial Misconduct and the Coram Nobis Relief

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pp. 160-167

Normally, criminal defendants cannot ask judges to reopen their cases after appeals have been exhausted and sentences completed. The only exception to the ?finality? rule stems from one of the ?ancient writs? of English law, called the writ of error coram nobis. This term is legal Latin for ?error before us,? referring to the trial judges. This application for judicial relief is related to the better-known writ of habeas corpus. . . . ...

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pp. 169-172

September 26, 1949 Judge Roche gave his final instructions to the September 29, 1949 The jury rendered its verdict: guilty on one ...

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Bibliographical Essay

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pp. 173-177

Note from the Series Editors: The following bibliographic essay contains the major primary and secondary sources the author consulted for this volume. We have asked all authors in the series to omit formal citations in order to make our volumes more readable, inexpensive, and appealing for students and general readers. In adopting this format, Landmark Law Cases and American Society follows the precedent of a number of highly regarded and widely con-...


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