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i never knew what time it was

David Antin

Publication Year: 2005

In this series of intricately related texts, internationally known poet, critic, and performance artist David Antin explores the experience of time—how it's felt, remembered, and recounted. These free-form talk pieces—sometimes called talk poems or simply talks—began as improvisations at museums, universities, and poetry centers where Antin was invited to come and think out loud. Serious and playful, they move rapidly from keen analysis to powerful storytelling to passages of pure comedy, as they range kaleidoscopically across Antin's experiences: in the New York City of his childhood and youth, the Eastern Europe of family and friends, and the New York and Southern California of his art and literary career. The author's analysis and abrasive comedy have been described as a mix of Lenny Bruce and Ludwig Wittgenstein, his commitment to verbal invention and narrative as a fusion of Mark Twain and Gertrude Stein. Taken together, these pieces provide a rich oral history of and critical context for the evolution of the California art scene from the 1960s onward.

Published by: University of California Press


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Title Page, Copyright, Dedication

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by way of a preface

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pp. ix-13

...a number of years ago i was giving a talk very much like the talksfrom which the pieces in this book took their origin and i was trying to think my way through the difficult issues of what it means in thisculture to be a professional and why i was never quite comfortable withfeeling i had done as well as i could for the moment i came to a...

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the theory and practice of postmodernism—a manifesto

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pp. 1-10

...or maybe elly decided it because i didnt pay much attention to the wed bought it from had assured us it would last us a lifetime and it was getting older and lumpy or lumpy in some places and hollowed out in others and i just assumed it was part of a normal process of agingit was getting older we were getting older and wed get used to it but ...

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california—the nervous camel

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pp. 11-37

...the los angeles county museum of art was putting together a hugecalifornia show and paul holdengraeber called to ask if i would kick offa series of talks on the california experience with my resolutely newyork accent i was a little doubtful and suggested they start with garybut paul thought gary was too shaggy for sunny southern california...

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café europa

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pp. 38-47

...letters from the career of a leftist francophile writer from the early part of the twentieth century who wrote pretty novels about people from disappointed book about the soviet union in the 1930s our readings something else important was happening in bucharest or because they were mostly in english so we were reading for a handful of people...

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talking at blérancourt

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pp. 48-60

...artist he asked and i said somebody who does the best he can by now ive said this so many times ive begun to believe it because when you think about it there are very few people in this world that do the best your problem but if an artist makes a lousy artwork its his problem or her problem so it turns out that artists are the last people in ...

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the noise of time

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pp. 61-79

...elly and i got persuaded by a couple of young artists teaching there to spend a week in residence with the art department at the universitycontinental divide with little to recommend it but a good bookstore apleasant university and a magnificent sky and nothing would havepersuaded me to spend a week there except the rare chance to perform...

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i never knew what time it was

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pp. 80-106

...generally known for not knowing precisely what im going to talk about my titling has often been accomplished by other people calling my talk something ahead of time and i say that sounds interestingmaybe ill talk about it but this time i knew i was going to share a program with eleanor and its very rare for me to be on a program with ...

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time on my hands

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pp. 107-131

...sanda agalidi asked me to come up to talk at cal arts where she wasconducting a seminar on the experience of time sanda is an old friendan idiosyncratic art historian and critic who many years ago hadbeen a graduate student of ours at ucsd to which she brought a greatintelligence a deep european education a masters degree from the...

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how wide is the frame

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pp. 132-149

...i was taken by the mention in jorie grahams poem of michelangeloartists like estes and alex katz malcolm morley and sylvia sleigh with a few pop painters like wesselman and lichtenstein and warhol and i wanted a pistoletto for the show this was 69 and i was beginning to think that we had to take another look at representation because ...

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what happened to walter?

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pp. 150-169

...thinking about for a while and thinking about it i havent been able to resolve it its a question thats been addressed by a lot of peoplewhether there is such a thing as repetition and how we should think suggests there is such a thing but its an old problem that goes back a very long time in european thought if you consider turkey part of ...

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endangered nouns

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pp. 170-179

...black head walking upside down along a branch of the honeysuckle its black cap its queer way of walking head down along the branch werefamiliar but its color was strange i had never seen a brown bird with a black cap that walked like that not here in southern california northern san diego but it reminded me of another bird i knew very ...

Production Notes

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E-ISBN-13: 9780520938298
Print-ISBN-13: 9780520243057

Page Count: 186
Publication Year: 2005