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The Works of John Dryden, Volume XVIII

Prose: The History of the League, 1684

John Dryden

Publication Year: 1975

This volume contains Dryden's 1684 translation of Louis Maimbourg's "The History of the League," a work relating to the religious wars of France in the preceding century, and which Dryden used as a commentary on the religious persecutions of his own time in England.

Published by: University of California Press

Series: Works of John Dryden


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Title Page, Copyright, Frontispiece

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pp. i-vi

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pp. vii-viii

...The editors gratefully ackrlowledge the assistance they received in the preparation of this volume. They are particularly indebted to the following: To the staffs of the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, the Henry E. Huntington Library, and the British Museum for advice and service....


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pp. ix-xiv

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Dedication to the King

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pp. 1-8

...force and perspicuity: Both of nrhich I hope I have perform'd with some Exactness, and without any Considerable mistake. But of this Your Majesty is the truest Judge, who are so great a Master of the Original, and who having read this piece when it first was publish'd, can easily find out my Failings, but to...

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The Authour's Dedication to the French King

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pp. 9-11

...the Lord and his Anointed; and I discover the Wickedness of the latter in this Work, which I present to your Majesty, as the fruit of my exact Obedience to those commands with which you have been pleas'd to honour me. I have endeavour'd to perform...

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The Authour's Advertisement to the Reader

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pp. 12-17

...I desire them to consider, that Writing like a faithful Historian, I am oblig'd sincerely to relate either the good or ill, which they have done. If they find themselves offended, they must take their satisfaction on those who have prescrib'd the Laws of History: let them give an account of their own rules; for Historians are...

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The Contents of the Books

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pp. 18-26

...Counsell which he follow'd at the beginning of his Reign, in renuing the War. The Commendation and Character of that Prince. The surprising change which was found in his Carriage, and in his Manners. The conjunction of the Politicks, or Malecontents with the...

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Lib. I

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pp. 27-117

...as the common people who have not been able to penetrate into the secret of that accursed Cabal, have always been persuaded. It was derived from two passions which in all ages have produc'd most tragical Effects, I mean Ambition...

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Lib. II

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pp. 118-182

...to his great grief, at the beginning of the Spring, he was forc'd to quit the Pleasures and Exercises of that sort of Life, with which he as infinitely satisfied, and rowze up hirnself to make War in conjunction with the...

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Lib. III

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pp. 183-279

...But because I am not of the opinion that much credit ought to be given to those sorts of Signs, which are coinmonly the effects of natural causes, though very often unknown to us; nor to the predictions of Astrologers, some of which verily believ'd...

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Lib. IV

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pp. 280-392

...favourable for the establishment of their Fortunes, and to sell their Obedience at the highest Rate they cou'd, by raising their Governments into Principalities, which had been to cantonize the Monarchy. There were great numbers of them, led by different Motives, some by a true Zeal for Religion, others by the Aversion which they had for this new King, which they disguis'd with a specious pretence of Zeal, who wou'd absolutelv...

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The Postscript of the Translator

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pp. 393-416

...own Life, so as to murder himself; will find by consequence, that he has no right to take away anothers Life; and that no pact betwixt Inan and man, or of Corporations and Individuals, or of Soveraigns and Subjects, can intitle them to this right: So that no Offender can lawfully, and without sin, be punish'd, unless...


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Textual Notes

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pp. 541-546

A. Glossary of technical terms, titles, and offices

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pp. 547-548

B. "The Table." An Index printed with The History ofthe League in 1684

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pp. 549-568

Index to the Commentary

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pp. 569-577

Back Cover

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E-ISBN-13: 9780520905313
Print-ISBN-13: 9780520021310

Publication Year: 1975

Series Title: Works of John Dryden