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The Works of John Dryden, Volume XVII

Prose, 1668-1691: An essay of Dramatick Poesie and Shorter Works

John Dryden

Publication Year: 1972

This collection of prose writing from the pen of Dryden dates from 1668 to 1691, and contains work that the editors describe as "a sampler of Dryden as biographer-historian, political commentator, religious controversialist, literary polemicist, literary theorist, and practical critic. Among the works contained here is his "Essay of Dramatick Poesie."

Published by: University of California Press

Series: Works of John Dryden


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Title Page, Copyright

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pp. v-viii

Dryden employed numerous prose styles, and they have been variously described. Very much the same thing can be said of the subjects to which he addressed himself in prose and of the Protean guises in which he chose to appear. This volume might best be described as a sampler of Dryden as biographer-historian, political commentator, ...


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pp. ix-xii

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Of Dramatick Poesie, An Essay

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pp. 3-82

As I was lately reviewing my loose Papers, amongst the rest I found this Essay, the writing of which in this rude and indigested manner wherein your Lordship now sees it, serv'd as an amusement to me in the Country, when the violence of the last Plague had driven me from the Town. ...

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Notes and Observations on The Empress of Morocco

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pp. 83-184

When I first saw the Empress of Morocco, though I found it then to be a Rapsody of non-sense, I was very well contented to have let it pass, that the Reputation of a new Authour might not be wholly damn'd; but that he might be encourag'd to make his Audience some part of amends another time. ...

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Heads of an Answer to Rymer

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pp. 185-194

He who undertakes to Answer this Excellent Critick of Mr. Rymer, in behalf of our English Poets against the Greek, ought to do it in this manner. ...

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His Majesties Declaration Defended

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pp. 195-226

Since you are pleas'd to require my Opinion of the Kings Declaration, and the Answer to it, which you write me word was sent you lately, I shall obey you the more willingly, because I know you are a lover of the Peace and Quietness of your Country; ...

Contributions to Plutarchs Lives

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pp. 227-244

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Epistle Dedicatory

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pp. 227-236

Lucretius, endeavouring to prove from the principles of his Philosophy, that the world had a casual beginning from the concourse of Atomes; and that Men, as well as the rest of Animals, were produc'd from the vital heat and moisture of their Mother Earth; ...

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The Publisher to the Reader

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pp. 237-238

You have here, the first Volume of Plutarchs Lives, turn'd from the Greek into English; And (give me leave to say) the first attempt of doing it from the Originalls. You may expect the Remainder, in four more; One after another as fast as they may conveniently be dispatch'd from the Press. ...

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The Life of Plutarch

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pp. 239-290

I know not by what Fate it comes to pass, that Historians, who give immortality to others, are so ill requited by Posterity, that their Actions and their Fortunes are usually forgotten; neither themselves incourag'd, while they live, nor their memory preserv'd entire to future Ages. ...

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Contribution to A Defence of the Papers Written by the Late King of Blessed Memory, and Duchess of York A Defence of the Third [Duchess's] Paper

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pp. 291-323

I dare appeal to all unprejudic'd Readers, and especially to those who have any sense of Piety, whether upon perusal of the Paper written by Her late Highness the Duchess, they have not found in it somewhat which touch'd them to the very Soul; whether they did not plainly and perfectly discern in it the Spirit of Meekness, Devotion, and Sincerity, ...

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Epistle Dedicatory for The Vocal and Instrumental Musick of the Prophetess

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pp. 324-326

Your Grace has been pleasd, so particularly to favour the Composition of the Musique In Diocletian, that from thence I have been incouragd to this presumption of Dedicating not onely it, but also the unworthy Authour of it, to your protection. All arts and Sciences have receivd their first encouragement from great persons; ...

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pp. 327-484

In the dedication to Buckhurst, Dryden says he wrote Of Dramatick Poesie "when the violence of the last Plague had driven me from the Town" (p. 3, 11. 5-6). The theaters, to which Dryden's literary efforts were then chiefly devoted, had been closed by the plague in late May or early June 1665 and were not to open again until the autumn of 1666. ...

Textual Notes

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Index to the Commentary

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E-ISBN-13: 9780520905191
Print-ISBN-13: 9780520018143

Page Count: 544
Publication Year: 1972

Series Title: Works of John Dryden