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College Knowledge for the Community College Student

David Schoem

Publication Year: 2013

Most students arrive at college not fully aware of just how different the college experience is from other prior experiences. The intellectual and social expectations, as well as the rules and regulations, are different, and not just different from high school. While all college students must learn to negotiate the transition to college, the challenges for those who enroll in community colleges are unique. Many community college students work, and many work full-time. Many also have family responsibilities—children, partners, and aging parents. A majority of community college students are the first in their family to enroll in college. Some students—both from abroad and from the United States--do not speak English fluently. Some students are retired military personnel. and some are seeking to make a career change. This book strives to speak to this diversity as well as to situations specific to today’s U.S. community college students. College Knowledge for the Community College Student is a road map and tour guide for a successful community college experience and education. Tips are based on research and the wisdom and advice of other community college students and are designed to help students learn, succeed, graduate, and have a rewarding and fulfilling community college experience.

Published by: University of Michigan Press


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Title Page, Copyright

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We have written this book to support the academic success of each and every community college student. This book is written for the community college student for use in class, during orientation, in advance of attending community college, as a pocket guide to carry throughout one’s studies at the community college, ...

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For more than thirty years we have been fortunate to have students share their academic and personal successes, challenges, and life stories with us. We have been first-hand observers of what helped them learn and grow, excel and graduate. We have also heard and seen which approaches to college have not worked so well. ...


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This book is for you, the community college student. We want you to succeed in order for you to realize your life’s hopes and dreams. We need you to succeed in order for our country to realize our collective hopes and dreams in our common and interconnected future. ...

Part 1: The Successful College Student

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Chapter 1. The Top 10 Tips for College Success and Happiness

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We can’t overstate the importance of maintaining your self-confidence at college. You are bright and capable and—no matter what kind of academic record you had in the past—if you have good study habits and the desire to succeed, you will do just that. ...

Part 2: The Fundamentals of College Success

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Chapter 2. Classroom Fundamentals: Learn the Basics of Being a College Student

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Some students worry that they are not good students. They express deep concerns about having been out of school for a long time, about previously not having done well in their classes, or that they are not fluent in academic English. Fortunately, your English language skills, the kind of student you were in the past, ...

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Chapter 3. Resource Fundamentals: Listen to Advice and Be Open to Support

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A great thing about college is that all students are considered adults. But it’s important to remember that this means that all of your decisions about courses matter and that your signature for tuition payments, apartment leases, and various purchases has significant associated costs. ...

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Chapter 4. Management Fundamentals: Balance Responsibilities of Family, Work, and Daily Life

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You have many responsibilities as a college student. As a result, you need to be particularly careful about conflicts that can arise during a term. You will be happy to know that most schedule conflicts can be avoided with careful attention to the schedule of classes and exams and the course syllabi. ...

Part 3: A High-Quality Educational Experience

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Chapter 5. Beyond the Basics: Get a High-Quality College Education

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Community college connotes different things to different people. We hope you’ll be one of those students who thinks of college as a scholarly community in which you get to spend a few years of your life with a group of people who are deeply engaged with ideas, exploration, questioning, discovery, analysis, and problem solving. ...

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Chapter 6. Expand Your Social Boundaries and Make a Difference in the World

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Have you ever thought about what you would do if you had the power to make the world a better place? Whatever your age and background, community college is a time not just to think a lot about yourself—your professional and personal development, relationships, and academic success ...

Part 4: Successful Choices For Your Life and Career

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Chapter 7. Explore Your Relationships, Choices, Identity, and Inner Self

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One of the most exciting opportunities of adulthood is identifying who we are and making our own choices. This is an ongoing process that starts when we are very young and continues throughout our lives. For many young people, community college is one of the first opportunities to make choices solely on their own, ...

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Chapter 8. Be Healthy, Safe, and Smart in Mind and Body

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Balance is a core principal for having a successful community college experience. To take the best advantage of what community college can offer, you need to find ways to be a well-rounded person who takes advantage of the wide range of available opportunities. ...

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Chapter 9. Look Beyond the First Year of Community College

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If you are attending community college as preparation for transfer to a four-year school, you may be asked when you apply to transfer whether you have completed the prerequisites for your major or concentration. This means that, in addition to completing your general university requirements, you will need to have decided on a major. ...

E-ISBN-13: 9780472120161
Print-ISBN-13: 9780472034550

Page Count: 208
Publication Year: 2013