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Exploring Forgiveness

Edited by Robert D. Enright and Joanna North

Publication Year: 1998

Pioneers in the study of forgiveness, Robert Enright and Joanna North have compiled a collection of twelve essays ranging from a first-person account of the mother of a murdered child to an assessment of the United States’ post-war reconciliations with Germany and Vietnam. This book explores forgiveness in interpersonal relationships, family relationships, the individual and society relationship, and international relations through the eyes of philosophers and educators as well as a psychologist, police chief-turned-minister, law professor, sociologist, psychiatrist, social worker, and theologian.

Published by: University of Wisconsin Press


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Foreword: Without Forgiveness There Is No Future

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pp. xiii-xvi

Dear friends who are "exploring forgiveness" through this volume published by the University of Wisconsin Press, I am greeting you from South Africa, this new South Africa, this free, democratic South Africa. Forgiveness is one of the key ideas in this world. Forgiveness is not just some nebulous, vague idea that one can easily dismiss. ...

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1. Introducing Forgiveness

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pp. 3-8

It is an obvious fact that we live in a world where violence, hatred, and animosity surround us on all sides. From nations at war with one another, to crime on our streets, to violence and cruelty in our families, there are none who are untouched by the atmosphere of fear and anxiety that these situations generate. ...

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2. The Power and Reality of Forgiveness: Forgiving the Murderer of One's Child

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pp. 9-14

It was to be the vacation we could talk about for the rest of our lives, our once-in-a-lifetime grand family vacation, camping for a whole month through the state of Montana. "It has everything you're all interested in!" my mom had said when she and my dad returned from a trip there the year before, ...

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3. The "Ideal" of Forgiveness: A Philosopher's Exploration

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pp. 15-34

In 1987 I published an article in which I sought to provide a clear and coherent definition of the concept of forgiveness (North 1987). As a philosopher trained in the British analytic tradition, I present the following in an attempt to use the philosophical method of conceptual analysis to understand forgiveness ...

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4. The Metaphysics and Morality of Forgiveness

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pp. 35-45

Whatever help philosophy can bring in principle to understanding forgiveness, any actual philosophical help obviously comes from particular philosophers on particular occasions. We are fortunate, then, to have the clarity and high plausibility of Joanna North's chapter (see chap. 3). ...

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5. The Psychology of Interpersonal Forgiveness

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pp. 46-62

For the past ten years, students and faculty in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin—Madison have met weekly to discuss and debate the fine points of interpersonal forgiveness. We have focused on certain central questions that include: (1) What is interpersonal forgiveness? ...

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6. Anger and the Healing Power of Forgiveness: A Psychiatrist's View

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pp. 63-74

Robert Enright and his associates in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin—Madison have continued to make a significant contribution to the mental health field by their pioneering work in forgiveness studies. Forgiveness as a powerful psychotherapeutic tool has received little attention ...

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7. The Process of Forgiveness in Marriage and the Family

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pp. 75-94

I always looked forward to the weekly session with Mary and Rick. On the brink of divorce when I had first seen them a year earlier, they were clearly happier now and more committed to one another. In one year's time we uncovered and disconnected emotional triangles, reworked family-of-origin issues, ...

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8. Forgivers and the Unforgivable

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pp. 95-105

If there is any clear agreement among scholars who study forgiveness, it may be that this nascent examination is fraught with methodological, analytic, and conceptual difficulties. There are so many difficulties, in fact, that it may be that forgiving is not actually possible to study empirically. ...

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9. Forgiveness and Crime: The Possibilities of Restorative Justice

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pp. 106-120

I am not a student of forgiveness or of the philosophy of moral development. I have spent my entire professional life working on criminal justice, with an emphasis on corrections. My immediate interest in forgiveness and the related, though distinct, qualities of empathy, compassion, mercy, and restoration stems from my concern ...

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10. Forgiveness in the Community: Views from an Episcopal Priest and Former Chief of Police

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pp. 121-130

I spent thirty-four years of my adult life in the police service and twenty-five of them as a chief of police. I have a master of arts in sociology, having studied deviant behavior at the University of Minnesota in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I recently (1993) retired from the police department and entered a seminary of the Episcopal church. ...

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11. Is There Forgiveness in Politics? Germany, Vietnam, and America

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pp. 131-149

World War I was grinding to a halt when Thomas Mann remarked ruefully: "The Germans will never become democratic, for they do not love politics." In those same grim months, Max Weber (1958, 1968) advised a Munich audience that a vocation for politics requires "trained relentlessness in viewing the realities of life" ...

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12. Expanding Our Options: The Challenge of Forgiveness

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pp. 150-164

Each chapter in this book, directly or indirectly, raises questions about this proposition, the evidence on which it is based, and its implications. In this chapter I subsume, under three overarching queries, the many questions raised in this book: (1) What are the defining characteristics of forgiveness? ...

Comprehensive Bibliography on Interpersonal Forgiveness

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E-ISBN-13: 9780299157739
Print-ISBN-13: 9780299157746

Publication Year: 1998