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Idaho's Place

A New History of the Gem State

edited by Adam M. Sowards

Publication Year: 2014

Published by: University of Washington Press

Title page, Copyright, Dedication

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pp. ix-2

Among the many who have helped create this book, those who work at the Idaho State Historical Society deserve prominent thanks. Oral historians, past and present, preserved important materials that I drew on. Kathy Hodges made a research trip to Boise pleasant and productive. On...

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1. Idaho's Place: Reckoning with History

Adam M. Sowards

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pp. 3-12

Snow and rain fall from the Idaho skies. As water, it rolls or seeps down hillsides and into creeks. It collects into larger streams and then into rivers. Then rivers converge into larger rivers. It is an impressively complex system in which several parts exist individually...

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2. The Confluence of Rivers: The Indigenous Tribes of Idaho

Rodney Frey and Robert McCarl

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pp. 13-41

Like the confluence of great rivers, the histories of the indigenous tribes of Idaho represent the intermingling of the waters of distinct rivers. Among the many rivers, there are two pivotal rivers that are essential to understanding these rich histories. One carries the...

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Idaho Voices: Native American History

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pp. 42-43

Okay, first of all, when the missionaries came, the Buckskin and the Eagle Feather became the work of the white man’s devil. In other words, we were told that it was evil to wear a buckskin, it was evil to wear feathers on your hairdo, and that people should cut their hair and not have braids. From...

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3. Crossing Divides: An Enviornmental History of Idaho

Kevin R. Marsh

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pp. 44-72

When Meriwether Lewis reached the summit of Lemhi Pass with an advance party of the Corps of Discovery on August 12, 1805, he looked out for the first time over the land that would become Idaho. His dream—one shared by European explorers for centuries—of...

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Idaho Voices: Enviornmental History

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pp. 73-75

Interviewer: Who would you say was your core group here in Idaho?
Day: Well, as far as preservation and protection, it was the hunters and the fishermen. And that’s not really surprising, because many of them, for a long time, realized a good habitat is essential for good game. Also the...

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4. Idiosyncrasy and Enigma: Idaho Politics

Katherine G. Aiken

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pp. 76-104

While it seems simple enough to describe Idaho as one of the most conservative states in the union, there are subtleties and exceptions that provide insights into Idahoans’ views of themselves and their relationship with the rest of the country. Historian Carlos...

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Idaho Voices: Political History

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pp. 105-107

Interviewer: Well, I guess the story was, and again, it may be inaccurate information, the story was that Ross through the sales tax was trying to raise money to match what the government was offering and that was the basis of the issue...

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5. The Power and the Glory: Idaho's Religious History

Jill K. Gill

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pp. 108-135

Idaho’s published religious history looks much like the state itself: bottom-heavy and abundantly Mormon. Historians have concentrated their research on nineteenth- and early twentieth-century religious stories, many of which involve the Church of Jesus Christ...

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Idaho Voices: Religious History

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pp. 136-137

Interviewer: How many brothers and sisters did you have?
Miller: We had seven, Mother had.
Interviewer: And then your father married twice more, did he not?
Miller: Yeah, Father married Carolyn Rudby, and they had about thirteen...

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6. Defying Boundaries: Women in Idaho History

Laura Woodworth-Ney and Tara A. Rowe

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pp. 138-164

A student of Idaho history, surrounded at her desk by the classic histories of the state, might conclude that women—but only white women—played an almost imperceptible (if supportive) role in establishing and developing the state of Idaho. Intimidating in attention...

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Idaho Voices: Women's History

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pp. 165-166

On April 11, 1939, the Statesman sponsored a class in electric cooking. As president of the Columbian Club, I was asked to introduce the speaker, and I said, “I have been invited to introduce Miss Emily Conklin, who is [to] present this series of lessons in the art of cookery. As you perhaps know, one...

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7. Confronting Race and Creating Community: Idaho's Ethnic History

Laurie Mercier

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pp. 167-197

In the national mind, Idaho is set apart from other states for the lack of diversity in its population. It is perceived to be white, Anglo, and—based on high-profile cases of Aryan Nations strongholds—hostile to ethnic and racial diversity.1 Although its foreign-born and...

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Idaho Voices: Ethnic History

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pp. 198-200

Interviewer: Everyone got along fine?
Fujii: Yes. But [in] 1915 agitators come from California tryin’ to make anti-Japanese land laws in Boise.
Interviewer: Were they Japanese men?...

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8. Latinos in Idaho: Making Their Way in the Gem State

Errol D. Jones

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pp. 201-234

Idahoans are keenly aware that the Latino population in their state has increased dramatically over the past quarter century.1 The 2010 U.S. Census counted 175,901 who claimed Latino heritage out of a state total of 1,567,582, or 11.2 percent. Most of that growth is attributed...

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Idaho Voices: Latino History

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pp. 235-237

Interviewer: When you first [got] to the labor camp, what was your first impression of it, do you remember?
Cortina: Well, yeah. I liked it, because there was a lot of people around here from—at that time we were migrant people, you know. We used to...

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9. Shifting Currents: Cultural Expressions in Idaho

Richard W. Etulain

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pp. 238-259

When Vardis Fisher, perhaps Idaho’s best-known writer, returned to the state in 1931 after several years in the Midwest and East, he quickly became a revealing example of shifting transregional cultural trends. The embodiment of American interregional—and...

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Idaho Voices: Cultural History

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pp. 260-262

Then about that time, the Works Progress Administration started the Federal Writers Project and I—out of the blue I had an offer to be the Idaho director at that, which I was for four years, and that took care of 1935 to 1939...

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10. Telling Stories: Idaho's Historians

Judith Austin

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pp. 263-288

Idaho’s written history is built on the work of generations of people who undertook to record their and others’ experiences. Professional, academically trained historians; local and regional historians; even early travelers and settlers, journalists past and present, pioneer politicians...

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Idaho Voices: Historians

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pp. 289-290

Interviewer: During the writing that stems from your interviewing, do you have any feelings about ways to integrate using those kinds of sources in traditional kinds of writing?
Sims: Well, it depends on the way you seek to do the writing—at least what...

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pp. 291-294

Katherine G. Aiken is a professor of history at the University of Idaho, where she served as dean of the College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences from 2006 to 2013 and is currently interim provost and executive vice president. She has written articles dealing with Idaho’s first woman member of...


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pp. 295-310

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Publication Year: 2014

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