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Missing the Breast

Gender, Fantasy, And the Body in the German Enlightenment

Simon Richter

Publication Year: 2012

Published by: University of Washington Press

Series: Literary Conjugations

Title Page, Copyright

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pp. vii-ix

According to Melanie Klein, Sigmund Freud’s early feminist rival, cultural production is a work of reparation offered to the maternal breast. Undoubtedly there is a significant relation between . . .

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Introduction: Men With Breasts, Women Without

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pp. 3-20

A 1995 issue of the science magazine Discover features an article titled “Men Who Give Milk.” Based on the incidence of spontaneous male lactation in a species of bat in Malaysia as well as on experiments with . . .

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1 / Breasts on a Platter and the Bosom of Jesus: The Parameters of Fantasy

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pp. 21-49

Where do fantasies of the breast begin? Where do they end? Since the eighteenth century, as Marilyn Yalom and other historians of the breast have shown, mainstream fantasies of the breast have turned on . . .

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2 / Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, and the Breast

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pp. 50-79

Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space, a phenomenology of the intimate spaces we associate with childhood memories of home, concludes with a phenomenology of roundness. On the basis of four isolated . . .

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3 / Ut in pene: The Medical and Moral Discourses of the Breast

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pp. 80-103

The rivalry of breast and phallus / penis, played out in the contest between Klein and Freud / Lacan, has its origin in the medical and pedagogical discourses of the eighteenth century, particularly in . . .

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4 / Wieland’s Busted Tropes

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pp. 104-136

Any account of the breast in German literature would have to begin with Christoph Martin Wieland. The texts of no other author are as frankly breast-obsessed as his. A generation older than Goethe, whose . . .

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5 / Sophie von La Roche and the Communities of the Breast

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pp. 137-167

In moving from Christoph Martin Wieland to Sophie von La Roche, we may once again appeal to the trope of metonymy, understood in its primary sense as contiguity. Wieland, after all, was not only . . .

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6 / Revealing the Phallus, Concealing the Breast: The Revolutionary Fictions of Wilhelm Heinse and Therese Huber

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pp. 168-215

From Wieland’s rococo fantasies of submission to a phallic breast and the modest breast-based communities of La Roche, with their flickering emancipatory moments, we now move to Wilhelm Heinse and , , ,

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7 / The Breast in Ruins: Heinrich von Kleist and the Language of the Breast

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pp. 216-247

Given the focus of this study, the turn to Heinrich von Kleist at this point is all but inevitable. We’ve already introduced him as Wieland’s virtual godson, a relationship that points to a submerged a‹nity in terms . . .

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8 / Being the Breast, Being Without: Philip Roth, Matuschka, and Deena Metzger

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pp. 248-288

The mythology of the breast at any given time, in any given culture, necessarily consists of layers of meaning, accreted and reorganized over decades, the inherited material for the representation of powerful, . . .


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Publication Year: 2012

Series Title: Literary Conjugations