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Captured in the Middle

Tradition and Experience in Contemporary Native American Writing

by Sidner Larson

Publication Year: 2000

Published by: University of Washington Press

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pp. 3-20

AFTER SPENDINC SUMMERS AT THE INDIAN reservation ranch where I was raised, after a ten-year stint in the whiskey trade, and after leaving the practice of law, I have always returned to school. As a young man I more than once found myself unhappy about my life and decided the best chance I had to...

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House Made of Cards: The Construction of American Indians

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pp. 21-38

THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICAN INDIANS BY European diseases and military technology is obvious. What is less visible is how various language appellations have harmed Indian cultures. For example, words such as savage, enemy, them, and other create the objectification necessary for one group to treat another as if the members were not fellow human beings...

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American Indians, Authenticity, and the Future

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pp. 39-57

MY AUNT, BY WHOM I WAS RAISED, WAS SKEPTICAL of certain individuals, including Crees, those included in the catchall category of "Breeds," those who drank, those who did not work, manipulative people, and most women, especially those who became involved with her boys. I was aware of her critical nature long before I understood anything about its origins, and it was only later...

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Vine Deloria Jr. : Reconstructing the Logic of Belief

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pp. 58-69

MY FIRST INKLING THAT WE ARE TRULY A killing species came with Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather movies, wherein the concept of family was associated with murder as a business strategy. Notions of family became further vexed for me by the awareness that the highest percentage of homicides are committed by family members. If members of families kill one another...

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Constituting and Preserving Self through Writing

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pp. 70-77

CONSISTENT WITH THE AUTHENTICITY DEBATE, which seeks to define who is and who is not Indian, individuals who write about themselves have been the topic of much concern. A primary worry has to do with the reliability of the author, based on the assumption that people do not remember events exactly as they occurred. According to Georges Gusdorf, for...

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Louise Erdrich: Protecting and Celebrating Culture

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pp. 78-103

MY FAMILY OF ORIGIN WAS WITHOUT QUESTION run by women. My grandmother was the head of the family; second in command was Aunt Sis, with my mother and two other aunts lower on the extended-family totem pole, although they governed their own households with comparable authority. Neighboring Fort Belknap Reservation families of midcentury were similarly...

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James Welch's Indian Lawyer

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pp. 104-128

THE WAYS IN WHICH AMERICAN INDIAN LITERATURE reflects traditional Indian worldviews, as well as the ways it responds to theoretical frameworks, such as Arnold Krupat's notion of indigenous literature, are varied and complex. In his analysis of N. Scott Momaday's House Made of Dawn, Louis Owens says, "What has matured with Momaday is not merely an undeniable...

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Pragmatism and American Indian Thought

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pp. 129-143

IN HIS BOOK TRIBAL SECRETS: VINE DELORIA, JR., John Joseph Mathews, and the Recovery of American Indian Intellectual Traditions, Robert Warrior describes Vine Deloria as being committed to pragmatic politics and being involved in "a search, at once pragmatic and idealistic, for answers to the problems of Native communities and the world as a whole." Pragmatism is similar...

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pp. 144-156

POSTAPOCALYPSE THEORY HAS RESULTED FROM a vast network of tribal nations being subjected to the end of the world in the rememberable past. The discussion related to the genocide perpetrated upon the original inhabitants of the Americas is both absolutely necessary, and crucial to move beyond; it is a primary moving force and the undertow that drags Indian people into a sea...


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pp. 167-173


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pp. 175-182

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Publication Year: 2000