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All the World's Reward

Folktales Told by Five Scandinavian Storytellers

edited by Reimund Kvideland and Henning K. Sehmsdorf

Publication Year: 1999

“This rich anthology presents 98 tales from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Collected a century ago, they include popular narratives gathered by five noted folklorists. . . . An excellent introduction to the scope of folk traditions in Europe.” - Library Journal

Published by: University of Washington Press


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With the publication of this book on folktales we complete the series on Scandinavian folklore which began in I988 with Scandinavian Folk Belief and Legend (revised edition, I99I), followed in I989 by Nordic Folklore: Recent Studies. We were motivated to undertake this series because at the time there existed no critical editions of oral folklore covering Scandinavia as a whole. ...

List of Contributors

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List of Abbreviations

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In the modern world we connect folktales mostly with books and films. There are hundreds of folktale editions; in many countries bookstores reserve a special section for them. From the time children are small, parents and other grownups read folktales to them on the sofa or as a goodnight at bedtime. ...

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Part I: Olav Eivindsson Austad: Tales from Setesdal, Norway (1907-1926)

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pp. 11-118

The beginning of folktale collection in Norway is identified with the publication of Norske folkeeventyr (Norwegian Folktales, 1841-43) by Peter Chr. Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe. The two Norwegian collectors modeled themselves on their German forerunners, Jakob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm, whose Kinder-und Hausmiirchen had appeared in 1812-22. ...

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Part II: Ane Margrete Hansen: Tales from Jutland, Denmark (1889)

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pp. 119-200

Whenever Denmark is mentioned in connection with storytelling, the first name to pop into the heads of most people is that of Hans Christian Andersen. It is true that he was a great storyteller, and his more than a hundred and fifty tales and stories are renowned throughout the world with good reason; but the fact is that he has much less to do with traditional storytelling ...

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Part III: Jakob Glader: Tales from Dal, Sweden (1884)

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pp. 201-242

There have been two high points in folktale collection in Sweden, both of which occurred in the nineteenth century. The first came in the 1830S and 1840S, when the young Gunnar Olof Hyrén-Cavallius, assisted by his father, who was a minister in Smâland, and by his friend George Stephens, ...

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Part IV: Johann Bäckström: Tales from Österby, Swedish Finland (1885)

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pp. 243-262

In 1843, a group of university students started on a tour of the countryside beyond the Swedish-speaking coastal area around Helsingfors (Helsinki) to study and collect Finnish dialects and folklife. In the group was J. O. I. Rancken (1824-95), who eventually became known as the first important promoter of Swedish folklore and traditions in Finland. ...

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Part V: Herdís Jónasdóttir: Tales from Húsafell, Iceland (1966-1967)

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pp. 263-310

The great literature of medieval Iceland bears witness to an ancient symbiosis between folktale tradition and literature. The narrative style of folktales - that is, their dramatic quality and "inherent power to analyze character swiftly and accurately" - resonates in the Icelandic sagas and in the mythological tales composed by Snorri Sturluson ...


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Index of Tale Types

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Illustration Credits

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Publication Year: 1999