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Riley Child-Rhymes with Hoosier Pictures

James Whitcomb Riley. Illustrated by Will Vawter

Publication Year: 2010

First produced in 1890, this charming book includes 39 of James Whitcomb Riley's signature poems, such as "Old Aunt Mary's," "Little Orphant Annie," and "The Raggedy Man." Graced by noted Brown County artist Will Vawter's illustrations of scenes such as "The Nine Goblins," "The Circus Day Parade," and "Barefoot, Hungry, Lean Ornery Boys," Riley Child-Rhymes with Hoosier Pictures recalls simpler times gone by. This Library of Indiana Classics edition reproduces the 1905 edition. A must-have for Riley enthusiasts everywhere, this book offers a look at how childhood was lived a century ago.

Published by: Indiana University Press

Series: Library of Indiana Classics

Title Page

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pp. xiii-xiv


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pp. xv

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Little Orphant Annie

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pp. 1-5

Little Orphant Annie’s come to our house to stay, An’ wash the cups an’ saucers up, an’ brush the crumbs away, An’ shoo the chickens off the porch, an’ dust the hearth, an’ sweep, An’ make the fire,...

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The Raggedy Man

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pp. 6-9

O The Ragged y Man ! He works fer Pa; An’ he’s the goodest man ever you saw! He comes to our house every day, An’ waters the horses, an’ feeds ’em hay; An’ he opens the...

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Curly Locks

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pp. 10-12

Curly Locks! Curly Locks! wilt thou be mine? Thou shalt not wash the dishes, nor yet feed the swine,— But sit on a cushion and...

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The Funny Little Fellow

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pp. 13-17

Twas a Funny Little Fellow Of the very purest type, For he had a heart as mellow As an apple...

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The Happy Little Cripple

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pp. 18-25

I’m thist a little cripple boy, an’ never goin’ to grow An’ get a great big man at all!—’cause Aunty told me so. When I was thist a baby onc’t, I falled out of the bed An’ got “The Curv’ture...

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The Rider of the Knee

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pp. 26-28

Knightly Rider of the Knee O f Proud-prancing Unclery! Gaily mount, and wave the sign Of that mastery of thine. Pat thy steed and turn him free, Knightly Rider of the Knee! Sit thy charger as...

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Down Around the River

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pp. 29-33

Noon-time an’ June-time, down around the river! Have to furse with ’Lizey Ann—but lawzy! I fergive her! Drives me off the place, an’ says ’at all ’at she’s a-wishin’, Land o’ gracious! time’ll come I’ll git enough o’ fishin’! Little Dave, a-...

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At Aunty's House

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pp. 34-37

One time, when we’z at Aunty’s house— ’Way in the country!—where They’s ist but woods—an’ pigs, an’ cows— An’...

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The Days Gone By

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pp. 38-41

O the days gone by! O the days gone by! The apples in the orchard, and the pathway through the rye; The chirrup of the robin, and the whistle of the quail As he piped across the meadows sweet as any nightingale; When the bloom was...

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The Bumblebee

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pp. 42-44

You better not fool with a Bumblebee!— Ef you don’t think they can sting—you’ll see! They’re lazy to look at, an’ kindo’ go Buzzin’ an’ bummin’ aroun’ so slow,...

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The Boy lives on our Farm

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pp. 45-48

The boy lives on our Farm, he’s not Afeard o’ horses none! An’ he can make ’em lope, er trot, Er rack, er pace...

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The Squirtgun Uncle Maked Me

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pp. 49-53

Unc le Sidney, when he wuz here, Maked me a squirtgun out o’ some Elder-bushes ’at growed out near Where wuz the brickyard—’way out clear To where...

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Old Aunt Mary’s

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pp. 54-57

Was n’t it pleasant, O brother mine, In those old days of the lost sunshine Of youth—when the Saturday’s chores were through, And the “Sunday’s wood” in the kitchen, too, And we went visiting, “me and you,” O ut to...

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Winter Fancies

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pp. 58-62

Winter without And warmth within; The winds may shout And the storm begin; The snows may pack At the window...

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The Runaway Boy

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pp. 63-67

Wuns t I sassed my Pa, an’ he Won’t stand that, an’ punished me,— Nen when he was gone that day, I slipped out an’ runned away. I tooked all my copper-cents, An’ clumbed over our back fence In the jimpson...

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The Little Coat

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pp. 68-72

Here ’s his ragged “roundabout” T urn the pockets inside out: See; his pen-knife, lost to use, Rusted shut with apple-juice; Here, with marbles, top and string, Is his deadly “...

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An Impetuous Resolve

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pp. 73-76

When little Dickie Swope’s a man, H e’s go’ to be a Sailor; An’ little Hamey Tincher, he’s A-go’ to be a Tailor: Bud Mitchell, he’s a-go’ to be A stylish Carriage...

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Who Santy-Claus Wuz

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pp. 77-81

Jes ’ a little bit o’ feller—I remember still— Ust to almost cry fer Christmas, like a youngster will. Fourth o’ July’s nothin’ to it!—New Year’s ain’t a smell! Easter-Sunday—Circus-day—jes’ all dead in the shell! Lawzy, though! at...

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The Nine Little Goblins

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pp. 82-86

They all climbed up on a high board-fence— Nine little Goblins, with green-glass eyes— Nine little Goblins that had no sense, And couldn’t tell coppers...

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Time of Clearer-Twitterings

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pp. 87-91

Time of crisp and tawny leaves, And of tarnished harvest sheaves, And of dusty grasses—weeds— Thistles, with their tufted seeds Voyaging the Autumn breeze Like as fairy argosies...

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The Circus -Day Parade

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pp. 92-96

Oh, the Circus-Day parade! How the bugles played and played! And how the glossy horses tossed their flossy manes, and neighed, As the rattle and the rhyme of the tenor-drummer’s time Filled all the hungry...

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The Lugubrious Whing Whang

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pp. 97-98

The rhyme o’ The Raggedy Man’s ’at’s best Is Tickle me, Love, in these Lonesome Ribs,— ’Cause that-un’s the strangest of all o’ the rest, An’ the worst to learn, an’ the last one guessed, An’ the funniest one, an...

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Waitin' Fer the Cat to Die

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pp. 99-103

Lawz y! don’t I rickollect That-’air old swing in the lane! Right and proper, I expect, Old times can’t come back again; But I want to state, ef they Could come back...

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Naughty Claude

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pp. 104

When Little Claude was naughty wunst At dinner-time, an’ said He won’t say “Thank you” to his Ma, She maked him go to bed An’ stay two hours an’ not...

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The South Wind and the SUn

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pp. 105

OThe South Wind and the Sun H ow each loved the other one— Full of fancy—full of folly— Full of jollity and fun! How they romped and ran about, Like two boys when school is out,...

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The Jolly Miller

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pp. 114-117

It was a Jolly Miller lived on the River Dee; H e looked upon his piller, and there he found a flea: “O Mr. Flea! You have bit’ me, And you shall shorely die!” So he scrunched his bones against the stones— And there he...

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Our Hired Girl

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pp. 118-121

OUR hired girl, she’s ’Lizabuth Ann; An’ she can cook best things to eat! She ist puts dough in our pie-pan, An’ pours in somepin’ ’at’s good and sweet, An’ nen she salts it all on top With cinnamon; an’ nen she’ll stop...

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The Boy's Candidate

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pp. 122

Las ’ time ’at Uncle Sidney come, H e bringed a watermelon home— An’ half the boys in town, Come taggin’ after him.—An’..

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The Pet Coon

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pp. 123-125

Noey Bixler ketched him, and fetched him in to me When he’s ist a little teenty-weenty baby-coon ’Bout as big as little pups, an’ tied him to a tree; An’ Pa gived Noey fifty cents, when he come home at noon. Nen he buyed a chain fer him...

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The Old Hay Mow

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pp. 126-129

The Old Hay-mow’s the place to play Fer boys, when it’s a rainy day! I good-’eal ruther be up there Than down in town, er anywhere! When I play in our stable...

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On the Sunny Side

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pp. 130-133

Hi and whoop-hooray, boys! Sing a song of cheer! Here’s a holiday, boys, Lasting half a year! Round the world, and half is Shadow we have...

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A Sudden Shower

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pp. 134-137

Barefooted boys scud up the street, Or skurry under sheltering sheds; And schoolgirl faces, pale and sweet, Gleam from the...

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Grandfather Squeers

pdf iconDownload PDF (404.0 KB)
pp. 138-144

“My grandfather Squeers,” said The Raggedy Man, As he solemnly lighted his pipe and began— “The most indestructible man, for his years, And the grandest on earth, was my grandfather Squeers...

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The Pixy People

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pp. 145-148

It was just a very M erry fairy dream!— All the woods were airy With the gloom and gleam; Crickets in the clover Clattered clear and strong, And the bees droned...

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A Life -Less on

pdf iconDownload PDF (392.2 KB)
pp. 149-152

There ! little girl; don’t cry! They have broken your doll, I know; And your tea-set blue, And your play-house,...

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A Homemade Fairytale

pdf iconDownload PDF (531.7 KB)
pp. 153-156

BUD, come here to your Uncle a spell, And I’ll tell you something you mustn’t tell— For it’s a secret and shore-nuff true, And maybe I oughtn’t to tell it to you!— But out in the garden, under the...

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The Bear Story

pdf iconDownload PDF (524.5 KB)
pp. 157-164

W’y, wunst they wuz a Little Boy went out I n the woods to shoot a Bear. So, he went out ’Way in the grea’-big woods—he did.—An’ he Wuz goin’ along—an’ goin’ along, you know, An’ purty soon he heerd...

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pdf iconDownload PDF (151.0 KB)
pp. 165-166

Man y pleasures of youth have been buoyantly sung— And, borne on the winds of delight, may they beat With their palpitant wings at the hearts of the Young, And in bosoms of Age find as warm a retreat!— Yet sweetest of all of the...

E-ISBN-13: 9780253001573
E-ISBN-10: 0253001579
Print-ISBN-13: 9780253355690

Page Count: 192
Illustrations: 150 b&w illus.
Publication Year: 2010

Series Title: Library of Indiana Classics

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