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The Global Guide to Animal Protection

Andrew Linzey

Publication Year: 2013

Raising awareness of human indifference and cruelty toward animals, The Global Guide to Animal Protection includes more than 180 introductory articles that survey the extent of worldwide human exploitation of animals from a variety of perspectives. In addition to entries on often disturbing examples of human cruelty toward animals, the book provides inspiring accounts of attempts by courageous individuals--including Jane Goodall, Shirley McGreal, Birute Mary Galdikas, Richard D. Ryder, and Roger Fouts--to challenge and change exploitative practices. As concern for animals and their welfare grows, this volume will be an indispensable aid to general readers, activists, scholars, and students interested in developing a keener awareness of cruelty to animals and considering avenues for reform. Also included is a special foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, urging readers to seek justice and protection for all creatures, humans and animals alike.

Published by: University of Illinois Press

Title Page, Other Works by the Author, Copyright, Dedication

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Foreword: Extending Justice and Compassion

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Introduction: Other Eyes and Other Worlds

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pp. 1-5

...(A Nursery Rhyme Book, 1eight.oldstyle7two.oldstyle, rev. 1eight.oldstyle9three.oldstyle)distressing fact of cruelty itself, but also on the culpability 19eight.oldstylethree.oldstyle, it had an immediate effect on the number of seals killed, as the figures show: down from 1six.oldstylesix.oldstyle,7three.oldstyle9 in 19eight.oldstyletwo.oldstyle to five.oldstyle7,eight.oldstyleeight.oldstyle9 in 19eight.oldstylethree.oldstyle; three.oldstyle1,five.oldstylefour.oldstylefour.oldstyle in 19eight.oldstylefour.oldstyle; and a record low of 19,zero.oldstylethree.oldstylefive.oldstyle ...

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Section One. Histories and Global Perspectives

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pp. 6-8

The first subsection of ?Histories and Global Per-spectives? provides an overview of the emer-...

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Histories of Organized Animal Protection

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pp. 9-18

...islation were animals used in farming. On June 7, 1eight.oldstyletwo.oldstyletwo.oldstyle, (which became the RSPCA) was founded in 1eight.oldstyletwo.oldstylefour.oldstyle initially of ?rude and obscure ages.? In the 1eight.oldstylethree.oldstylezero.oldstyles and 1eight.oldstylefour.oldstylezero.oldstyles, the a new age. In the 1eight.oldstylesix.oldstylezero.oldstyles and 1eight.oldstyle7zero.oldstyles, campaigners? atten-and cats. In 1eight.oldstylesix.oldstylezero.oldstyle Mary Tealby became the first woman ...

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Perspectives from around the Globe

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pp. 18-35

...cited in its ?General Statistics from the 199zero.oldstyles? a 199six.oldstyle NOP that was later closed in the 19eight.oldstylezero.oldstyles. The North American Vegetarian Society was founded in 197four.oldstyle by Jay Dinshah tarian Congress held at the University of Maine in 197five.oldstyle Charles Stahler in 19eight.oldstyletwo.oldstyle as the Baltimore Vegetarians and ...

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Section Two. Aquatic and Marine Life

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pp. 36-38

This section introduces the reader to those aquatic and marine creatures whom we often see least of ...

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Aquatic and Marine Life

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pp. 39-56

...ter 19six.oldstyle1, when more powerful naval sonars began to be strandings have occurred in Greece (199six.oldstyle), the Bahamas (two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle), Madeira (two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle), Vieques (199eight.oldstyle, two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyletwo.oldstyle), the Canary Islands (two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyletwo.oldstyle, two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylefour.oldstyle), the northwest coast of the United States (two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylethree.oldstyle), and Hawaii (two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylefour.oldstyle). Each stranding has been ...

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Section Three. Free-Living Animals

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pp. 57-60

The focus in this section is on those free-living (oth-erwise known as ?wild?) animals who share the ...

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Animals in Captivity

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pp. 61-67

In the United States, there are more than 1,six.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle chimpan-mately five.oldstylefive.oldstylezero.oldstyle chimpanzees in other biomedical research facilities around the world. Approximately three.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle chimpan-other 1,7zero.oldstylezero.oldstyle around the world. Estimates of the number to make. One estimate is that perhaps six.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle chimpan-...

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Preservation and Killing

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pp. 68-80

...six.oldstyleeight.oldstyle | remele / animal ProTecTion and environmenTalismRelated articles: Animal pain; Conservation philosophy; Ethical claims of animals; The universal charter of the rights of other New Bottlenecks,? Zygon three.oldstyleeight.oldstyle.four.oldstyle (two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylethree.oldstyle): 911?9four.oldstyle1.Ethics: An Anthology, Blackwell, two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylethree.oldstyle....

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Focus on Species Worldwide

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pp. 80-102

...two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle7 found that snares (defined as ?any trap using a cable straining Traps,? Animal Welfare 1six.oldstyle (two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle7): three.oldstylethree.oldstylefive.oldstyle?three.oldstylefive.oldstyletwo.oldstyle.Rural Affairs, two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylefive.oldstyle.Chimpanzees,? Primates five.oldstyletwo.oldstyle (two.oldstylezero.oldstyle11): 1?five.oldstyle.on Animal Welfare,? Report on Snaring, OneKind, two.oldstylezero.oldstyle1zero.oldstyle....

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pp. 102-110

...1zero.oldstyletwo.oldstyle | nash / ciTes and inTernaTional TradeMute Swan, Oxford University Press, 19eight.oldstyletwo.oldstyle.Field Guides), Christopher Helm, 19eight.oldstyleeight.oldstyle.Hibbert, A., Animal Welfare: Read All about It, Franklin Watts, during one.oldstylenine.oldstyleeight.oldstylenine.oldstyle, Nature Conservancy Council, Information and ...

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Section Four. Companion Animals

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pp. 111-114

Millions of people worldwide have companion animals. Some are lavishly treated; many are ...

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Caring for Individual Species

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pp. 115-124

...when they return home. Only about 1zero.oldstyle percent of cats are parasites. Moreover, expensive pedigree cats (four.oldstyle percent of the 7.five.oldstyle million cats in the United Kingdom in two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyletwo.oldstyle) are Edney, Andrew, and Taylor, David, Caring for Your Cat: one.oldstylezero.oldstyleone.oldstyle Essential Tips, two.oldstylend ed., Dorling Kindersley, two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylethree.oldstyle....

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Responsible Care

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pp. 125-137

Gullone / children?s relaTions wiTh animals | 1two.oldstylefive.oldstylethat between almost half of all households (four.oldstyle7 percent in the United Kingdom) and nearly three-quarters (six.oldstylethree.oldstyle per-cent in Australia; six.oldstyle7 percent in the United States) include In the 19five.oldstylezero.oldstyles, Levinson was having difficulty establishing ...

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Health, Loss, and Bereavement

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pp. 137-147

Beaver, Bonnie B., Feline Behaviour, Saunders, two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylethree.oldstyle.Serpell, J. A. (ed.), The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behaviour is the clear teaching of Saint Paul in Romans (eight.oldstyle:1eight.oldstyle?two.oldstylefour.oldstyle) rious liberty of the children of God? (Romans eight.oldstyle:two.oldstyle, RSV).true? (Spurgeon five.oldstylefive.oldstyle9). Christians have so of_ten neglected ...

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Issues of Concern

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pp. 148-159

...ban cost the county approximately dollar.PPFfive.oldstylesix.oldstylezero.oldstyle,zero.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle. The costs country dollar.PPFfour.oldstylefive.oldstyle9,1three.oldstyleeight.oldstyle,1six.oldstylethree.oldstyle annually to enforce.been neutered; (b) eight.oldstylefour.oldstyle percent involved caregivers who (c) 7eight.oldstyle percent of caregivers kept the dog not as a compan-Delise, K., The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths and Politics of ...

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Section Five. Areas of Worldwide Concern

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pp. 160-162

This section concentrates on three areas of global concern: animals in farming, animals in research, ...

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Animals in Farming

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pp. 163-177

...cages for laying hens as of two.oldstylezero.oldstyle1two.oldstyle, and sow stalls (gestation ing in two.oldstylezero.oldstyle1three.oldstyle. Several U.S. states have now legislated along nearly two.oldstyleeight.oldstyle million mammals (cattle, sheep, and pigs) and eight.oldstyle7zero.oldstyle million poultry are slaughtered annually.Turner / animal welfare and farminG | 1six.oldstylethree.oldstyle...

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Animals in Research

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pp. 178-197

...three.oldstyleRs in Russell and Burch) are also sometimes referred has been metabolized by liver cells. The creation of three.oldstyleD requires the death of five.oldstylezero.oldstyle percent of the mice injected with thought to have decreased significantly from the 197zero.oldstyles. However, it is still at a very high estimate of 11five.oldstyle million ...

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Animals in Sport and Entertainment

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pp. 197-218

...tion: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy, Institute of Medicine, Vivisection, 199eight.oldstyle, available at http://www.ciwf.org.uk/ includes/documents/cm_docs/two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyleeight.oldstyle/a/animal_organs_in The Ethics of Xenotransplantation, 199six.oldstyle, available at http://For and Against,? Philosophy Now (July/August two.oldstylezero.oldstyle11), ...

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Section Six. Changing Perspectives

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pp. 219-222

The last fifty years have witnessed major changes in the ways humans think about animals....

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Changing Ethical Sensitivity

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pp. 223-229

...arKow / animal and human violence | two.oldstyletwo.oldstylethree.oldstyletwo.oldstyletwo.oldstylefour.oldstyle | farians / The feminisT eThic of careArkow, P., Breaking the Cycles of Violence: A Guide to Multi-Dis-Foundation, two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylethree.oldstyle.Kindness and Cruelty, Purdue University Press, two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylefive.oldstyle....

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Changing Legal Attitudes

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pp. 230-239

...two.oldstylethree.oldstylezero.oldstyle | cunniff and Kramer / develoPmenTs in animal lawThomas / leGal challenGes To exPerimenTs in The uniTed KinGdom | two.oldstylethree.oldstyle1animals in China; The legal rights of great apes; Legislation in Survey of American Laws from one.oldstylesix.oldstylefour.oldstyleone.oldstyle to one.oldstylenine.oldstylenine.oldstylezero.oldstyle, four.oldstyleth ed., 199zero.oldstyle.National Anti-Vivisection Society (U.S.), ?Animals and the Law,? ...

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Changing Religious Perspectives

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pp. 240-254

...two.oldstylefour.oldstylezero.oldstyle | linzey / animal-friendly sPiriTualiTydestruction, like life, long to live. To life all life is dear.? ?communities? under God (Q six.oldstyle:three.oldstyleeight.oldstyle).with the beasts in Mark 1:1two.oldstyle?1three.oldstyle), a voluminous amount of or RSPCA) in 1eight.oldstyletwo.oldstylefour.oldstyle. An Anglican priest, Arthur Broome, ...

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Changing Scientific Attitudes

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pp. 254-262

...two.oldstylefive.oldstylefour.oldstyle | KniGhT / animal aGriculTure and climaTe chanGein the field? (Deuteronomy two.oldstylefive.oldstyle:four.oldstyle). The point of the pre-two.oldstyletwo.oldstyle:1zero.oldstyle) was designed to protect the weaker animal, who is best summed up in the verse in Proverbs 1two.oldstyle:1zero.oldstyle??the Related articles: Animal-friendly spirituality; Animal sacrifice; ...

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Declarations for Animals

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pp. 263-266

...whiTe / The declaraTion of The riGhTs of ceTaceans | two.oldstylesix.oldstylethree.oldstylethree.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle,zero.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle cetaceans as the result of bycatch.Accordingly, in May two.oldstylezero.oldstyle1zero.oldstyle, a select group of scholars two.oldstylesix.oldstylefour.oldstyle | PoPe / The universal charTer of The riGhTs of oTher sPeciesDeserve Human Rights, Oxford University Press, two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylefour.oldstyle....

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Section Seven. Animal-Friendly Living

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pp. 267-270

The final section details those projects?both per-sonal and social?that we need to consider in or-...

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Action for Animals

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pp. 271-280

...transport, housing, and killing. A 199zero.oldstyle undercover inves-to be killed. In 199four.oldstyle, another investigation described the ing has been outlawed in the United Kingdom since 1eight.oldstyle7six.oldstyle, and 1five.oldstyletwo.oldstyle of the 1five.oldstyle9 American medical schools?including Biological Education two.oldstyle9.three.oldstyle (199five.oldstyle): 1eight.oldstyle7?19four.oldstyle....

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Compassionate Lifestyle

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pp. 281-288

...van der merwe / carinG for animals and humans | two.oldstyleeight.oldstyle1Violence? three.oldstyle). One insight into the interrelationship be-In the last quarter of the year two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle, the Humane Ed-a two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyle1 documentary: ?Teach people how to care? (Car-two.oldstyleeight.oldstyletwo.oldstyle | eyTon / carinG shoPPinG...

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Vegetarian Living

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pp. 288-296

...two.oldstyleeight.oldstyleeight.oldstyle | saPonTzis / eThical veGeTarianismRelated articles: Animals and public health; The ethics of kill-???, Fettered Kingdoms, Fox Press, 19eight.oldstyletwo.oldstyle.???, Living with Urban Wildlife, Centaur Press, two.oldstylezero.oldstylezero.oldstyletwo.oldstyle.Roots, Clive, Animal Invaders, David and Charles, 197six.oldstyle....

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About the Editor and the Contributors

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pp. 297-304

Andrew Linzey is director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and a member of the Faculty of Theology in the University of Oxford. He is also honorary professor at the University of Winchester, special professor at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, and...


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Production Notes

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Page Count: 296
Publication Year: 2013