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Communities and Law looks at minorities, or nonruling communities, and their identity practices under state domination in the midst of globalization. It examines six sociopolitical dimensions of community--nationality, social stratification, gender, religion, ethnicity, and legal consciousness--within the communitarian context and through their respective legal cultures. Gad Barzilai addresses such questions as: What is a communal legal culture, and what is its relevance for relations between state and society in the midst of globalization? How do nonliberal communal legal cultures interact with transnational American-led liberalism? Is current liberalism, with its emphasis on individual rights, litigation, and adjudication, sufficient to protect pluralism and multiculturalism? Why should democracies encourage the collective rights of nonruling communities and protect nonliberal communal cultures in principle and in practice? He looks at Arab-Palestinians, feminists, and ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel as examples of the types of communities discussed. Communities and Law contributes to our understanding of the severe tensions between democracies, on the one hand, and the challenge of their minority communities, on the other, and suggests a path toward resolving the resulting critical issues. Gad Barzilai is Professor of Political Science and Law and Co-Director of the Law, Politics and Society Program, Department of Political Science, Tel Aviv University.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
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  1. Frontmatter
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  1. Contents
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  1. Acknowledgments
  2. p. ix
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  1. Introduction: Conceptual Framework and Structure
  2. pp. 1-12
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  1. Chapter 1. Legal Cultures, Communities, and Democratic Political Cultures
  2. pp. 13-57
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  1. Chapter 2. State Legal Culture: Domination, Identities, and the Politics of Rights
  2. pp. 59-96
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  1. Chapter 3. The Arab-Palestinian Community in a Jewish (and Democratic) State
  2. pp. 97-146
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  1. Chapter 4. Feminism, Community, and Law
  2. pp. 147-208
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  1. Chapter 5. Religious Fundamentalism and Law: The Jewish Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Community and Legal Culture
  2. pp. 209-278
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  1. Chapter 6. Conclusions: The Return to the Communal Space
  2. pp. 279-311
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  1. Bibliography
  2. pp. 313-349
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  1. Index
  2. pp. 351-370
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