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Conflict, Security, Foreign Policy, and International Political Economy

Past Paths and Future Directions in International Studies

Michael Brecher and Frank P. Harvey, editors

Publication Year: 2002

No study of international relations is complete without consideration of foreign policy processes and an understanding of state security, conflict in global politics, and the relationship between the world economy and international behavior. Conflict, Security, Foreign Policy, and International Political Economy: Past Paths and Future Directions in International Studies consists of twelve original essays that point out the strengths and weaknesses of current approaches in these research areas as well as suggest agendas for future research. See table of contents and excerpts. Frank P. Harvey is Professor of Political Science and Director of the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University. Michael Brecher is the R.B. Angus Professor of Political Science at McGill University and past president of the International Studies Association. Millennial Reflections on International Studies This volume is part of the Millennial Reflections on International Studies project in which forty-five prominent scholars engage in self-critical, state-of-the-art reflection on international studies to stimulate debates about successes and failures and to address the larger questions of progress in the discipline. Other paperbacks from this project: Realism and Institutionalism in International Studies Evaluating Methodology Critical Perspectives in International Studies The full collection of essays is available in the handbook Millennial Reflections on International Studies.

Published by: University of Michigan Press


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pp. vii-viii

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The Essence of Millennial Reflections on International Studies: Conflict, Security, Foreign Policy, and International Politic

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pp. 1-23

When Michael Brecher was introduced to international relations (IR) at Yale in 1946, the field comprised international politics, international law and organization, international economics, international (diplomatic) history, and a regional specialization. The hegemonic paradigm was realism, as expressed in the work of E. H. Carr, Arnold Wolfers, Nicholas Spykman, W. T. R. Fox, Hans...

Foreign Policy Analysis

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Foreign Policy Analysis: Steady Progress and a Half-Empty Glass

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pp. 27-55

Foreign policy analysis (FPA), broadly defined, is a field of study that describes and investigates the structures, processes, and outcomes of the purposeful policy initiatives and responses that are conceived by sovereign political entities and directed toward other political units (not necessarily sovereign states) beyond their borders. The boundaries of the FPA domain are porous and cannot be strictly...

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Beliefs and Foreign Policy Analysis in the New Millennium

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pp. 56-71

A main axis of intellectual tension in the area of foreign policy analysis over the past forty years is the issue of the importance of "beliefs" l in the explanation and prediction of foreign policy decisions and outcomes. The seminal decision-making approach to foreign policy articulated by Snyder, Bruck, and Sapin at midcentury was...

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Public Opinion and Foreign Policy Analysis: Where We Were, Are, and Should Strive to Be

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pp. 72-90

This essay examines perspectives on public opinion and foreign policy, first during the formative years of the International Studies Association and, second, at the beginning of the new millennium. Because of limited space, the essay necessarily focuses on some main currents of theory and research at the expense of drawing subtle distinctions...

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Simulation and Experimentation in Foreign Policy Analysis: Some Personal Observations on Problems and Prospects

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pp. 91-109

While many in the field of foreign policy analysis associate me most closely with the systematic study of foreign policy behavior in general, and conflict and crisis decision making in particular-most notably, the International Crisis Behavior (ICB) Project1—I have chosen to highlight a somewhat different direction that my recent research...

International Security, Peace, and War

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Security Theory: Six Paradigms Searching for Security

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pp. 113-140

ThiS survey of security theory is divided into two parts. The first defines security as a political concept and phenomenon. This discussion provides a point of departure for reviewing prevailing security theories. The second, and longest, section briefly examines and evaluates the claims of six competing research programs concerned...

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Security and Peace: Understanding, Production, and Work Style

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pp. 141-159

The most attractive accomplishment of security and peace studies and policies would be for them to become historical curiosities akin to alchemy, Victorian-era plumbing, or vanquished diseases. A second best would be signs of progress on that road marked by improved understanding and early diagnosis, and—even better—more available...

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Convergences between International Security Studies and Peace Studies

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pp. 160-176

International security studies and peace studies are not a single subfield of international relations. Analysts in security studies and those in peace studies have generally viewed themselves and been viewed by others as working in quite different domains. Some persons in each area have been critical or dismissive of the efforts of those in...

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Accounting for Interstate War: Progress and Cumulation

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pp. 177-197

This tum of the millennium certainly offers us another opportunity—and incentive—to get more serious about trying to explain, and perhaps reduce the incidence of, that brutal, stupid, and destructive form of collective behavior known as war. In almost every epoch and almost every corner of human civilization, we find the politicians...

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Notes from the Underground: A Tale of Three Perspectives

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pp. 198-204

The invitation to participate in a millennial reflections panel on international security and peace studies and to publish these remarks arrived at a propitious moment. The public opportunity to reappraise my own academic career as I was already doing privately meant a chance to ruminate in a way that might have value for...

International Political Economy

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Reflections on the Field of International Political Economy

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pp. 207-223

The academic field of international political economy (IPE) is a relatively young one. As an established part of international relations (IR), it rose to prominence in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Scholarly writings that would now be called IPE date back much further,1 but they were not widely-recognized as part of a distinct field until...

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Some Thoughts on International Political Economy in the Context of Public Policy Education

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pp. 224-243

In the early 1980s I tried to develop an approach to international economic relations for Humphrey Institute public policy students that would combine parsimony with comprehensiveness; I was also serving on the editorial team of International Studies Quarterly. Both activities led me to think more systematically about the connections...

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International Political Economy: From Paradigmatic Debates to Productive Disagreements

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pp. 244-251

In their instructions to the millennial reflections panel participants, the organizers of these panels suggested that they were necessary, in part, because of the increasing diversity of subfields and sections in the International Studies Association. They wrote that this diversity "has made increasingly difficult the crucial task of identifying intrasubfield...


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pp. 253-260

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Page Count: 272
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Publication Year: 2002

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