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When Boys Become Parents
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After school specials about teenage pregnancy abound. Whether in television or in society, the focus tends toward young girls coping with all of the emotional and physical burdens of pregnancy but rarely is the perspective of the teenage fathers portrayed. In this informative book, Mark S. Kiselica draws on his many years of counseling teenage fathers to offer a compassionate look at the difficult life circumstances and the complicated hardships these young men experience. He dispels many of the myths surrounding teenage fatherhood and shows that, contrary to popular belief, these young men are often emotionally and physically involved in relationships with their partner and their child. But without support and guidance from adults, these relationships often deteriorate in the first year of the child-'s life. Kiselica offers advice for how professionals and policy makers can assist these young men and improve services for them.When Boys Become Parents provides a moving portrait of teenage fathers to any reader who wants to understand and help these young men to become more competent and loving parents during their journey to adulthood.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page, Copyright Page
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  2. p. vii
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  2. pp. ix-x
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  2. p. xi
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  1. 1. The Looming Crisis America Must Confront
  2. pp. 1-11
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  1. 2. The Sexual Worlds of American Teenagers from Different Eras and Their Impact on Boys Who Become Fathers
  2. pp. 12-30
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  1. 3. The Characteristics and Parenting Behaviors of Adolescent Fathers: Stereotypical versus Accurate Portraits
  2. pp. 31-54
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  1. 4. The Service Needs of Adolescent Fathers: Addressing Hardships and Societal Neglect
  2. pp. 55-85
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  1. 5. Helping Teenage Fathers: The Process of Engaging Young Fathers and Assisting Them with the Transition to Parenthood
  2. pp. 86-122
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  1. 6. Model Programs and Useful Resources: Comprehensive Service Projects, Organizations, Web Sites, Movies, and Young-Adult Books Pertaining to Teenage Fathers
  2. pp. 123-159
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  1. 7. Policy Considerations: What America Must Do to Prevent Early Fatherhood and Help Teenage Boys Who Are Fathers
  2. pp. 160-196
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  1. NOTES
  2. pp. 197-257
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  1. INDEX
  2. pp. 259-263
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