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"Provides innovative and exciting insights into heritage identity, meaning, and belonging from a global perspective. A welcome addition to the growing heritage literature."--Dallen J. Timothy, author of Cultural Heritage and Tourism: An Introduction "A critical collection of international heritage case studies that represents a wide range of issues and exemplifies its complexities and contradictions vividly."--A. V. Seaton, coeditor of Slavery, Contested Heritage, and Thanatourism

Bringing together high-profile cultural heritage sites from around the world, this volume shows how the term heritage has been used or understood by different groups of people over time. For some, heritage describes a celebration of a particular culture and history or a sense of identity, ownership, and belonging. However, for others it is frequently connected with social privilege and exclusion, made all the more complicated due to its relationship with the tourism industry.

These case studies are taken from America, Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, India, China, and the Caribbean. The varied approaches to heritage range from the Nazi regime's vision of German national history to the present-day push to recover Native American culture from outdated Hollywood portrayals.

The contributors argue that heritage has a central yet sometimes problematic purpose: creating divisions, contesting identities, and constructing narratives of history that may not be seen as accurate by all. Exploring the benefits of cultural inheritance, this volume also acknowledges the ways that heritage operates in places with clashing viewpoints about what exactly that heritage represents. The essays argue that although heritage and tourism may help to alleviate poverty and create opportunity, they can also become a burden by compromising cultures and landscapes.

Featuring a tribute to Sir Gregory Ashworth, whose influential work drew attention to the contested meanings of heritage, this volume illuminates a fascinating international debate.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
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  1. Title Page, Copyright Page, Dedication
  2. pp. i-vi
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  1. Contents
  2. pp. vii-viii
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  1. List of Illustrations
  2. pp. ix-x
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  1. Foreword: Heritage Development on a Global Scale
  2. pp. xi-xii
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  1. Introduction
  2. Glenn Hooper
  3. pp. 1-10
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  1. 1. Heritage as a Social Practice
  2. Bella Dicks
  3. pp. 11-24
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  1. 2. “An Inconvenient Truth”: The Use of Federal Policy to Erase American Indians, Indian Tribes, and Indigenous Heritage
  2. Kathleen Brown-Pérez
  3. pp. 25-38
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  1. 3. Consuming the Contested Heritage of War: Tourism, Territoriality, and the Memorial Landscapes of the Western Front
  2. Jennifer Iles
  3. pp. 39-55
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  1. 4. Historic Preservation in Nazi Germany: Practices, Patterns, and Politics
  2. Joshua Hagen
  3. pp. 56-71
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  1. 5. Displaying Independent India Abroad: Nationalism, Cultural Diplomacy, and Collaboration at the Nehru Memorial Exhibition, 1965–2015
  2. Claire Wintle
  3. pp. 72-89
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  1. 6. The Negotiation of Identity and Belonging in Kakadu National Park
  2. Emma Waterton
  3. pp. 90-105
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  1. 7. Knowing Subjects in an Unknown Place: Producing Identity through Tourism and Heritage in Niru Village, Southwest China
  2. Jundan (Jasmine) Zhang and Hazel Tucker
  3. pp. 106-120
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  1. 8. Religious Cultural Heritage: The Law and Politics of Conservation, Iconoclasm, and Identity
  2. Lucas Lixinski
  3. pp. 121-135
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  1. 9. Beyond the Nation: Making Heritage Inclusive
  2. Johanna Mitterhofer
  3. pp. 136-147
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  1. 10. Unstable Foundations? The Role of Identity in Heritage Management in Mauritius
  2. Rosabelle Boswell
  3. pp. 148-160
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  1. 11. Shared Identities through Cross-Border Cultural Tourism
  2. Lee Jolliffe
  3. pp. 161-175
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  1. 12. The Place of History: Heritage, Tourism, and Community in Derry/ Londonderry
  2. Glenn Hooper
  3. pp. 176-194
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  1. 13. Imagining the Next Day: Music, Heritage, and Hope
  2. Roshi Naidoo
  3. pp. 195-208
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  1. Afterword: On Behalf Also of Gregory Ashworth
  2. John Tunbridge
  3. pp. 209-214
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  1. Select Bibliography
  2. pp. 215-222
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  1. List of Contributors
  2. pp. 223-226
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  1. Index
  2. pp. 227-230
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