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Social Economics
The growing field of social economics explores how individual behavior is affected by group-level influences, extending the approach of mainstream economics to include broader social motivations and incentives. This book offers a rich and rigorous selection of current work in the field, focusing on some of the most active research areas. Topics covered include culture, gender, ethics, and philanthropic behavior.Social economics grows out of dissatisfaction with a purely individualistic model of human behavior. This book shows how mainstream economics is expanding its domain beyond market and price mechanisms to recognize a role for cultural and social factors. Some chapters, in the tradition of Gary Becker, attempt to extend the economics paradigm to explain other social phenomena; others, following George Akerlof's approach, incorporate sociological and psychological assumptions to explain economic behavior. Loosely organized by theme -- Social Preferences; Culture, Values, and Norms; and Networks and Social Interactions" -- the chapters address a range of subjects, including gender differences in political decisions, "moral repugnance" as a constraint on markets, charitable giving by the super-rich, value diversity within a country, and the influence of children on their parents' social networks.ContributorsMireia Borrell-Porta, Sjoerd Beugelsdijk, Joan Costa-Font, Elwyn Davies, Julio Jorge Elias, Marcel Fafchamps, Luigi Guiso, Odelia Heizler, Ayal Kimhi, Mariko J. Klasing, Martin Ljunge, Mario Macis, Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm, Abigail Payne, Kelly Ragan, Jana Sadeh, Azusa Sato, Kimberley Scharf, Sarah Smith, Mirco Tonin, Michael Vlassopoulos, Evguenia Winschel, Philipp Zahn

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
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  1. Title Page, Series Page, Copyright
  2. pp. i-iv
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  1. Contents
  2. pp. v-vi
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  1. Series Foreword
  2. pp. vii-viii
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  1. 1. Social Economics: Current and Emerging Avenues
  2. Joan Costa-Font and Mario Macis
  3. pp. 1-10
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  1. Social Preferences
  1. 2. Social Preferences, Public Policy, and Gender
  2. Philipp Zahn and Evguenia Winschel
  3. pp. 13-38
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  1. 3. Who Gains from Competition? The Ultimatum Game in a Labor-Market Setting in Ghana
  2. Elwyn Davies and Marcel Fafchamps
  3. pp. 39-60
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  1. 4. Why Give Away Your Wealth? An Analysis of the Billionaires’ View
  2. Jana Sadeh, Mirco Tonin, and Michael Vlassopoulos
  3. pp. 61-78
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  1. 5. Altruism and Egoism/Warm Glow in Economics and Psychology: Building a Bridge Between Different Experimental Approaches
  2. Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm
  3. pp. 79-106
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  1. Culture, Values, and Norms
  1. 6. The Microeconomics of Trust
  2. Luigi Guiso
  3. pp. 109-128
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  1. 7. Measuring Value Diversity within Countries
  2. Sjoerd Beugelsdijk and Mariko J. Klasing
  3. pp. 129-172
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  1. 8. Cultural Persistence and the Pill
  2. Kelly Ragan
  3. pp. 173-196
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  1. 9. Cultural Determinants of Gender Roles: “Pragmatism” as an Underpinning Attitude toward Gender Equality among Children of Immigrants
  2. Martin Ljunge
  3. pp. 197-232
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  1. 10. The Role of Repugnance in the Development of Markets: The Case of the Market for Transplantable Kidneys
  2. Julio Jorge Elias
  3. pp. 233-244
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  1. 11. Cultural Attitudes and the “Traditional Medicines Paradox”: Evidence from Ghana and the Philippines
  2. Joan Costa-Font and Azusa Sato
  3. pp. 245-260
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  1. 12. Changing Culture to Change Society?
  2. Mireia Borrell-Porta, Joan Costa-Font, and Azusa Sato
  3. pp. 261-280
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  1. Networks, Peer Pressure, and Social Interactions
  1. 13. The Role of Children in Building Parents’ Social Networks
  2. Odelia Heizler and Ayal Kimhi
  3. pp. 283-304
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  1. 14. Individual Fundraising: The Power of the Personal
  2. Abigail Payne, Kimberley Scharf, and Sarah Smith
  3. pp. 305-326
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  1. Contributors
  2. pp. 327-328
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  1. Index
  2. pp. 329-332
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