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The present volume originates from “The Fourth Asian Translation Traditions Conference” held in Hong Kong in December 2010. The conference generated stimulating discussions relating to the richness and diversity of non-Western discourses and practices of translation, focusing on translational exchanges between non-Western languages, and the change and continuity in Asian translation traditions. Translation and Global Asia shows a rich diversification of historical and geographical interests, and covers a broad array of topics, ranging from ninth-century Buddhist translation in Tibet to twenty-first-century political translation in Malaysia. This collection is strikingly rich. Its authors deal with a wide range of topics in geographically diverse locations from India, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines to different parts of China. They evoke different linguistic and historical contexts from ancient times right up to the contemporary period, and take a variety of approaches, strongly supported by current theories in translation and cultural studies. Presenting vital case studies, this essential volume illustrates the importance of examining translation from a historical perspective, of taking account of power relations, and of studying the unique role of translators in initiating change and transmitting new ideas.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page, Copyright
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  1. Series Editor's Preface
  2. Lawrence Wang-chi Wong
  3. pp. v-vi
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  1. Contents
  2. pp. vii-viii
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  1. Acknowledgements
  2. pp. 9-10
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  1. Introduction
  2. Uganda Sze-pui KWAN
  3. pp. 11-16
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  1. Disembodiment and Dissemination:The Chinese Factor
  2. pp. 17-18
  1. Japanese Poetry in Chinese Translation from the Ming Period
  2. Joshua FOGEL
  3. pp. 19-46
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  1. Translation and Sinicization: Xiaojing Translation in Tuoba Wei and Mongol Yuan
  2. Jae-ho SHIN
  3. pp. 47-70
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  1. Chouban yiwu” (Handling the Affairs of the Barbarians): Translators in the Translation History of the Eighteenth to Nineteenth Century China
  2. Lawrence Wang-chi WONG
  3. pp. 71-100
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  1. Cultural Divergence and Assimilationthrough Translation
  2. pp. 101-102
  1. “What’s in a Name?” North Korean Literary Translators and the Appropriation of Foreign Culture from the Late 1940s to the Mid-1960s, the Case of Im Hak-Su
  2. Theresa HYUN
  3. pp. 103-122
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  1. Tinio Translating: May Katwiran Ba?
  2. Corazon D. VILLAREAL
  3. pp. 123-158
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  1. Translating the Foreign into the Local: The Cultural Production and Canonization of Buddhist Texts in Imperial Tibet
  2. Georgios T. HALKIAS
  3. pp. 159-182
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  1. Navigating and Negotiating Cultural Spacethrough Literary Translation
  2. pp. 183-184
  1. Habitations of Resistance: The Role of Translation in the Creation of a Literary Public Sphere in Kerala
  3. pp. 185-198
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  1. Russian Literature in Marathi Polysystem: In the Colonial and Neocolonial Context
  2. Megha PANSARE
  3. pp. 199-222
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  1. The Emerging Literariness: Translation, Dynamic Canonicity and the Problematic Verisimilitude in Early Thai Prose Fictions
  3. pp. 223-256
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  1. (De)Colonialization and Elite Collusion
  2. pp. 257-258
  1. “Incest Performed”: The Neocolonial Perversion of Translation in Malaysia
  2. Nazry BAHRAWI
  3. pp. 259-280
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  1. Transnational Mobility, Translation, and Transference: The Cultural Identities of British Interpreters in Two Colonial Asian Cities (1840–1880)
  2. Uganda Sze-pui KWAN
  3. pp. 281-316
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  1. Contributors
  2. pp. 317-324
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