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Workers in Hard Times
Seeking to historicize today's "Great Recession," this volume of essays uses examples from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia to situate the current economic crisis and its impact on workers in the context of previous abrupt shifts in the modern-day capitalist marketplace. Contributors argue that factors such as race, sex, and state intervention have mediated both the effect of economic depressions on workers' lives and workers' responses to those depressions. Further, the direction of influence between politics and economic upheaval, as well as between workers and the welfare state, has often shifted with time, location, and circumstance. These principles inform a concluding examination of today's "Great Recession": its historical distinctiveness, its connection to neoliberalism, and its attendant expressions of worker status and agency around the world. Ultimately, the essays in this volume push us toward a rethinking of the relationship between capital and labor, the waged and unwaged, and the employed and jobless.Contributors are Sven Beckert, Sean Cadigan, Leon Fink, Alvin Finkel, Wendy Goldman, Gaetan Heroux, Joseph A. McCartin, David Montgomery, Edward Montgomery, Melanie Nolan, Bryan D. Palmer, Scott Reynolds Nelson, Joan Sangster, Judith Stein, Hilary Wainright, and Lu Zhang.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
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  1. Title Page, About the Series, Copyright, Dedication
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  1. Contents
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  1. Introduction
  2. pp. 1-16
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  1. Part I. Depressions and Working-Class Lives
  2. pp. 17-18
  1. 1. Marching under Flags Black and Red: Toronto's Dispossessed in the Age of Industry Gaetan Heroux a
  2. Gaetan Heroux, Bryan D. Palmer
  3. pp. 19-44
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  1. 2. Working People's Responses to Past Depressions David Montgomery
  2. David Montgomery
  3. pp. 45-59
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  1. 3. Soviet Workers and Stalinist Terror: The Crisis of Industrialization Wendy Goldman
  2. Wendy Goldman
  3. pp. 60-80
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  1. Part II. Economic Dislocation as Political Crisis
  2. pp. 81-82
  1. 4. The Labor of Capitalism: Industrial Revolution and the Transformation of the Global Cotton-Growin
  2. Sven Beckert
  3. pp. 83-98
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  1. 5. The Ordeal of Eugene Debs: The Panic of 1893, the Pullman Strike, and the Origins of the Progress
  2. Scott Reynolds Nelson
  3. pp. 99-110
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  1. Part III. Social-Welfare Struggles from the Liberal to the Neoliberal State
  2. pp. 111-112
  1. 6. Workers' Social-Wage Struggles during the Great Depression and the Era of Neoliberalism: Internat
  2. Alvin Finkel
  3. pp. 113-140
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  1. 7. Politics and Policies in the 1970s and Early Twenty-first Century: The Linked Recessions Judith S
  2. Judith Stein
  3. pp. 141-160
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  1. 8. Neoliberalism at Work in the Antipodean Welfare State in the Late Twentieth Century: Collusion, C
  2. Melanie Nolan
  3. pp. 161-184
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  1. Part IV. Workers and the Shakeup of the New World Order
  2. pp. 185-186
  1. 9. Want amidst Plenty: The Oil Boom and the Working Class in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1992-2010 Se
  2. Sean Cadigan
  3. pp. 187-212
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  1. 10. Whose Hard Times? Explaining Autoworkers Strike Waves in Recent-Day China Lu Zhang
  2. Lu Zhang
  3. pp. 213-242
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  1. 11. Transformative Power: Lessons from the Greek Crisis and Beyond Hilary Wainwright
  2. Hilary Wainwright
  3. pp. 243-262
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  1. 12. How Workers and the Government Have Dealt with Economic Crisis and Industrial Decline: 1929 and
  2. Edward Montgomery
  3. pp. 263-288
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  1. Contributors
  2. pp. 289-292
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  1. Index
  2. pp. 293-304
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  1. Other Works in the Series, Production notes
  2. pp. 305-310
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