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Ecclesia in medio nationis
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The role of monastic institutions in society during the Central Middle Ages has been much debated in medieval studies. Some scholars saw monasticism as the principal motivator of economic, social, intellectual and ‘spiritual' progress in human society, while others regarded monastic ideology as fundamentally anti-social and oriented towards itself. These debates seem to have lost some of their relevance to the present-day scholar. Today monasticism is studied as a social entity which needed interactions with the outside world, not only to subsist in a physical sense, but also to give a clear sense of purpose to its members. Drawing on recent trends in historical scholarship, this volume seeks to identify some of the major questions that will dominate research into monasticism in the years to come. Contributions deal with the evolution of monasticism itself, its links with aristocracy, the economic relations of religious communities and their physical and ideological boundaries, and the representation of the outside world in monastic manuscripts.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page, Copyright
  2. pp. 1-4
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  1. Contents/Contenu
  2. pp. 5-6
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  1. Introduction
  2. Steven Vanderputten & Brigitte Meijns
  3. pp. 7-10
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  1. Les moines et leur vie communautairedu IXe au XIIe siècle
  2. Isabelle Rosé
  3. pp. 11-46
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  1. Monachisme et aristocratie aux Xe-XIe siècles. Un regard sur l’historiographie récente
  2. Florian Mazel
  3. pp. 47-76
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  1. Société seigneuriale, réformes ecclésiales:les enjeux documentaires d’une révision historiographique
  2. Nicolas Ruffini-Ronzani & Jean-François Nieus
  3. pp. 77-100
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  1. Communautés bénédictines et environnementé conomique, IXe-XIIe siècles.Réflexi ons sur les tendances historiographiquesde l’analyse du temporel monastique
  2. Alexis Wilkin
  3. pp. 101-150
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  1. Les communautés religieuses du Moyen Age central et la recherche des réformes monastiques en All emagne
  2. Harald Sellner
  3. pp. 151-166
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  1. Inside and Outside. Some Considerations about Cloistral Boundaries in the Central Middle Ages
  2. Gert Melville
  3. pp. 167-182
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  1. The monastic world view in the artistic tradition
  2. Diane J. Reilly
  3. pp. 183-200
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  1. Illustrations to Reilly, The Monastic World View
  2. pp. 201-210
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  2. Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld
  3. pp. 211-216
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